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Personalised Plastic water bottles: apply your logo on reusable bottles!

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  1. TYSON - Sports bottle 1200 mL

    Sports bottle with internal straw, lid with drinker and handle for easy transport. Big capacity up to 1,2L

    best price from 5,50
  2. PALMARES - sport bottle

    BPA-free PP plastic sport bottle with drinking lid, 500 ml.

    best price from 1,69
  3. FLISK - water bottle

    Rectangular, transparent plastic water bottle with removable container. Capacity: 320 ml / 125 ml. Not suitable for carbonated drinks.

    best price from 0,97
  4. NICOLETTE - PP bottle

    PP foldable bottle (320 ml) with drinking spout and carabiner.

    best price from 0,41
  5. AMBROSE - AS bottle

    Plastic drinking bottle (750 ml) with silicone lid. Cap coubles as a cup, in red color

    best price from 2,50
  6. BAILEY - PP bottle

    PP foldable bottle (420 ml) with drinking spout and carabiner. All colours are transparant except white (02) and silver (32).

    best price from 0,61
  7. EMBERLY - PS and stainless steel bottle

    Stainless steel and ABS bottle (800 ml) with a foldable spout, cap and removable carry ring.

    best price from 1,65
  8. CLARENCE - AS bottle

    AS bottle (600 ml) with water spray function, in light blue color

    best price from 2,05
  9. SHAKER H2O ACTIVE XL - shaker sports bottle

    Single-walled sports bottle with shaker ball for mixing protein shakes. Airtight lid with flip closure. Curved design. Capacity of 650 ml. Made and packaged in the UK. PET and PP / PE plastic

    best price from 5,95
  10. SHAKER H2O ACTIVE L - shaker sports bottle

    Single-walled sports bottle with shaker ball for mixing protein shakes. Airtight lid with flip closure. Curved design. Capacity of 650 ml. Made and packaged in the UK. PET and PP / PE plastic

    best price from 5,66
  11. SHAKER H2O ACTIVE M - shaker sports bottle

    Single-walled sports bottle with shaker ball for mixing protein shakes. Airtight lid with flip closure. Curved design. 500ml capacity. Made and packaged in the UK. PET and PP / PE plastic

    best price from 5,66
  12. SHAKER PLUS XL - shaker sports bottle

    Single-walled sports bottle with shaker ball for mixing protein shakes. Airtight lid with flip closure. Capacity of 650 ml. Made in the UK. HDPE plastic, PP plastic, PP plastic.

    best price from 3,23
  13. SHAKER PLUS M - shaker sports bottle

    Single-walled sports bottle with shaker ball for mixing protein shakes. Airtight lid with flip closure. 500ml capacity. Made in the UK. HDPE plastic, PP plastic, PP plastic.

    best price from 3,14
  14. GOBERT - Sports bottle 680 ml

    PEBD sports bottle with push-pull lid. Bottle with volume-capacity of 680 mL. Made in Europe

    best price from 2,04
  15. ANCER - Sports bottle 700 ml

    AS sports bottle with stainless steel bottom. PP and stainless steel lid with insulating silicone. Volume-capacity 700 mL

    best price from 3,20
  16. KWILL - Foldable bottle 460 ml

    Foldable PE bottle with push-pull lid. Contains a clear lid and a carabiner. Volume-capacity 460 mL

    best price from 0,71
  17. GLITER - antibacterial sport bottle

    Antibacterial plastic sport bottle with carry strap on cap, 600 ml. ISO 22196 compliant. Not suitable for carbonated drinks, in white color

    best price from 2,28
  18. HIKE - Folding bottle

    Foldable bottle with three layers in PET, PA and PE with volume- capacity of 770 mL. The bottle has a PP lid

    best price from 0,93
  19. JIM - Sports bottle 510 ml

    Sports bottle in Tritan™ with a loop handle on the lid for easy transport. Capacity up to 510 mL

    best price from 2,70
  20. ROZIER - Sports bottle 790 ml

    Tritan™ sports bottle with screw-on lid. Volume-capacity 790 mL

    best price from 3,08
  21. RAMON - Sports bottle 1250 ml

    PETG sports bottle with push-pull clear lid. Volume-capacity 1250 mL

    best price from 2,75
  22. PORTIS - Sports bottle 600 ml

    PP and PS sports bottle. Volume-capacity 600 mL

    best price from 2,62
  23. ODRET - Sports bottle 650 ml

    AS sports bottle with flexible straw (inside) and easy to open. Volume-capacity 650 mL

    best price from 3,39
  24. CONLEY - Sports bottle 500 ml

    PS and PE sports bottle with flexible straw lid (inside). Volume-capacity 500 mL

    best price from 3,25

Items 1-24 of 33

per page
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Promote Your Company with Personalised Plastic Water Bottles: Why and How to Use Them as Corporate Gifts

Plastic is a well-known material, as it has been used for many years in the crafting of various items. We find it in kitchen accessories as well as in bags, to name a few. Suffice it to say, the invention of plastic dates back to the second half of the 19th century. Since then, this material has gradually sneaked in our daily life, to the point that it is a part of it by now. However, with the interest in climate change and the environment, its use is greatly reduced. Instead of it we try to opt for natural materials, such as wood or paper. Objects which can be recycled or that are biodegradable or compostable are precious options as well.

In truth, the term plastic refers to a set of materials much larger than what you can think of at first. custom plastic water bottlesSurprisingly, this group includes eco-friendly solutions as well. Think for instance of promotional plastic keyrings. Some of them are made of ABS or PVC, which are both thermoplastic materials. This means that they can undergo different thermal shocks without becoming damaged. Due to this feature, they can be reused for the creation of new products.

Adopting these alternative types of plastic can be a good idea for all companies that aim to be green but need a huge number of promotional products for their campaign. They will be able to take advantage of the excellent value for money of the corporate gifts made of plastic. This is evident in the case of promotional plastic pens. They are often offered at the beginning of a marketing action as they are perfect for making your brand known to as many people as possible. The same applies to custom polyester tote bags. They are an eco-friendly option in all respects since they replace disposable bags.

Personalised Plastic Water Bottles: A Green and Alternative Corporate Gift

Just like polyester bags or custom printed non-woven tote bags, personalised plastic water bottles too are a full-fledged green corporate gift. They can be reused, each time avoiding that a single-use plastic bottle is employed. The great challenge of our time is to reduce the impact that our daily life has on the environment. In order to achieve this, limiting the production and consumption of throw-away objects is essential. And all this is possible with personalised plastic water bottles.

Some types of alternative plastics release less harmful substances during their processing than the classic one. It is for this reason that giving away corporate gifts made with these materials is a green choice. Besides, it allows you to best sponsor your brand while keeping an eye on the health of the planet. By offering promotional eco-friendly products, a company can spread its logo and associate it with the commitment to the defence of the environment. This will certainly give a positive image in the eyes of customers. It will have the same effect on anyone who will cast their gaze on your promotional eco-friendly products as well.

The Success of Personalised Water Bottles: The Pros of One of the Most Loved Corporate Gifts Ever

Giving away personalised plastic water bottles brings several benefits. They are promotional eco-friendly products because they replace disposable bottles. Plus, they are not so expensive. For this reason, they are perfect for a large-scale advertising campaign. Moreover, they have all the pros of their classic version.

Personalised water bottles have been highly sought-after promotional products for years. Besides being modern corporate gifts, as they respond to the trends of the moment, they are highly customisable and useful to everyone. personalised plastic water bottlesWe all find it extremely convenient to have our own bottle always at hand. It allows us to stay hydrated during the day at the office or during a trip out of town. Even better if they are personalised corporate gifts which carry a memory of the company or of an experience with the brand.

The large print area available is definitely one of the strengths of branded water bottles. It makes no difference whether it is personalised metal water bottles or personalised glass bottles. In all cases, you will have plenty of room to print your logo together with a phrase or image which represents the company. In this way you will make your promotional products unique on the one hand. On the other, you will make sure that your name and logo are as visible as possible, too. Besides, you can give free rein to your imagination. For instance, you can choose a slogan which is suitable for the event at which you will give away your drinkware.

You may want to give your branded water bottles to your customers as a gift to the purchase of a product. Is this the case, printing the motto of the company would be a great idea. Whatever the way you will use them, you will have a thousand ways to make unique promotional products out of your personalised water bottles. You just have to indulge in your creativity and find the customisation that represents you the most!

Personalised Plastic Water Bottles: Corporate Gifts for All Companies and for All Customers

One of the pros of personalised plastic water bottles is that they are versatile. Besides being useful to all as the standard promotional product is, they are cheap as well. Plus, they look very simple and not at all pretentious. This makes them perfect corporate gifts for any type of target. They go well for the subtlest as well as for an easy-going and youthful audience. This category embraces different tastes and customer ranges. Of course, the variety of models available plays a role into it.

Personalised plastic water bottles are highly appreciated by employees as corporate gifts, too. You can give them at an event, at the end of an important project or during a meaningful occasion for the brand. In all cases, they will strengthen the bond between you and your team. Everyone can find in your personalised plastic water bottles an accessory to use every day. They can take them to work or put them in their bag every time they leave the house. Needless to say, they will carry your logo around every time. Moreover, the print will stand out for the exceptional utility that your promotional products will prove to have.

Personalised Plastic Water Bottles: All the Models, from Folding Bottles to Sports Bottles

If you have chosen to give away personalised plastic water bottles as corporate gifts, you will find the right item for any type of target you have in mind. This is true whether your goal is to retain customers or to attract new potential buyers. In our selection you will see products of various types. Some stand out for their comfort, others for their chic or refined design.branded plastic water bottles

In particular, the HiGift website offers you, among others:

  • Personalised sports bottles. This type is designed specifically to be comfortable and practical to carry around. They are usually very light and often equipped with a carabiner. This little extra helps you to hook them to the backpack.
  • Personalised shaker sports bottles. These promotional products are ideal for those who love smoothies and would like to enjoy them during the day.
  • Personalised water bottles made of Tritan. This material is particularly resistant to both impacts and washing.
  • Branded eco water bottles. They are made with recycled materials, including types of plastics such as Tritan, ABS and PET.
  • Personalised plastic water bottles with spout for easy use.
  • Custom folding plastic water bottles. This model is very practical to carry in the bag. Once emptied, it can be folded so as not to take up much space.

In choosing the model you can either go for the most eco-friendly option or focus on comfort. In the latter case, you will give your customers or employees a distinct item. They will hardly forget about you with such a practical promotional product. In any case, creating personalised plastic water bottles is a marketing strategy with guaranteed success. This is true for at least two reasons. First, because it allows you to take advantage of the benefits of the standard type of branded water bottles. Secondly, because these corporate gifts go well for everyone.

By adding your logo, name, and company motto, you will deliver a promotional product that will come in handy every day. With a personalised plastic bottle you can leave your clientele or team with a positive memory of your activity. Moreover, you can intrigue new potential customers. All this thanks to a gift which is simple, but comfortable and cared for in every detail as well.

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Personalised plastic water bottles with your printed logo are a thought that lasts over time, a memory that every person who interacts with your company carries with them, a promotional item that, using it, will unknowingly advertise your brand. Personalised plastic water bottles are among the most popular corporate gifts; they help to give visibility, personality and uniqueness to your brand. A useful, classic gift that is renewed to keep up with the times! In our stock you will find both personalised plastic water bottles cheaper to use as personalized gifts, and premium gifts promotional folding water bottles that will allow you to exalt yourself from the competition thanks to their unique design and their quality.

Where can I found all the information on personalised plastic water bottles?

Information about plastic water bottles such as quantities availability in stock, printing variables, prices, exact sizes of the items are visible on the relevant page dedicated to the product. It is possible to create customized estimates and graphic drafts in total autonomy by clicking on the two red buttons clearly visible on the page. If you need more information about folding water bottles, we are always available via chat, email, phone.

How can I see my logo on personalised plastic water bottles before the order?

When you buy personalized items such as plastic water bottles, folding water bottles or reusable bottles with your logo, it is normal that you ask yourself in advance how the final result will be. With HiGift you will be able to have a vision of how your promotional items with a logo will be created, and this before purchasing. Go to the product sheet of the item you have chosen in plastic water bottles and click on the red button try your logo. You can save your graphic draft in your personal area or download it and you will realize personalised plastic water bottles you are purchasing. Please note that this will only be your graphic proof and that the professional print proof will be provided by us in the 24 hours following your order.

How can I calculate an estimate for personalised plastic water bottles?

On HiGift you can make, download and save all the estimates you need in your personal area! You are now on personalised plastic water bottles category, select your favorite customizable item and, once inside the product sheet, click on get your price and buy. Just enter the quantity, the color of plastic water bottles, the type of customization you require based on the characteristics of your logo. In a few clicks you will be able to get your quote. At this point you can download it or save it in your personal area. If you want to revise the quote, just go back by clicking on the appropriate button. If you add various products such as plastic water bottles, folding water bottles or reusable bottles to your cart, you will also be able to download or save the overall estimate of all your promotional items before checking out. In this way you can do all the tests you want with your favorite corporate gifts!

Can I obtain some discounts with the purchase of personalised plastic water bottles?

On HiGift there are several ways to buy cheap plastic water bottles. The first and most obvious: if you buy plastic water bottles, folding water bottles or reusable bottles iin huge number, the price per item will be lower. If you buy the same items in smaller quantities, you will have a higher price each. This detail is clearly visible in the price table on each product sheet: it is often enough to add a minimum quantity of plastic water bottles to get a better price. Also, if you subscribe to our newsletter you will be updated on the promotions we release every month. That's right, you got it right: you can find promotions on personalised plastic water bottles, that is the articles you are looking for! If you become our customer you will also be able to access the HiGift Circle loyalty program which will allow you to have exclusive benefits by climbing the statuses. That is, more plastic water bottles, folding water bottles or reusable bottles you buy, the sooner you will be able to reach the threshold for your passage of status and obtain increasingly important benefits, discounts included.

Branded Merchandise have multiple benefits for businesses. They can be part of corporate merchandising, a promotional and advertising tool for customers, and also a gift for employees during holidays, anniversaries or corporate anniversaries. They are useful tools to leave a memory of the brand during events, fairs, promotions to potential customers. Promotional items customized with your logo, if chosen carefully with respect to the communication message you want to convey, undoubtedly create added value to your brand.

Personalised Plastic water bottles - FREQUENT QUESTIONS

Promotional items are a fundamental step for promoting and sponsoring your brand.
Who wouldn't want a company known by the logo?
Let’s remember that Starbucks created a second line of trade for his business based exactly on branded cups, mugs and cute water bottles.
Custom bottles are a passe-partout for all companies that care about the environment and want to reduce the consumption of plastic.
In recent years, many companies have decided to personalize water bottles with their own logo and to gifted them to their employees to encourage the use of reusable bottles.
If you are a company who puts environmental issues among its missions, this promotional item is for you.

HiGift offers a wide range of bottles to be customized in its shape, color and material:
- Aluminum bottles
- Reusable hard plastic bottles - recommended as sports bottles.
In the appropriate section of our website you will find many ideas and designs ready to be branded with your logo.
You will find casual, elegant and sparkling models.
And if you are looking for a special item that you cannot find on our website?
No worries at all. Just contact us and We are delighted to let you know! .

Verifying every detail is important. It is therefore normal to buy Personalised Plastic water bottles without having touched them can block your purchase process. For this on HiGift it is possible to receive a sample before ordering the entire quantity of the Plastic water bottles. The procedure is very simple: just click on the red button calculate your quote and buy and enter 1 in the desired quantity. Then need to click on confirm order to proceed to purchase the sample without the desired print, after registering on our site or logging in if you are already a customer. In many cases it is also possible to customize the sample with your own logo, in order to be able to see the finished promotional product. Just choose the personalization on the calculator and that's it. To find out the cost of the neutral sample, go to the price summary that you see in the product sheets of Plastic water bottlesand you will find it highlighted. In case the timing does not allow you to wait for the receipt of the sample to place the order, write to our customer service, we will be happy to help you with information or photos of the selected product.

You can order your personalised plastic water bottles quickly by following these steps:
  • If you are not already our customer, sign in on HiGift or log into your account.
  • Choose the promotional item you prefer and, once you have entered the product sheet, click on the appropriate red button calculate your quote and buy.
  • Enter the quantity and possibly the color of plastic water bottles, choose the type printing and follow the steps indicated until you have the final quote.
  • Click on confirm order to proceed with the purchase.
When ordering, you can upload your logo, or do it later in your personal area within the relevant order. Our staff will proceed to make you a free print draft to show you the personalised plastic water bottles with your logo. For more information click here.
After your approval, we will proceed with production and you will receive Plastic water bottles in 15-17 days. If, on the other hand, you have purchased plastic water bottles without any customization, you will receive the goods in 3-4 days. If you want to know more about delivery time, visit this page. For more information on placing orders visit the section how to order. If you have doubts about payments, visit the section payments
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