Custom Kitchen accessories

Custom Kitchen accessories

Custom Kitchen accessories: make your brand unique!

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  1. ABBAMAR - cheese cutting board

    Round shaped bamboo cutting board with 4 pc stainless steel cheese knife set.

    starting from 17,37
  2. ACHERNAR - ABS meat thermometer Warren

    ABS meat thermometer with a cooking and timer function, includes a magnet, stand and hook at the backside. Batteries included.

    starting from 6,06
  3. ALABAMA - BBQ multi tool

    5 in 1 folding BBQ multi tool in stainless steel with wooden handle. With spatula, fork, brush, bottle opener and corkscrew. Separates into 2 separate tools through a sliding system.

    starting from 7,76
  4. New
    ARCADIA - RPET BBQ cooler bag

    RPET cooler bag with PEVA padding, zipped compartment and adjustable shoulder strap. Including 3 pc stainless steel BBQ set (fork, shovel and clip). 600D RPET polyester with distinctive RPET label.

    starting from 22,66
  5. ATKINSON - Stainless steel barbecue set Dawn

    Stainless steel barbecue set in aluminium case, including: eight skewers, four spits, brush, soft brush, carving knife, carving fork, spatula with cutting knife and tongs.

    starting from 37,95
  6. ATLANTA - Stainless steel barbecue set Hugo

    Nylon apron (600D) with stainless steel, five-piece barbecue set, including: carving fork, spatula, tongs, and salt and pepper set.

    starting from 11,65
  7. ATTLEBORO - Stainless steel temperature gauge Antonia

    Stainless steel and plastic temperature gauge for cooking (°C/°F). Batteries included.

    starting from 7,02
  8. AXON - BBQ set

    5 pc BBQ set with 3 stainless steel accessories (fork, shovel and clip) with wooden handle, one glove and a polyester apron.

    starting from 8,75
  9. BACATIS - apron

    Apron with front pocket, made of 35% cotton / 65% polyester.

    starting from 2,06
  10. BAMBUSA - cutting board

    Bamboo cutting board.

    starting from 3,39
  11. BANON - Serving board

    Bamboo serving board.300 x 200 x 9 mm

    starting from 3,50
  12. New
    BAR APRON - Bar apron

    Bar apron. Cotton and polyester: 145 g/m². With 2 pockets.

    starting from 1,04
  13. BARBOO - BBQ set

    3 pc stainless steel, bamboo handle BBQ set (fork, clip and shovel with bottle opener). In bamboo patterned aluminium case.

    starting from 19,09
  14. BILLINGS - Stainless steel salt and pepper mill Annalena

    Stainless steel salt and pepper mill.

    starting from 6,06
  15. BOOCOOK - kitchen scale

    Digital kitchen scale with bamboo weighing platform and backlit display. Capacity: 5 kg, graduation 1 g, measurement units: kg/g/oz. With water/milk ml indicator. Operates with 2 AAA batteries, without batteries.

    starting from 8,69
  16. BOORD - cutting board

    Wine bottle shaped bamboo cutting board.

    starting from 2,91
  17. BORINDA - cooking spoon

    Bamboo cooking spoon.

    starting from 0,65
  18. BOURSIN - cheese knife set

    4 pc bamboo cheese knife set, in black gift box. André Philippe brand product.

    starting from 5,92
  19. BROOKSVILLE - ABS cooking timer Nalani

    Plastic kitchen timer with minute and second modes, includes a magnetic back. Batteries included.

    starting from 2,13
  20. BUBULA - cutting board

    Cow shaped bamboo cutting board.

    starting from 2,77
  21. BUFFALO - Wooden cheese plate set Bellamy

    Wooden cheese set consisting of one cheese knife and fork with wooden handles and a steel waiter's knife. The lid can be used as a cutting board.

    starting from 11,63
  22. BURBANK - Wooden cheese board Max

    Rubberwood cheese board with three stainless steel knives.

    starting from 10,95
  23. BURLINGAME - Wooden cheese board Arlo

    Wooden cheese board with magnetic tape strip and four stainlees steel accessories.

    starting from 12,62
  24. CALEN - oven mitt

    Organic cotton oven mitt, 1 pc.

    starting from 1,85
  25. CAPERS - Serving board

    Bamboo serving board.200 x 143 x 9 mm

    starting from 1,58
  26. CAPPERO - Set with board and cheese knife

    Set with bamboo cutting board and small cheese knife. Supplied in kraft gift box.

    starting from 4,87
  27. New
    CARAWAY - Bamboo serving board

    Large bamboo serving board with handle, very versatile. Supplied with a kraft gift box.

    starting from 8,61
  28. New
    CARAWAY LONG - Bamboo serving board

    Large bamboo serving board with handle, very versatile. Supplied with a kraft gift box.

    starting from 7,84
  29. New
    CARAWAY ROUND - Round bamboo board

    Large bamboo serving board with handle, very versatile. Ideal for pizza. Supplied with a kraft gift box.

    starting from 8,38
  30. CAROLINA - BBQ set

    3 pc stainless steel BBQ set (fork, shovel and clip) in aluminium case.

    starting from 14,16
  31. CELERY - Non-woven apron

    Non-woven apron (80g/m) with 1 front pocket and adjustable straps.

    starting from 0,77
  32. CHARLES - Cruet

    Glass cruet containing two compartments with capacity up to 50 ml and up to 250 ml. This cruet contains two cork stoppers. Supplied in a cork box.

    starting from 8,27
  33. CHICORY - Multi-purpose apron

    Cotton canvas multi-purpose apron (260 g/m) with 3 front pockets and a ribbon waist tie.

    starting from 2,29
  34. CHILLI - 100% cotton apron

    100% cotton apron with soft fabric, natural colour and colourful details. Apron with 1 front pocket and adjustable straps.

    starting from 1,86
  35. CHIVES - Apron in cotton and polyester

    Cotton and polyester apron (150g/m²) with adjustable straps and 2 front pockets.650 x 900 mm | Inner pocket: 80 x 140 mm | Outer pocket: 250 x 160 mm

    starting from 2,93
  36. CITRIC - Citrus squeezer

    PP citrus juicer with handle.

    starting from 0,45

Items 1-36 of 154

per page
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Personalised kitchen accessories: a wide selection for all tastes!

Thanks to their usefulness, personalised kitchen accessories are always appreciated as gifts. Although they're common, they always come in handy. This is true especially if they're high-quality products. They're great for a friend's birthday. However, they can be great promotional products for your business, too. Of course, they're particularly suitable for businesses in the catering industry. Making use of accessories that represent your activity is a fundamental step in the growth of your company. The attention to detail will distinguish your business from others and create a trusted clientele.

Custom branded aprons: the must-have for every restaurant

Custom branded aprons serve as a sign of recognition. People easily identify a staff wearing branded aprons. As a result, the public will immediately know who to turn to. This transparency will make the customer experience easier and leave them with a positive image of your activity.

custom branded apronsMoreover, custom branded aprons are important from a hygienic point of view. Wearing special clothing protects food from contamination. This is valid both in the kitchen and in the dining room. Besides having a practical function, custom branded aprons convey your attention to hygiene to the public. In this way, they encourage the formation of a sense of trust in your business. Your customers will know that they can expect maximum seriousness and efficiency from you. In other words, using custom branded aprons as a staff accessory is a choice that shows professionalism and reassures the public.

Custom branded aprons: the importance of personalisation

The use of custom branded aprons is important to recognise the staff and build trust with the customer. On the other hand, the application of your logo and name will play a crucial role in spreading your brand. Customising kitchen aprons is an essential move for your restaurant or pub. It's the only way for your personalised kitchen accessories to convey your identity to the audience. By printing or embroidering an image or writing that represents you, you can make your corporate gift and your staff unique and unmistakable. Customers will remember your team not only for their professionalism, but for the graphics on their custom branded aprons, too.

Giving away custom branded aprons as corporate gifts to customers: a way to advertise the brand

Besides being work tools that no catering activity can do without, custom branded aprons are excellent promotional products. Not surprisingly, they're in high demand. They’re used in various areas, from catering to supermarkets to culinary events. You can distribute them in theme fairs or when a product is purchased. Moreover, you can give them to your employees. As this accessory is always useful, people will likely use it outside the company. As a result, it’ll spread your logo.

To make the most of its potential, you should personalise it with care. An eye-catching logo can make a difference in the way your personalised kitchen accessories are perceived. The same goes for a compelling slogan or a nice sentence. That's why it's important to choose not only what to print, but also how. Depending on the models, customisation techniques include:

  • Digital printing. It's perfect to render high-definition colours and detailed images.
  • Embroidery. This technique doesn't allow you to reproduce fine details or shades of colour. However, it produces a very elegant and refined result.

Personalised chopping boards: create the perfect corporate gifts for your business!

Personalised chopping boards are very useful kitchen accessories. You can use them inside a restaurant or a bar as well as give them to customers as promotional products. In the first case, you can use them in the kitchen. So, you’ll offer your staff a unique work experience thanks to a personalised accessory. Another option is to use them as a plate for some dishes, such as appetisers or cold cuts. Customers will appreciate this unusual choice and notice your attention to detail.

personalised chopping boardsPersonalised chopping boards are great corporate gifts because they’re useful. Those who receive them as a gift will use them to prepare delicious dishes. Personalised chopping boards are a must-have in kitchens. Together with the right knives, they allow you to cut the ingredients flawlessly and create respectable dishes. For this reason, it's a great idea to give them as corporate gifts in combination with a set of branded kitchen knives. Cutting is key in the kitchen. It determines cooking, consistency, aesthetic result. Giving your customers the right accessories will help them improve the quality of their dishes. An enhancement they'll no doubt appreciate.

Personalised chopping boards: how to make them unique with your logo

Just like custom branded aprons, chopping boards need an eye-catching logo or writing. Only so will they promote your brand at their best. Your customers will use your personalised chopping boards often or they’ll notice them in your restaurant. In both cases, it'll be thanks to the right personalisation that they'll attract the attention of your audience.

Personalised chopping boards can be made of different materials and shapes. The most common type is that of wood, which produces an effect that is both rustic and elegant. You can print your logo with engraving. This technique allows you to reproduce very fine details, although it isn't suitable for colours. The effect will be very sophisticated. By engraving your logo on personalised chopping boards, you'll give useful and aesthetically pleasing accessories to your customers.

Personalised kitchen accessories: from the kitchen to the table, all items to be used as promotional products or corporate gifts

Besides custom branded aprons and personalised chopping boards, there are many other kitchen accessories to use as promotional products. When you choose to sponsor your brand with these corporate gifts, you'll have a great advantage. Being useful items, they have a good chance of being appreciated. If your cooking accessory proves to be successful, you can count on great advertising thanks to the frequency with which it'll fall under the eyes of your customer. Your audience will associate your company with a quality product that helps them.

Classic kitchen accessories: from custom kitchen scales to branded kitchen knives

Let's start with the most classic articles, the ones that can't be missing in a kitchen. Here’s a list of options:

  • Branded kitchen knives. They're essential to cut the ingredients and can be personalised by engraving your logo or slogan on them. As already mentioned, you can combine them with personalised chopping boards for an original corporate gift.
  • Custom kitchen scales. Though very common accessories, they're an original gift idea. They're very suitable as corporate gifts for employees or as work tools to be used in your bakery.
  • Personalised oven mitts and custom potholders. They're great promotional products for restaurants and pizzerias. personalised kitchen accessoriesA well-made print is all you need to build a connection with new customers and consolidate the link with loyal ones.
  • Custom citrus juicers. They're very common and perfect promotional products for trade fairs or when your customers buy a product. Their size makes them perfect corporate gifts.
  • Custom salt and pepper mills. Here, too, we're talking about fairly small kitchen accessories. Besides being essential for cooking and seasoning dishes, they beautify the table.
  • Custom cutlery. You can transform them into unique corporate gifts by engraving your name on them. You can give them as promotional products to customers or use them for your business. In both cases, they'll decorate the table by spreading your logo with a touch of style.

Sophisticated kitchen accessories: custom kitchen timers and personalised kitchen thermometers

There are accessories that, despite their usefulness, aren't so common. People often consider them unnecessary extras, but they can make a difference when cooking. By distributing these original corporate gifts, you'll amaze your audience and staff. They'll appreciate both your unexpected idea and the fact that these articles are indeed useful. Here are some ideas:

  • Custom kitchen timers. You can give them away with the purchase of an oven, a fridge or a barbecue. They're small, inexpensive and useful for anyone who gets cooking.
  • Personalised kitchen thermometers. These corporate gifts are rarer. In some cases, using one is the only way to get a perfect cooking. You can no longer do without custom kitchen timers and personalised kitchen thermometers once you've tried them!
  • Branded BBQ accessories. Very useful for outdoor barbecue lovers, they're perfect corporate gifts. You can give them away when customers purchase a barbecue or when they've reached a number of loyalty points. They’re an original idea that'll surprise your audience for its accuracy.
  • Personalised kitchen utensils and cutlery. These are various types of tools suitable for different uses. Cooking enthusiasts often try particular techniques that require specific accessories. Giving one to your customers or employees will be a success.

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Custom kitchen accessories with your printed logo are a thought that lasts over time, a memory that every person who interacts with your company carries with them, a promotional item that, using it, will unknowingly advertise your brand. Custom kitchen accessories are among the most popular corporate gifts; they help to give visibility, personality and uniqueness to your brand. A useful, classic gift that is renewed to keep up with the times! In our collection you will see a wide range of custom kitchen accessories, available in different colours and prices. Choose from if what you prefer; each object can be customized with your logo or your slogan.

Where can I found all the information on custom kitchen accessories?

Information about kitchen accessories such as quantities availability in stock, printing variables, prices, exact sizes of the items are visible on the relevant page dedicated to the product. It is possible to create customized estimates and graphic drafts in total autonomy by clicking on the two red buttons clearly visible on the page. If you need more information about kitchen utensils, we are always available via chat, email, phone.

How can I see my logo on custom kitchen accessories before the order?

When you buy personalized items such as kitchen accessories, cooking tools or kitchen utensils with your logo, it is normal that you ask yourself in advance how the final result will be. With HiGift you will be able to have a vision of how your promotional items with a logo will be created, and this before purchasing. Go to the product sheet of the item you have chosen in kitchen accessories and click on the red button try your logo. You can save your graphic draft in your personal area or download it and you will realize custom kitchen accessories you are purchasing. Please note that this will only be your graphic proof and that the professional print proof will be provided by us in the 24 hours following your order.

How can I calculate an estimate for custom kitchen accessories?

On HiGift you can make, download and save all the estimates you need in your personal area! You are now on custom kitchen accessories category, select your favorite customizable item and, once inside the product sheet, click on get your price and buy. Just enter the quantity, the color of kitchen accessories, the type of customization you require based on the characteristics of your logo. In a few clicks you will be able to get your quote. At this point you can download it or save it in your personal area. If you want to revise the quote, just go back by clicking on the appropriate button. If you add various products such as kitchen accessories, cooking tools or kitchen utensils to your cart, you will also be able to download or save the overall estimate of all your promotional items before checking out. In this way you can do all the tests you want with your favorite corporate gifts!

Can I obtain some discounts with the purchase of custom kitchen accessories?

On HiGift there are several ways to buy cheap kitchen accessories. The first and most obvious: if you buy kitchen accessories, cooking tools or kitchen utensils iin huge number, the price per item will be lower. If you buy the same items in smaller quantities, you will have a higher price each. This detail is clearly visible in the price table on each product sheet: it is often enough to add a minimum quantity of kitchen accessories to get a better price. Also, if you subscribe to our newsletter you will be updated on the promotions we release every month. That's right, you got it right: you can find promotions on custom kitchen accessories, that is the articles you are looking for! If you become our customer you will also be able to access the HiGift Circle loyalty program which will allow you to have exclusive benefits by climbing the statuses. That is, more kitchen accessories, cooking tools or kitchen utensils you buy, the sooner you will be able to reach the threshold for your passage of status and obtain increasingly important benefits, discounts included.

Promotional Products have multiple benefits for businesses. They can be part of corporate merchandising, a promotional and advertising tool for customers, and also a gift for employees during holidays, anniversaries or corporate anniversaries. They are useful tools to leave a memory of the brand during events, fairs, promotions to potential customers. Promotional items customized with your logo, if chosen carefully with respect to the communication message you want to convey, undoubtedly create added value to your brand.

Custom Kitchen accessories - FREQUENT QUESTIONS

Promotional items are a fundamental step for promoting and sponsoring your brand.
Who wouldn't want a company known by the logo?
The goal of each brand, in fact, is to become top of mind for its target audience.
Customized kitchen accessories are indispensable because they communicate great professionalism and attention to details.
It is extremely important for a restaurant to have the logo on the apron, on the kitchen utensils, on the oven gloves, on the salt shaker and the pepper at the table, and on every accessory that meets the eyes of employees and customers.

HiGift offers a wide range of kitchen accessories customizable that varies in shape and color.
In our website it’s possible to personalize every items with your logo and your favorite messages.
We advise you to always choose your personalized gadgets in line with your core business and your marketing communication, considering the multiple possibilities of customization: from classic models to the most extravagant ones.
in fact, choosing corporate promotional gadgets is not only a good advertising move but it helps to boost your brand awareness.
In the appropriate section of our website you will find many ideas to personalize your items as your prefer.

Verifying every detail is important. It is therefore normal to buy Custom Kitchen accessories without having touched them can block your purchase process. For this on HiGift it is possible to receive a sample before ordering the entire quantity of the Kitchen accessories. The procedure is very simple: just click on the red button calculate your quote and buy and enter 1 in the desired quantity. Then need to click on confirm order to proceed to purchase the sample without the desired print, after registering on our site or logging in if you are already a customer. In many cases it is also possible to customize the sample with your own logo, in order to be able to see the finished promotional product. Just choose the personalization on the calculator and that's it. To find out the cost of the neutral sample, go to the price summary that you see in the product sheets of Kitchen accessoriesand you will find it highlighted. In case the timing does not allow you to wait for the receipt of the sample to place the order, write to our customer service, we will be happy to help you with information or photos of the selected product.

You can order your custom kitchen accessories quickly by following these steps:
  • If you are not already our customer, sign in on HiGift or log into your account.
  • Choose the promotional item you prefer and, once you have entered the product sheet, click on the appropriate red button calculate your quote and buy.
  • Enter the quantity and possibly the color of kitchen accessories, choose the type printing and follow the steps indicated until you have the final quote.
  • Click on confirm order to proceed with the purchase.
When ordering, you can upload your logo, or do it later in your personal area within the relevant order. Our staff will proceed to make you a free print draft to show you the custom kitchen accessories with your logo. For more information click here.
After your approval, we will proceed with production and you will receive Kitchen accessories in 15-17 days. If, on the other hand, you have purchased kitchen accessories without any customization, you will receive the goods in 3-4 days. If you want to know more about delivery time, visit this page. For more information on placing orders visit the section how to order. If you have doubts about payments, visit the section payments
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