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  1. KEYA 180 - T-Shirt
    KEYA 180 - T-Shirt


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  2. JOCK - drawstring bag
    JOCK - drawstring bag


    starting from 0,45
  3. EVENTS - wristband
    EVENTS - wristband


    starting from 0,04
  4. SINGE - keyring
    SINGE - keyring


    starting from 0,21
  5. BERTON - drink holder
    BERTON - drink holder


    starting from 0,31
  6. KROX - baseball cap
    KROX - baseball cap


    starting from 1,03
  7. NECK - lanyard
    NECK - lanyard


    starting from 0,17
  8. DRIAN - smartphone lens kit
    DRIAN - smartphone lens kit


    starting from 1,14
  9. PAICOM - selfie stick
    PAICOM - selfie stick


    starting from 0,99
  10. RARIAX - splashproof bluetooth speaker
    RARIAX - splashproof bluetooth speaker


    starting from 4,01
  11. GREDEL - sunglasses
    GREDEL - sunglasses


    starting from 1,01
  12. GEISER - cotton shopping bag
    GEISER - cotton shopping bag


    starting from 0,63
  13. FESTAK - festival bracelet
    FESTAK - festival bracelet


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  14. CREADRAW - custom drawstring bag
    CREADRAW - custom drawstring bag


    starting from 2,66
  15. FLOPPY - fan
    FLOPPY - fan


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  16. DIGIBREEZE - custom made fan
    DIGIBREEZE - custom made fan


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  17. SOFTSTYLE LADY - ladies T-Shirt
    SOFTSTYLE LADY - ladies T-Shirt


    starting from 1,60
  18. FARO - bottle opener
    FARO - bottle opener


    starting from 0,85
  19. EPOBADGE MIDI - custom made badge
    EPOBADGE MIDI - custom made badge


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  20. WRIST SLAP - slap silicone wristband
    WRIST SLAP - slap silicone wristband


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  21. WRIST SHAPE - shaped silicone wristband
    WRIST SHAPE - shaped silicone wristband


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  22. personalized shaped silicone wristband WRIST ROUND GL1009
    WRIST ROUND - shaped silicone wristband


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  23. WRIST D GLOW LOGO - glow logo silicone wristbands
    WRIST D GLOW LOGO - glow logo silicone wristbands


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  24. personalized glow silicone wristbands WRIST D GLOW GL1007
    WRIST D GLOW - glow silicone wristbands


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  25. BALLOON M CRYSTAL - balloon
    BALLOON M CRYSTAL - balloon


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  26. BALLOON M - balloon
    BALLOON M - balloon


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  27. BALLOON S - balloon
    BALLOON S - balloon


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  28. WRIST R - silicone wristband
    WRIST R - silicone wristband


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  29. personalized silicone wristband WRIST D GL1002
    WRIST D - silicone wristband


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  30. WRIST - silicone wristband
    WRIST - silicone wristband


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30 Items

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What are the advantages and why promoting events?

Events, like fairs, are great meetings where producers can be connected with consumers.
There are different types of events: corporate events for products launche; events for the awarding of employees or customers; events such as concerts and shows organized by companies, associations or freelance artists; sport events; charity events or fundraising events.
There are many reasons to sponsor and organize an event. If you are a medium-big company, you cannot fail to use events as an external marketing tool and as an internal communication one.
Corporate training events, for example, are very captivating because in addition to train your employees, it is also a time to increase the sense of belonging and identification with the brand and corporate values.
If, on the other hand if you are a small company, this does not mean that you can be not interested to promote events.
Absolutely false!
You can organize corporate events before remarkable holidays, for example a Christmas event or the summer one, where you can show your company results, reward the best employees and create internal gratification.
Don’t forget that events are a real part of marketing.
Giving them the right focus make the difference in terms of credibility, reliability and engagement.

Why giving away promotional items to your customers during events?

Attending an event is not enough to be remembered.
Original and coherent events are a great emotional impact to customers and help you to be remembered by your employees for a long time. On a well organized event customized items cannot be missing. If you are looking for an impactful event you should organizing it in every single detail.
Being gifted makes us feel appreciated and this works in any relationship, even between sellers and customers.
In 2019, PPAI, the promotional products association International, published a study stating that 90% of people who receive a gadget during an event remember which company they got it from. In addition, 80% of these people are willing to make a purchase from the same company.
If you are organizing a corporate event for your employees, thinking on a personalized gadgets makes an indelible event. And even after, your promotional items will be used remembering the event to your employees and showing your brand everywhere they move for.
If you are participating to a charity event and distribute promotional items, you are not doing just a great work for a good raison but you are also communicating values, mission and therefore your image.
Participating and organizing events is essential for building your business storytelling. Doing it with custom tools tells a lot about who your company are.

What are the most interesting event giveaways and how to select them?

First of all, you need to know which promotional item you would giveaway in each specific event. Corporate gadgets represent your business: the material, color, shape, even the packaging represents your corporate values. That’s why it becomes vital for your marketing.
Before each event you should prepare a structured marketing plan to decide:
- what do you want to communicate, what message do you want to leave and which item could be unique for the specific occasion and obviously the budget to devote for.
Another very important step is to customize your whole stand. Each employee in your stand event should have a personalized clothing and work tools with your logo. >br> These details communicate professionalism about your business, so paying attention to them make the difference in terms of image.
Generally, the most interesting event giveaways are:
- Hi-Tec items: Custom Usb; Custom Adapters; Custom Chargers; Custom Earphones; Mobile accessories; and Tablet accessories.
- Office and business items: Custom Pens; Blocknotes and blocks; Custom pen sets and Custom folders.
- Clothing items:
Custom shopper bags; Custom hats; Custom gloves and scarves; Custom shirts.
- Everyday items:
Custom water bottles; Custom cups; Custom Key rings and Custom lanyards; Custom toothbrushes and Custom stress balls.

How to order event giveaways on HiGift?

After the study and the design phase, there is the promotional items order and production phase.
This step is so important because you can touch by your hand if design phase matches with the real production.
Buying custom items has never been easier:
- If you are not already our customer, register your account on our website
- Log in to your account
- Choose the item you prefer by indicating the color, quantity and printing technique and send us the order.
And now it's up to us!
Our staff will proceed to create a free print draft to show you the rendering of the articles made with your logo.
At this stage it is essential to evaluate with attention the rendering, to understand if your marketing team agree with results.
After your approval, we will proceed with production.
You will receive your personalized gadgets in estimated average of 15-17 days.
And what if you have an innovative item that you cannot find on our website?
No problem at all.
Contact us and we will handle it.
For more information on how to place orders, visit our
Help - How to order section.

Custom Events - HiGift

Find here the promotional gadget of the events category and customize the corporate gadgets with the printing of your logo.
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