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Why give promotional items to promote my brand?

Although we live in an almost totally digital era, the objects that arouse memories still hold a primary position in our lives, and we tend to cherish them with affection. Imagine that you attend an event and are offered promotional products that you take with you at home. They become a symbol of the emotion experienced thanks to the brand that has given them to you. It is unlikely that you throw them away, especially if they stand out for being useful and original.
Advertising in magazines or online leaves a memory of your brand, but giving corporate gifts with your logo means that your brand is under the eyes of those who receive them for more and more days. Besides, your customers will have a very positive image of your Company, since you have offered them a personalised gift. If they had only seen your advertisement, they would not have received any kind of present from you.
Remember that, with promotional products, you can convey any type of message. There are so many types of customisable items, that you will surely find the one that fits your purpose. You will see very cheap or more expensive objects, eco-friendly products, and leisure or work accessories. You can order them in large or in small quantities according to your needs.
With them, you can impress your potentional customers and pamper your loyal clientele. Thanks to our customisable items, you can create a strong brand reputation. Customers keep your personalised gifts and promotional products for a long time, so that your brand stands out from your competitors.

Which are the criteria for choosing the best promotional products?

Choosing the right corporate gifts is no small feat. However, by keeping the following parameters in mind, you can make the right choice and hit the mark with little trouble:
- Make sure that your personalised items are significant, that is, that they are strongly linked to the theme of the event and visibly connected to the products that are promoted or to the brand identity of the company - in the case, for instance, of a new business opening.
In this way, your customers will be reminded of what you were promoting when they use your promotional items.
- Choose objects of "value": being useful is not enough. Your personalised items shall have a good perceived value as well. Way better if you decide to go for "eco-friendly" products. With them, the customer will think the world of your brand.
- Be original - but not too much! Avoid promotional products that are too complicated to be used, or that do not improve your customer's daily routine.
- Prefer objects that have a long life and can be passed on to others, to ensure greater visibility over time.

Can I buy cheap corporate gifts online even in small quantities?

Everyone shops online nowadays, and we can find any type of objects by surfing the net. Despite this, buying promotional products may not seem that easy. It includes the choice of the object and of the right colour, and requires that we think about how our logo can stand out on the products we have selected. On HiGift you have a wide range of customisable items to choose from, divided by category and sortable by price to make the selection easier.
With the automatic calculator in each product page you can quickly view the price for the quantities you want, and understand the minimum quantity required to have personalised corporate gifts. Usually the minimum quantity for customisation is 50 pieces, while there is no minimum order for neutral items.
If your budget is very low, do not panic. Our sortiment includes very cheap customisable items that can be purchased for a few cents. Along with them you will find more expensive and valuable objects, which may be ideal as corporate gifts. If the quantity increases the cost per item decreases and becomes more and more convenient - of course, it depends on your needs.
As soon as you place your order, we will show you how your object will look like through a draft print. You will see the promotional item with your logo printed, and make sure that the end product reflects your expectations and desires. In this way you will get the promotional products exactly as you have imagined them - no nasty surprises.

Which are the most popular and fashionable promotional items?

Knowing the trendiest and most requested objects on the market is useful for choosing the right corporate gifts for your target and for the present time.
At the top of the ranking, we always find personalised pens, which are in great demand both as corporate gifts and as promotional items for events or advertising campaigns. Being comfortable and small, you can always carry them with you and benefit from the large variety of models and prices they offer. By giving personalised pens, you will hit the mark in your sleep, because literally everyone uses them!
Other top items are printed t-shirts. Like personalised shopping bags, they present a very large print area where you can apply your logo printing in a visible and noticeable way. Ordering personalised t-shirts online is quick and easy: you need but a few clicks to create an extremely welcome promotional product online and ensure your brand free advertising for a long time.
If we talk about highly requested corporate gifts, we cannot avoid mentioning personalised mugs and cups. We all keep several types of cups at home, from tea mugs to glasses, but we never have enough of these nice and helpful accessories. The same goes for  personalised water bottles,which can be distributed at an event, for a corporate anniversary or with the launch of a product. Besides being outstandingly useful, they espress an eco-friendly position.
Give personalised items with your image to make your logo clearly visible throughout the year!

Original corporate gifts on HiGift

Promotional items or corporate gifts are an effective way to make people remember you. Distributed at trade shows or as personalised gifts to your customers, they offer endless opportunities to promote your brand. By customising objects which your customers can use for their hobbys or for their daily life, you will impress your corporate brand or message in their memory. The personalised corporate gifts that come in handy every day are many and varied. Think of a normal day in the office: during a meeting and the coffee break, when taking notes and while stamping, you will be constantly under the eyes of your customers thanks to the promotional products of the "Office & Business" category. For the free time, you can create personalised items with your logo print for a trip out of town. For instance, water bottles, selfie sticks, custom cups, corkscrews and umbrellas - in case it rains. Finally, think of the accessories we aways have in hand: our phones. We often need to recharge them, and having cables or batteries at hand is by now a necessity.

Thanks to the many cheap promotional items on HiGift, it is possible to offer these simple everyday objects to customers, customising them with the logo printing or with a particular message or graphic.

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