Delivery and shipping

The expected dates for the shipment of products with or without customization are estimated and highlighted in each product sheet, updated at the time of product configuration up to checkout, always visible in the personal area within the order.

It is recommended to contact customer service before placing your order if you need a mandatory delivery date.

Once the order has been placed, on average it takes 15-20 working days to deliver personalized products from the confirmation of the graphic draft, 3-5 working days to deliver non-personalised goods with standard shipping, and 1-3 working days with express shipping.

Are the shipping dates I see on the product sheet going to be respected?

The shipping dates displayed in each product sheet are real if it is an item without customization, they are indicative if it is a product to be customized and could vary once the desired printing technique has been selected during product configuration, as each printing technique has different processing times.

Are the shipping dates I see at checkout usually respected?

In order to be able to respect the shipping dates on the personalized product indicated during checkout, payment (if bank transfer) and the sending of the logo must take place within the same day of sending the order. Furthermore, the confirmation of the graphic draft must take place within the same day in which it was received to allow the start of production. For example, if changes to the graphic draft are requested several times, if the graphic draft is confirmed a few days after receipt, etc... the date of the shipment will shift respectively by the days used to obtain the definitive confirmation.

For non-personalized products, shipping dates will be respected if the chosen payment method is not bank transfer, otherwise a few additional days must be considered; the order will be shipped when we receive the credit on the bank account.

How do I know exactly when my order will be shipped?

By accessing your personal area, within your order, by clicking on the red button "order & shipping details", you will be able to see both the range of shipping dates estimated at the moment of the order and a real-time update on the effective shipping date, based on the time taken for the payment processes, logo loading, creation and confirmation of the graphic draft. You will also see when your order will be shipped and you will be able to track the shipment. In some cases there will be multiple shipments for a single order; you will be able to check them in this same area.

Are the transit times of 3-5 or 1-3 working days usually met?

This is an average calculated on our annual shipment volume.

Keep in mind that the couriers to whom we entrust the shipments are entities external to HiGift. We are not responsible in the event of strikes or disruptions attributable to them which cause delays with respect to the standard delivery times indicated by us.

For islands, peripheral locations that are difficult to reach and countries outside the EU where customs are required (such as Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, etc ...), it may take a few days in addition to the indicated transit times.

How can I find out where my order is once it has been shipped?

When we entrust the products to the courier, you will receive an e-mail containing the shipment tracking data. If your order includes multiple shipments, you will receive an email for each one, indicating the items included in that shipment. The summary of shipments will always be visible in your personal area within the order.

Attention: if the courier's tracking shows that the goods have been delivered but you have not actually received them, please contact our customer service as a matter of urgency (no later than 24 hours from the presumed delivery date). If you contact us after that time, we won't accept an eventual complaint.

How much is shipping?

Standard shipping is free throughout Europe. It is possible to opt for express shipping with variable costs depending on the weight of the ordered goods. For some countries where customs clearance is required, costs for the preparation of customs documentation will be charged, as shown in the table below. Note that customs duties are not included in this amount. They vary according to the type of product, the weight of the goods and the Country of destination.

Countries Shipping Customs documentation
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Vatican City, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Holland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary Free -
Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Georgia, Macedonia, Norway, United Kingdom, Serbia, Switzerland Free 20 eur

Can I collect my order from your location?

Yes it is possible, enter our address during checkout. However, we specify that, since our productions are located in Europe, the shipping costs for our headquarters located in Pistoia (Italy) will still be charged.

I need a hold deposit for the shipped goods. It's possible?

Yes, it is possible. Please specify it immediately after placing your order, by replying to our automatic order confirmation email (ordini (@) It is not possible to request a hold deposit if the shipment is already in transit. Remember that withdrawals are only possible on working days.

The courier consigned me a damaged box. What should I do?

If you see that the boxes received are damaged due to external events, you will have to sign the delivery receipt with RESERVE specifying the damage found. Attention, complaints about damage to the boxes are not accepted if the goods are accepted as intact.

The material received is defective or damaged and in any case does not comply with the order specifications. What should I do?

In these cases, photographic documentation of the material received must be sent to the email address orders (@) The email must contain the order number and a detailed description of the problem encountered; we will evaluate the request as soon as possible and will contact you at the addresses indicated. The complaint must be made in the manner indicated no later than 10 days from the date when the goods were delivered. If the dispute should be received after the indicated timescale or without supporting material (video, photo etc …) will not be taken into consideration.

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