MENU ELEGANT L - large smooth leatherette menu holder

Large menu and wine list holder, in smooth leatherette. The item has a wide rib that includes 3 holes prepared for the internal mounting screws, supplied disassembled, and 12 PPL envelope bags with universal hole (disassembled)
Product size: 252x320 mm
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Thursday 21 October 2021
Product delivery
Thursday 11 November
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MENU ELEGANT L - large smooth leatherette menu holder

Your brand on a fundamental promotional gadget: the personalized large smooth leatherette menu holder with your logo.

Custom large smooth leatherette menu holder becomes an extra tool to convey your brand or message. The importance of printing your own logo on personalized large smooth leatherette menu holder will allow you to create an effective and impactful product. The opportunities to show off your custom large smooth leatherette menu holder are many: in your shop for the purchases of your customers, give the product at the fair as a gadget for visitors or print on your graphics and become a real promotional product for your e-commerce. Furthermore, during the organization of an event you will need a series of promotional items: among these the personalized large smooth leatherette menu holder is one of the most requested products to leave to the participants as a souvenir. Customize with the logo, date and colors of the event and use the gadget for a sample kit to give to everyone!

What kind of printing is possible?

You can customize MENU ELEGANT L with transfer printing.
Transfer Printing has a maximum number of colors of 4 in a maximum printing area of 220x290 mm

How will gadgets arrive packed?

The large smooth leatherette menu holder has a size of 252x320 mm and a weight of 100 g. The goods are packaged in cartons of a size equal to 14 x 51 x 24 cm, with a weight of 11 Kg, containing 100 pieces each.

More gadget ideas?

If you want to provide to customers, employees and business partners other useful tools for their business, you can offer more promotional items.
Look them up HiGift!!

More Information
Product Size252x320 mm
Pieces per cartoon100
Net Weight10
Gross Weight:11

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