UV Led printing


This method is a type of digital printing that utilizes ultraviolet lights to dry up ink during the printing process. While the printer produces ink on the surface of the object (also called a "substrate"), the specially made UV lights will follow close behind, drying the ink immediately. This method was first developed for quick-dry gel nail polishes. It was then expanded into other industries around the world.


  • Finer details are obtained through UV printing because the dots of wet ink don’t have a chance to spread out once printed;
  • UV prints are more resilient to environmental factors and fade more slowly;
  • Does not use solvent inks that release harmful compounds, like the traditional printing method;
  • It speeds up production time and delivers higher quality prints;
  • UV printers can accommodate oddly-shaped objects.


  • The high upfront cost of the printer;
  • Does not produce good results on silicone substrate;
  • Not suitable for items that are subjected to repeated dish washing, such as drink ware;
  • Not suitable for garments;
  • Has a big learning curve for printing operators.

This method can be used to print on almost anything, but is not recommended for items that require frequent washing at high temperature.

UV Led printing
UV Led printing
UV Led printing
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