Promotional Cases for children

Promotional Cases for children: useful, colorful and very appreciated by the little ones!

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  1. NABEL - Multipurpose Bag

    Multi purpose bag by hello Kitty in resistant 600D polyester with the brand´s kitten design. With zipper closure and matching color handle. (neutral color)

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  2. SKINGA - colouring pen case

    Zipped colouring pen case with 5 crayons, non-woven, in white color

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  3. THURMAN - Pencil Case

    Case made of non-woven RPET in white, with zip closure and metal puller. Specially designed for coloring with crayons. Including 5 crayons in different colors. Outside label with the RPET distinctive. (white color)

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3 Items

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The Secret to Outshining Competitors: How Promotional Cases for Children Can Make Your Event Memorable

In today's competitive market, it's crucial for businesses to find innovative ways to stand out from their competitors. Whether you're organizing a trade show, a corporate event, or a product launch, making a lasting impression on your target audience is key. One effective strategy to achieve this is by incorporating promotional products into your event marketing plan. Among the various promotional products available, promotional cases for children have proven to be a powerful tool for creating memorable experiences. By engaging young minds and promoting your brand simultaneously, these cases offer a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impact. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using promotional cases for children and how they can make your event unforgettable.

Understanding the power of promotional products

Promotional products have been a popular marketing tool for decades, and for good reason. They have the ability to increase brand recognition, create positive associations, and encourage customer loyalty. By offering a tangible item with your company's branding, you not only leave a physical reminder but also establish a connection with your target audience. In the case of promotional cases for children, the impact is even greater. Children are naturally drawn to colorful and fun items, and by providing them with a promotional case, you tap into their curiosity and excitement. As they engage with the case and explore its contents, your brand becomes a part of their experience, increasing the chances of long-term brand recall.

The benefits of promotional cases for children

Promotional cases for children offer a myriad of benefits that can elevate your event to the next level. Firstly, they provide a unique and memorable experience for children attending your event. Instead of receiving generic promotional items, children will be delighted to receive a specially designed case that is tailored to their needs and interests. This personalized touch demonstrates that your business values its young customers and goes the extra mile to make them feel special. Additionally, these cases serve as a practical and functional item that children can use beyond the event. Whether it's for storing toys, school supplies, or other belongings, the case will continue to promote your brand long after the event has ended.

Promotional puzzles: Engaging young minds while promoting your brand

One popular type of promotional case for children is the promotional puzzle. Puzzles have long been loved by children for their ability to challenge and stimulate their minds. By incorporating your brand into a puzzle, you not only provide entertainment but also create a lasting impression. As children spend time solving the puzzle, they will engage with your brand in a fun and interactive way. The process of putting the pieces together becomes a metaphor for discovering your brand and its values. Moreover, puzzles can be customized to include different difficulty levels, ensuring that children of all ages can enjoy the challenge. By offering promotional puzzles, you not only entertain young minds but also establish a connection with your target audience.

Personalised balls: Creating lasting memories with your target audience

Promotional balls are another fantastic option for promotional cases for children. Whether it's a football, basketball, or tennis ball, children are naturally drawn to sports and outdoor activities. By providing them with a personalized ball featuring your brand's logo or message, you offer an item that will bring joy and excitement into their lives. Every time they play with the ball, your brand will be at the centre of their fun-filled memories. Moreover, personalized balls can create a sense of belonging and team spirit, making children feel connected to your brand and its values. By associating your brand with positive experiences, you increase the likelihood of long-term brand loyalty.

Promotional piggy banks: Instilling financial literacy while promoting your business

Promotional piggy banks are not only adorable but also serve as a powerful tool for promoting your business while instilling financial literacy in children. By offering a promotional piggy bank, you encourage children to save money and develop responsible spending habits from an early age. The act of depositing money into the piggy bank becomes a tangible reminder of your brand's commitment to financial well-being. Additionally, these piggy banks can be customized with educational elements, such as money-saving tips or financial facts, further enhancing their value. As children engage with the piggy bank, they learn about the importance of saving and money management, all while forming a positive association with your brand.

Promotional children aprons: Encouraging creativity and brand awareness

For events that involve creative activities or cooking demonstrations, promotional children aprons can be a perfect choice. These aprons not only protect children's clothing but also serve as a canvas for creativity and brand awareness. By providing children with an apron that features your brand's logo or a fun design related to your event, you encourage them to engage in hands-on activities while promoting your brand simultaneously. As children showcase their artistic talents on the apron, your brand gains exposure and becomes a topic of conversation. Moreover, these aprons can be taken home, serving as a lasting reminder of the enjoyable experience they had at your event.

Custom branded playing cards: Adding a fun twist to your promotional efforts

Playing cards have always been a source of entertainment for people of all ages. By offering custom branded playing cards in your promotional cases for children, you add a fun twist to your marketing efforts. These playing cards can feature your brand's logo, unique designs, or even educational elements such as numbers or letters. As children play card games with their friends and family, your brand becomes an integral part of their leisure time. Additionally, playing cards are portable and can be carried around, providing continuous exposure to your brand beyond the event. By incorporating custom branded playing cards into your promotional cases for children, you ensure that your brand remains in the hands and minds of your target audience.

Conclusion: Making your event unforgettable with promotional cases for children

In a competitive market, it's essential to find ways to outshine your competitors and create memorable experiences for your target audience. Promotional cases for children offer a unique opportunity to achieve both goals simultaneously. By engaging young minds while promoting your brand, these cases leave a lasting impact on children attending your event. Whether it's through promotional puzzles, personalised balls, promotional piggy banks, promotional children aprons, or custom branded playing cards, there is a wide range of options to choose from. By selecting the right promotional case for your event, you can ensure that your brand becomes an unforgettable part of children's lives. So, make your event truly memorable by incorporating promotional cases for children and create a lasting impression that will resonate with your target audience for years to come.

Promotional Products have multiple benefits for businesses. They can be part of corporate merchandising, a promotional and advertising tool for customers, and also a gift for employees during holidays, anniversaries or corporate anniversaries. They are useful tools to leave a memory of the brand during events, fairs, promotions to potential customers. Promotional items customized with your logo, if chosen carefully with respect to the communication message you want to convey, undoubtedly create added value to your brand.

Promotional Cases for children - FREQUENT QUESTIONS

Corporate gifts and promotional items are a fundamental step for the promotion and sponsorship of your brand.
Who wouldn't have a company known through its logo? The goal of each brand, in fact, is to become top of mind for its sector.
And what better way than promoting identity through useful but also nice objects?
Personalized cases are one of the perfect gifts for companies working in the fields of art, education, graphics, entertainment, and all places that host children.
In fact, the personalized and colored school cases are much loved by children, who are the best sponsors because when they love something they always carry it with them and always show it to others.
In addition to being an always appreciated, useful and effective promotional items, personalized cases are also economical and are good for both adults and children.
Take a look at the entire writing section, you will find many customizable items.

HiGift offers a wide range of school cases and pencil cases for kids to be customized according to the shape, material and color required.
Practical and useful for everyone who needs to bring with pens and pencils. Perfect for school and for office.
We advise you to choose the company gifts, always taking care of your core business and your line marketing strategy, considering the different possibilities of customization: from the classic types to more fun and blithe models.
In addition to being customizable in its shape, all custom printed pen cases accessories are also customizable in material and color.
In our dedicated section of our web site you will find many ideas of custom pens, pen sets and pen cases.
And If you are looking for a much sought-after that you cannot find on our website..
No problem at all.
Let’s Contact us and we will find the items you searching for.

Verifying every detail is important. It is therefore normal to buy promotional school cases without having touched them can block your purchase process. For this on HiGift it is possible to receive a sample before ordering the entire quantity of the School cases. The procedure is very simple: just click on the red button calculate your quote and buy and enter 1 in the desired quantity. Then need to click on confirm order to proceed to purchase the sample without the desired print, after registering on our site or logging in if you are already a customer. In many cases it is also possible to customize the sample with your own logo, in order to be able to see the finished promotional product. Just choose the personalization on the calculator and that's it. To find out the cost of the neutral sample, go to the price summary that you see in the product sheets of School casesand you will find it highlighted. In case the timing does not allow you to wait for the receipt of the sample to place the order, write to our customer service, we will be happy to help you with information or photos of the selected product.

You can order your promotional school cases quickly by following these steps:
  • If you are not already our customer, sign in on HiGift or log into your account.
  • Choose the promotional item you prefer and, once you have entered the product sheet, click on the appropriate red button calculate your quote and buy.
  • Enter the quantity and possibly the color of school cases, choose the type printing and follow the steps indicated until you have the final quote.
  • Click on confirm order to proceed with the purchase.
When ordering, you can upload your logo, or do it later in your personal area within the relevant order. Our staff will proceed to make you a free print draft to show you the promotional school cases with your logo. For more information click here.
After your approval, we will proceed with production and you will receive School cases in 15-17 days. If, on the other hand, you have purchased school cases without any customization, you will receive the goods in 3-4 days. If you want to know more about delivery time, visit this page. For more information on placing orders visit the section how to order. If you have doubts about payments, visit the section payments
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