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  1. Adeline - Christmas candle holder
    Adeline - Christmas candle holder


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  2. ALBIEZ - Christmas decorative item
    ALBIEZ - Christmas decorative item


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  3. ANCELLE - Mug
    ANCELLE - Mug


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  4. ANNYA - Mug
    ANNYA - Mug


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  5. ARAMON - Heat pouch
    ARAMON - Heat pouch


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  6. ARCALIS - Christmas decorations jingle bells
    ARCALIS - Christmas decorations jingle bells


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  7. ARKTIS - travel gift set
    ARKTIS - travel gift set


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  8. ASPELUND - Christmas tree ornament
    ASPELUND - Christmas tree ornament


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  9. ASPEN - Christmas decoration
    ASPEN - Christmas decoration


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  10. AVORIAZ - Mug
    AVORIAZ - Mug


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  11. BAMBUROR - tea gift set
    BAMBUROR - tea gift set


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  12. BELLEAYRE - Mug


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  13. BRUGES - hot chocolate gift set
    BRUGES - hot chocolate gift set


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  14. BRUNCA - coffee gift set
    BRUNCA - coffee gift set


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  15. CAMIZ - Christmas socks
    CAMIZ - Christmas socks


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  16. CENTAURUS - candle holder
    CENTAURUS - candle holder


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  17. COLOX - Christmas tree ornament, ball
    COLOX - Christmas tree ornament, ball


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  18. COLOX - Christmas tree ornament, heart
    COLOX - Christmas tree ornament, heart


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  19. COLOX - Christmas tree ornament, star
    COLOX - Christmas tree ornament, star


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  20. COLOX - Christmas tree ornament, tree
    COLOX - Christmas tree ornament, tree


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  21. CREABOX PILLOW M - pillow box
    CREABOX PILLOW M - pillow box


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  22. CREABOX PILLOW S - pillow box
    CREABOX PILLOW S - pillow box


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  23. CREABOX POST L - postal box
    CREABOX POST L - postal box


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Items 1-24 of 188

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Why custom Christmas promotional items are important?

Christmas is one of the most anticipated and rejoiced holidays in the world.
It is also one of the times when we appreciate and expect some homage from our
family, friends and why not even from our company or our favorite brand!
The tradition of exchanging gifts, in fact, dates back to ancient Rome. For example, it is certain that in the countries of Northern Europe it was tradition to exchange gifts on the day of the Winter Solstice, as a form of greeting for the start of the winter season.
The personalized Christmas items embrace the homageous spirit of Christmas itself and give a marketing boost and visibility to your logo. With a few steps you can offer unforgettable gifts to suppliers, customers and employees showing empathy and attention. You can opt for different gifts based on your multiple targets, but you can also decide to standardize the gift for everyone.
It is not important to have a huge budget, Christmas promotional items are of great heterogeneity, just choose the right ones for you.

Why should you buy and giveaway personalized Christmas promotional items?

The truth is, that the question is why not should you buy and giveaway custom promotional items for Christmas!
There are practically no reasons to not do it.
A promotional item is forever and if it is linked to a deeply felt holiday, like Christmas, even better.
It means that it will be carried around every Christmas and therefore your brand can only thanks for that.
The Christmas items, customized with your logo, can be cheap but very powerful as communication and visibility tools.
Remember that promotional gifts make you feel gratified especially when they are made with criteria and structured marketing thoughts.

What Christmas promotional items are and how to choose them?

promotional items for Christmas are very varied and there are really about all kinds, shapes, uses and budgets.
From decorations to put on the tree, to Christmas keychains;
from Santa Claus hats, to decorated water bottles;
from Christmas mugs to personalized fleece blankets;
from scented candles to Christmas sets of all kinds.
There are so many ad hoc promotional items for Christmas, but it takes some care to impress your recipients:
- focus on the message you want to leave through the promotional item;
- Match your Christmas projects or launch products during the Christmas period to fun and coherent promotional items;
- If you are a manufacture company and you want to give away your product as a gift, do not forget the Christmas packaging and the Christmas greeting cards.

Come ordinare gadget natalizi personalizzati su HiGift?

Buying custom items for christams has never been easier:
- If you are not already our customer, register your account on our website
- Log in to your account
- Choose the item you prefer by indicating the color, quantity and printing technique and send us the order.
Our staff will proceed to create a free print draft to show you the rendering of the articles made with your logo.
At this stage it is essential to evaluate with attention the rendering.
After your approval, we will proceed with production.
You will receive your personalized gadgets in estimated average of15-17 days.
And what if you have an innovative item that you cannot find on our website? No problem at all. Contact us and we will handle it.
For more information on how to place orders, visit our Help - How to order section.

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