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Personalised Floating keyrings: light and suitable for Summer, try on your logo!

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  1. AMBROGIO - EVA key holder

    EVA foam key holder with nylon cord and steel keyring, in white color

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  2. ASHLEY - EVA key holder

    EVA foam key holder with nylon cord and steel keyring, in white color

    best price from 0,12
  3. BEVERLEY - EVA key holder

    EVA foam key holder with nylon cord and steel keyring, in white color

    best price from 0,25
  4. HAMID - EVA key holder

    EVA foam, floating key holder with a nylon cord and metal ring, in neutral color

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  5. New
    PERLE - Keyring

    Original flip-flop keychain with EVA body in fun bicolored design and in varied colors.

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  6. New
    SOKE - Keyring

    Original floating keychain with EVA body in fun bicolor design and in a wide range of tones.

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6 Items

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Bring a Sea Change to Your Promotion Now – Try Our Custom Floating Keychains!

Many features distinguish the most successful promotional products and corporate gifts. They generally are useful and customised in an original way. They have a strong communicative impact and create an emotional bond. There are several reasons for which some promotional products end up among our favourite items ever. custom floating boat keychainsTheir consistency with the event at which they are given away or with the business which offers them plays without a shadow of doubt a crucial role. Corporate gifts and promotional products hint at a great attention to detail if customised with care. Moreover, they impress your logo with the greatest efficacy in the memory of those who receive them. It will be way easier to remember the occasion when they have got your promotional products if the two have something in common.

So, while it is true that personalised keyrings ensure a great return of image in any case, it is also meaningful to browse the catalogue and look for the best one for you. You will find the model that best suits your business. Only so will your corporate gifts be able to give a significant boost to your promotion and make a true impression.  For instance, making some personalised wooden keyrings will give prominence to the brand’s eco-friendly position. Together with promotional cork keyrings, they are the best corporate gifts for any activity which wants to offer sustainable options. They are perfect promotional products for any company which takes part in an environmental event as well. Personalised metal keyrings, on the other hand, will enhance the brand’s delicacy and elegance. Personalised leather keyrings too have the same effect.

Custom floating keychains are an uncommon version of some of the most classic promotional products ever. They represent a summer option, besides being exceptionally suitable for sea lovers. Whoever works close to the sea will find a floating boat accessory extremely useful. The same goes for anyone who enjoys boat trips. Especially if it is a keychain, which is in charge of keeping our most important objects together.

Custom Floating Keychains: For Whom and How They Are Made

Being utterly versatile, personalised keyrings are ideal corporate gifts for any activity and on any occasion. Be it during a fair, at the launch of a product or for an anniversary, custom keyrings always enjoy great success. This is due to the fact that they always come in handy and look pretty.

It may be surprising, but even the special versions of these promotional products hold this feature. Let’s take personalised keyring torches as an example. We see that they are the ultimate corporate gifts for real estate agencies. However, they come in handy in other contexts and in all sectors, too. Their little extra becomes a way to convey care for customers and their necessities. The same goes for personalised bottle-opener keyrings. These are the most coveted promotional products by catering activities. Still, anyone can use them. And, finally, the same is true for our custom floating keychains as well.

Not Only Boat Accessories: The Versatility of Promotional Floating Keychains

Anyone spending time on the sea knows how dangerous it can be to lose important objects. If you want to protect your phone, you should go for custom waterproof phone cases. For keys, on the other hand, promotional floating keychains are the best option. Both your home and boat keys can be attached to them. Whatever the case, custom boat keychains will keep your precious keys safe even if they fall into the water!

This feature makes promotional floating keyrings excellent corporate gifts for any activity which works close to the water. Not only are they outstanding boat accessories and extremely appreciated by anyone planning boat trips for tourists. promotional floating keyringsBesides that, they enjoy a huge success among beach attendants and in the pool as well. Your workers will be fascinated by receiving your custom floating keychains as corporate gifts. However, any personalised floating keyring proves to be a highly impactful branded merchandise item as well. You can offer them to any customer who is going to jump on a boat for the first time. They are good corporate gifts for whoever books a place in your beach resort, too. Finally, promotional floating keyrings are perfect for new members of your swimming pool.

Summer is for everyone and so are custom floating keychains. Their lightweight and appearance reminds of the warmest season of the year. They inspire a holiday mood together with cheerfulness, joy and light-heartedness. So, it comes with no surprise that they are perfect promotional products for the summer. It may be a good idea to give them right before the holidays. In this way, you will give value to this moment of relax. A great advantage of custom floating keychains is that they are cheap. Thanks to this, they can be offered together with other promotional beach accessories. This helps to create a complete gift which will have a higher promotional impact, as your logo will be much more exposed. Finally, giving a personalised floating keyring plus another beach accessory, you can amaze each recipient. You will give multiple personalised items, all of which smell like holiday. 

The Special Features of Custom Floating Keychains: EVA, Its Lightweight and the Cheerful Look

Among the strengths of promotional floating keyrings or custom boat keychains, we find their appearance. They look cheerful and are often colourful. Moreover, they often come with funny forms. For this reason, they represent perfect gifts for children. Kids will surely like these cheering accessories, just like personalised fidget keyrings. The fact that they can float will then be an extra treat. Try to think of the children at your summer camp while they are looking at their brand new custom floating keychains on the water surface. Of course they will be amazed by them. And, as a result, they will remember your gifts and your camp forever!

Promotional floating keychains are made of EVA, which stand for Ethylene-vinyl acetate. It is a plastic which feels like rubber. It feels soft and flexible. As it is lightweight, it can float on the water surface. Custom floating keychains are then promotional plastic keyrings. These personalised corporate gifts are popular because they can meet all tastes and are cheap. For this reason, custom floating keychains can be purchased in large quantities. You can then take the best of them both by using them as promotional products or corporate gifts for your team and by offering them to kids as cheerful accessories.

Forms and Colours: How to Choose Your Promotional Floating Keyrings

There are several options when you want to buy promotional floating keyrings or custom boat keychains. The major factors which characterise each model are form and colour. Thanks to the different forms, you can go for the personalised floating keyring that best suits your brand or promotional intent. custom floating keychainsChoosing the right shape, you can make your corporate gifts more consistent with your activity. As a result, your promotional floating keychains will best represent your business. Then, it is a way to make sure that your customer, visitor or employee remembers your logo by associating it with a positive feeling.

As for the colour, you will find white custom floating keychains. These promotional products fit every outfit and brighten it up. However, we find several other colours as well. Some of them can even be selected based on your tastes. You can decide to apply your brand’s palette on your custom boat keychains, for instance. This is a good strategy if you want to reinforce your brand identity focusing on the visual aspect. Or you may want to go for bright colours to evoke the summer vibes. Finally, you can focus entirely on the aesthetic rendering of your promotional floating keyrings. In order to do so, you just have to find the shades that make your logo stand out the most.

In conclusion, custom boat keychains or a personalised floating keyring hold many surprises. They are not so common versions of classic personalised keyrings. Promotional floating keychains stand immediately out for their cheerful look. This recalls summer and is appreciated by boat and sea enthusiasts. Anyone from those who work in beach resorts up to those who are employed in swimming pools can benefit from them. Plus, children too will love the cheerful look of their personalised floating keyring. For all these reasons, they have a huge impact as promotional products. Not least because, custom floating keychains will associate your brand with holiday, sun and play. 

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Promotional Products have multiple benefits for businesses. They can be part of corporate merchandising, a promotional and advertising tool for customers, and also a gift for employees during holidays, anniversaries or corporate anniversaries. They are useful tools to leave a memory of the brand during events, fairs, promotions to potential customers. Promotional items customized with your logo, if chosen carefully with respect to the communication message you want to convey, undoubtedly create added value to your brand.

Personalised Floating keyrings - FREQUENT QUESTIONS

floating keychains are an excellent gift for all those who frequent aquatic environments: such as the nautical sector, fishing lovers, the navy, companies related to navigation such as schools for nautical licenses or shipping companies. The personalised floating keyrings as the name implies, are the keyrings that if they fall into the water float and therefore the risk of the keys being lost decreases drastically. The floating keyrings are made such by the use of a material that, when in contact with water, manages not to absorb the liquid while remaining dry, such as PU, EVA or even PVC. And if you prefer to opt for ecological materials then choose your floating cork keyrings, a green material and at the same time composed of gaseous matter which makes it suitable to float. In addition to being cheap and useful, the floating keychains are very suitable as promotional items for summer to give as a gift if you are a beauty spa, a swimming pool or even a B&B in a seaside resort. It doesn't take much to be remembered for the rest of the year.

The personalised floating keyrings offer a lot of space for personalization, both on the front and on the back you can print on almost the entire surface. If your logo has clear colors without shading, we recommend that you opt for screen printing or pad printing, both suitable for simple logos and both inexpensive. let's see together what they consist of and which printing process they use:

  • Pad printing: also called pad printing, precisely because it uses a pad to transfer a film of indelible ink from an engraved steel or photopolymer plate onto the product surface. Usually the pad is made of silicone, a soft material that can be adapted to almost all surfaces. As mentioned, its adaptability characteristics make it ideal for printing rigid or semi-rigid products of small dimensions, but also soft ones.
  • Screen printing: Screen printing is the method for personalizing flat surface textiles, plastic and paper products. This printing technique is really suitable for many types of products. The ink is pressed directly onto the surface of the product through a gauze and fixed at 170 ° C. This technology offers very high precision while respecting the original colors.

Verifying every detail is important. It is therefore normal to buy Personalised Floating keyrings without having touched them can block your purchase process. For this on HiGift it is possible to receive a sample before ordering the entire quantity of the Floating keyrings. The procedure is very simple: just click on the red button calculate your quote and buy and enter 1 in the desired quantity. Then need to click on confirm order to proceed to purchase the sample without the desired print, after registering on our site or logging in if you are already a customer. In many cases it is also possible to customize the sample with your own logo, in order to be able to see the finished promotional product. Just choose the personalization on the calculator and that's it. To find out the cost of the neutral sample, go to the price summary that you see in the product sheets of Floating keyringsand you will find it highlighted. In case the timing does not allow you to wait for the receipt of the sample to place the order, write to our customer service, we will be happy to help you with information or photos of the selected product.

You can order your personalised floating keyrings quickly by following these steps:
  • If you are not already our customer, sign in on HiGift or log into your account.
  • Choose the promotional item you prefer and, once you have entered the product sheet, click on the appropriate red button calculate your quote and buy.
  • Enter the quantity and possibly the color of floating keyrings, choose the type printing and follow the steps indicated until you have the final quote.
  • Click on confirm order to proceed with the purchase.
When ordering, you can upload your logo, or do it later in your personal area within the relevant order. Our staff will proceed to make you a free print draft to show you the personalised floating keyrings with your logo. For more information click here.
After your approval, we will proceed with production and you will receive Floating keyrings in 15-17 days. If, on the other hand, you have purchased floating keyrings without any customization, you will receive the goods in 3-4 days. If you want to know more about delivery time, visit this page. For more information on placing orders visit the section how to order. If you have doubts about payments, visit the section payments
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