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  1. BAMSTRAW - straw set

    10 pc paper straw set with bamboo pattern, in kraft paper box, in green color

    best price from 0,22
  2. BOOSIP - bamboo straw set

    Set of 2 reusable natural bamboo drinking straws and cleaning brush in cotton pouch. The diameter and surface of the straws may vary

    best price from 1,01
  3. COCKTAIL - Reusable stainless steel straw

    Reusable stainless steel straw kit and cleaning brush. Supplied in a non-woven pouch (80 g/m²) with drawstring closure, in silver color

    best price from 0,64
  4. DRINKY - Reusable silicone straw

    100% silicone reusable and foldable straw. The straw is supplied with a white and translucent PP box with a matte finish allowing it to be portable

    best price from 0,42
  5. FIRUX - Straw Set

    2-piece set of straws made in stainless steel with outside galvanised copper coating. With cleaning brush included and presented in a black suede pouch with drawstring closure. (neutral color)

    best price from 0,80
  6. GLASSIP - glass straw set

    Set of 2 reusable borosilicate glass drinking straws and cleaning brush. In kraft paper box

    best price from 0,83
  7. JEXOR - drinking straw set

    Reusable, foldable stainless steel drinking straw with telescopic cleaning brush. In aluminium holder with carabiner, in silver color

    best price from 1,95
  8. KALUX - straw set

    Set of 2 reusable stainless steel drinking straws and cleaning brush in cotton pouch

    best price from 0,77
  9. LADIX - Antibacterial Straw

    Silicone straw, 25,5 cm length. Flexible and reusable, with a solid finishing. Presented in an antibacterial PP case with solid finishing and in an individual bag. Products with antibacterial treatments are able to drastically reduce the bacterial levels present on the surfaces of the materials, thanks to the addition of permanent static microbial agents, with high effectiveness in inhibiting and preventing bacterial contamination. Item according to the ISO 22196 standard, which determines the antibacterial activity in plastic materials and non-porous surfaces. This allows us to know the effectiveness of microbial inhibition that additives have on treated objects by means of a quantitave evaluation. (white color)

    best price from 0,16
  10. LAMONE - Set of 10 kraft paper straws

    Set with 10 disposable kraft paper straws. Supplied in a kraft paper box, in neutral color

    best price from 0,35
  11. RUDY - Stainless steel straws

    Stainless steel, environmentally friendly drinking straws in a set of four. Length of the straws is 23 cm. The set includes a cleaning brush, in silver color

    best price from 1,52
  12. STRISTRAW - straw set

    10 pc paper straw set with striped pattern, in kraft paper box.

    best price from 0,27

12 Items

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Sipping Success: Why Custom Straws Are the Perfect Choice for Promoting Your Brand

In today's competitive business landscape, finding unique and effective ways to promote your brand is paramount. Custom straws have emerged as a popular and innovative promotional tool that not only serves a practical purpose but also helps elevate brand visibility and recognition. These straws can be customized with your brand logo, slogan, or any other message, making them a powerful marketing asset. In this article, we will explore the numerous benefits of using custom straws for brand promotion and how they can help you achieve marketing success.

Benefits of Using Custom Straws for Brand Promotion

Custom straws offer a range of advantages when it comes to promoting your brand. Firstly, they are highly versatile and can be used in various settings, making them suitable for businesses across different industries. Whether you own a restaurant, a juice bar, or an eco-friendly company, custom straws can be tailored to align with your brand identity. Secondly, these straws are eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic straws, which resonates with the growing consumer demand for sustainable and responsible businesses. By associating your brand with eco-conscious practices, you can attract environmentally conscious consumers and enhance your brand reputation.

Furthermore, custom straws act as portable billboards for your brand. When customers use these straws in public, they inadvertently become brand ambassadors, promoting your business to a wider audience. This passive form of advertising can significantly increase brand visibility and recognition. Additionally, custom straws offer a tangible and memorable experience for your customers. They provide a unique touchpoint that engages with your target audience and fosters a sense of loyalty towards your brand.

The Versatility of Custom Straws for Different Industries

One of the key advantages of custom straws is their versatility. They can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of different industries. For example, restaurants and bars can opt for custom cocktail straws that reflect their brand aesthetic and elevate the overall drinking experience. Juice bars and smoothie shops can choose vibrant and reusable straws that align with their health-conscious image. Eco-friendly companies can go for biodegradable or stainless steel straws, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability. The possibilities are endless, and custom straws can be tailored to suit any industry, allowing businesses to create a cohesive and impactful brand image.

How Custom Straws Can Enhance Brand Visibility and Recognition

Custom straws have the power to significantly enhance brand visibility and recognition. When customers use branded straws, they become walking advertisements, exposing your brand to a wider audience. Imagine a customer sipping their favourite drink at a crowded café, with your logo prominently displayed on the straw. This simple act can generate curiosity and interest among onlookers, prompting them to inquire about your brand or product. Additionally, custom straws create a sense of brand loyalty and recognition among your existing customers. When they come across your branded straws in different locations, they feel a connection with your brand and are more likely to choose your products or services over competitors.

To maximize the impact of custom straws on brand visibility, it's essential to ensure that the design and message are eye-catching and memorable. A well-designed custom straw should incorporate your brand colors, logo, and tagline in a way that captures attention. By investing in high-quality printing and thoughtful design, you can create custom straws that leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Choosing the Right Custom Straws and Personalised Products for Your Brand

When it comes to choosing the right custom straws and personalised products for your brand, it's important to consider your target audience, brand identity, and marketing objectives. Start by understanding your customers' preferences and needs. Are they eco-conscious? Do they prioritize convenience? By aligning your custom straws with your customers' values, you can create a stronger connection and increase the likelihood of brand loyalty.

In addition to custom straws, there are other personalised promotional products that can complement your marketing efforts. So personalised chocolates, for example, are a delicious and memorable way to leave a sweet impression on your customers. So personalised sublimation mugs offer a practical and everyday reminder of your brand, while personalised chopping boards can enhance brand recognition in the kitchen. Custom cocktail tools can be a hit among bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, and corporate branded wine accessories make for sophisticated and memorable corporate gifts. By diversifying your range of personalised products, you can cater to different customer preferences and expand your brand reach.

Tips for Creating an Effective Custom Straw Marketing Campaign

To ensure a successful custom straw marketing campaign, consider the following tips:

  1. Know your target audience: Understand your customers' demographics, preferences, and values to create custom straws that resonate with them.
  2. Design with impact: Invest in professional design services to create visually appealing and memorable custom straw designs that capture attention.
  3. Align with your brand identity: Ensure that the design, colors, and messaging of your custom straws align with your overall brand image and values.
  4. Distribute strategically: Identify key locations and events where your target audience is likely to be present and distribute your custom straws accordingly.
  5. Encourage user-generated content: Encourage customers to share photos of themselves using your custom straws on social media, creating valuable user-generated content that promotes your brand.

By implementing these tips, you can create a custom straw marketing campaign that effectively promotes your brand and generates positive results.

Conclusion: Embracing the Power of Custom Straws in Promoting Your Brand

Custom straws have emerged as a powerful and versatile tool for promoting your brand. Their ability to enhance brand visibility, engage customers, and align with eco-friendly practices makes them an ideal choice for businesses across various industries. By investing in custom straws and other personalised products, you can create a cohesive and impactful brand image that resonates with your target audience. So, embrace the power of custom straws and sip your way to marketing success!

Corporate Gifts have multiple benefits for businesses. They can be part of corporate merchandising, a promotional and advertising tool for customers, and also a gift for employees during holidays, anniversaries or corporate anniversaries. They are useful tools to leave a memory of the brand during events, fairs, promotions to potential customers. Promotional items customized with your logo, if chosen carefully with respect to the communication message you want to convey, undoubtedly create added value to your brand.


Ecological straws in recent years have had a lot of rumors and discussions, especially with global warming and the need to reduce the waste of plastic use. Personalized straws are part of this situation and become an excellent way to convey a certain type of communication through your brand, namely attention to the environment and sustainability. If you are a company in the food & beverage sector, this product cannot be missed in your promotional item collections. Customized straws can be combined with many other functional and fun items. Pay attention to the communication you make and only turn your logo on items that are consistent with your ideals and your brand values.

HiGift offers a wide range of personalized straws in many different shapes, colors and materials:
- Eco-friendly straws made of hard and reusable plastic
- Straws in bamboo fiber and wheat straw
- Personalized folding straws
In our personalised straws section of our website you will find many ideas and types of reusable and personalized straws.
You will find styles for every taste.
if you are looking for a special kind of item that you didn't find on our website, just contact us we will make our max. to find your perfect promotional gift.

Verifying every detail is important. It is therefore normal to buy custom cocktails essentials without having touched them can block your purchase process. For this on HiGift it is possible to receive a sample before ordering the entire quantity of the Cocktails essentials. The procedure is very simple: just click on the red button calculate your quote and buy and enter 1 in the desired quantity. Then need to click on confirm order to proceed to purchase the sample without the desired print, after registering on our site or logging in if you are already a customer. In many cases it is also possible to customize the sample with your own logo, in order to be able to see the finished promotional product. Just choose the personalization on the calculator and that's it. To find out the cost of the neutral sample, go to the price summary that you see in the product sheets of Cocktails essentialsand you will find it highlighted. In case the timing does not allow you to wait for the receipt of the sample to place the order, write to our customer service, we will be happy to help you with information or photos of the selected product.

You can order your custom cocktails essentials quickly by following these steps:
  • If you are not already our customer, sign in on HiGift or log into your account.
  • Choose the promotional item you prefer and, once you have entered the product sheet, click on the appropriate red button calculate your quote and buy.
  • Enter the quantity and possibly the color of cocktails essentials, choose the type printing and follow the steps indicated until you have the final quote.
  • Click on confirm order to proceed with the purchase.
When ordering, you can upload your logo, or do it later in your personal area within the relevant order. Our staff will proceed to make you a free print draft to show you the custom cocktails essentials with your logo. For more information click here.
After your approval, we will proceed with production and you will receive Cocktails essentials in 15-17 days. If, on the other hand, you have purchased cocktails essentials without any customization, you will receive the goods in 3-4 days. If you want to know more about delivery time, visit this page. For more information on placing orders visit the section how to order. If you have doubts about payments, visit the section payments
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