Hygiene and prevention

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  1. personalized touch ballpoint pen Eiffel HG809446
    EIFFEL - touch ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,16
  2. personalized anti-bacterial drawstring bag Trecel HG721790
    TRECEL - anti-bacterial drawstring bag


    starting from 2,78
  3. personalized anti-bacterial backpack Mordux HG721814
    MORDUX - anti-bacterial backpack


    starting from 20,07
  4. MAXCRON - anti-bacterial shopping bag
    MAXCRON - anti-bacterial shopping bag


    starting from 2,66
  5. SUSTRE - anti-bacterial mobile holder
    SUSTRE - anti-bacterial mobile holder


    starting from 0,30
  6. KIKEY - anti-bacterial bluetooth earphones
    KIKEY - anti-bacterial bluetooth earphones


    starting from 10,98
  7. KUMOL - anti-bacterial mobile holder
    KUMOL - anti-bacterial mobile holder


    starting from 0,36
  8. TABUN - anti-bacterial mousepad
    TABUN - anti-bacterial mousepad


    starting from 0,99
  9. SUPOT - anti-bacterial optical mouse
    SUPOT - anti-bacterial optical mouse


    starting from 4,33
  10. HISLOT - anti-bacterial webcam blocker
    HISLOT - anti-bacterial webcam blocker


    starting from 0,16
  11. TOPEN - anti-bacterial touch ballpoint pen
    TOPEN - anti-bacterial touch ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,28
  12. VERNE - anti-bacterial touch ballpoint pen
    VERNE - anti-bacterial touch ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,23
  13. personalized anti-bacterial ballpoint pen Licter HG721796
    LICTER - anti-bacterial ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,12
  14. NITRIA - anti-bacterial ruler
    NITRIA - anti-bacterial ruler


    starting from 0,45
  15. POLAX - anti-bacterial notebook
    POLAX - anti-bacterial notebook


    starting from 1,99
  16. NELTEC - anti-bacterial notebook
    NELTEC - anti-bacterial notebook


    starting from 1,71
  17. CLEANOTE - anti-bacterial notebook
    CLEANOTE - anti-bacterial notebook


    starting from 1,95
  18. CLEANOTE MINI - anti-bacterial notebook
    CLEANOTE MINI - anti-bacterial notebook


    starting from 1,10
  19. PLANTEX - anti-bacterial mug
    PLANTEX - anti-bacterial mug


    starting from 1,15
  20. KOTON - anti-bacterial thermo mug
    KOTON - anti-bacterial thermo mug


    starting from 1,78
  21. FANDEX - anti-bacterial lunch box
    FANDEX - anti-bacterial lunch box


    starting from 4,66
  22. BLAY - UV sterilizer wireless charger
    BLAY - UV sterilizer wireless charger


    starting from 18,72
  23. NUREK - UV sterilizer lamp
    NUREK - UV sterilizer lamp


    starting from 10,23
  24. BISNAL - hand sanitizer dispenser
    BISNAL - hand sanitizer dispenser


    starting from 11,42
  25. HALBY - UV sterilizer box charger
    HALBY - UV sterilizer box charger


    starting from 19,66
  26. LINIX - UV sterilizer box
    LINIX - UV sterilizer box


    starting from 19,15
  27. personalized hand cleansing gel Safer HG721762
    SAFER - hand cleansing gel


    starting from 1,62
  28. LIDEM - hand cleansing gel
    LIDEM - hand cleansing gel


    starting from 0,91
  29. BRADUL - hand cleansing gel
    BRADUL - hand cleansing gel


    starting from 0,48
  30. personalized touch screen hygiene key Cimak HG721811
    CIMAK - touch screen hygiene key


    starting from 0,56
  31. TENEX - Custom face mask holder
    TENEX - Custom face mask holder


    starting from 1,69
  32. RUIX - Custom face mask holder
    RUIX - Custom face mask holder


    starting from 0,09
  33. MUNS - Custom face mask holder
    MUNS - Custom face mask holder


    starting from 1,31
  34. KLOE - Custom face mask holder
    KLOE - Custom face mask holder


    starting from 0,62
  35. FENT - Custom face mask holder
    FENT - Custom face mask holder


    starting from 0,80
  36. VURIN - Custom face mask holder
    VURIN - Custom face mask holder


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Items 1-36 of 50

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Hygiene and prevention - FREQUENT QUESTIONS

Why should be important to custom hygienic and preventional items?

The most popular corporate gifts are those that are useful and easy to use. <br>
Companies, large and small alike, choose to accompany their employees, suppliers and customers through everyday objects, to be chosen and remembered. <br>
For every occasion there is a suitable giveaway, useful and above all consistent with one's external communication and the surrounding environment. <br>
Hygiene products, personal protective equipment (such as personal face masks) and safety and hygienic items are the most purchased and sold products in the last 6 months. <br>
But, the trend will not be declining and the purchase of hygienic equipment will remain at the top for more months. <br> And this is why personalizing these products and paying homage to them becomes a very important stage of communication. <br>

Why should you buy and give away personalized hygienic items?

In a historical period in which the accessories that cannot be missing in our daily use are the mask and the hand sanitizing gel;
where the best-selling products are those of protection, safety, health and hygiene; giving these products becomes essential to promote your business,
contribute to the well-being of its collaborators and customers and communicate presence and efficiency in understanding our social-global context. <br>
Custom masks are one of the most purchased products in recent months by both individuals and small to large companies. <br>
We have witnessed how high fashion has incorporated this tool into its canons and made it a present, an accessory and therefore an integral piece of the collection. <br>
Keeping up with the times means understanding these changes and being part of them. This is why giving away hygiene and prevention products becomes a must. <br>

Which protective/Higienic Items should you choose?

Personalized masks, personalized hand gels, antibacterial pens and notebooks, personalized ear-protection extensions and hygienic no-touch keys are just some of the examples. <br>
There are many hygienic items that can be chosen according to your target, to your type of communication you want to launch and the message you would like to be remembered. <br>
If you are a graphics company, a studio or even a shop where writing and taking notes is your routine, giving away personalized antibacterial pens is definitely a promotional item that cannot be missed. <br>
If you are a supermarket, so giving away your customers a personalized antibacterial shopping bag, sanitizing gel or disposable wipes is definitely a flagship. <br>
If you are a large company, where there are many shared spaces and you have to wear the face mask all day, then you can opt for the custom sterilizer, the personalized mask holder and the mask or even the no-touch hygienic key. <br>
Useful and consistent items! <br>

How to order custom promotional items related to the theme of health and prevention on HiGift?

Buying custom items has never been easier: <br>
- If you are not already our customer, register your account on our website <br>
- Log in to your account <br>
- Choose the item you prefer by indicating the color, quantity and printing technique and send us the order. <br>
And now it's up to us! <br>
Our staff will proceed to create a free print draft to show you the rendering of the articles made with your logo. <br>
At this stage it is essential to evaluate with attention the rendering, to understand if your marketing team agree with results. <br>
After your approval, we will proceed with production. <br>
You will receive your personalized gadgets in estimated average of 15-17 days. <br>

Hygiene and prevention- HiGift

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