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  1. ABRAX - keyring
    ABRAX - keyring


    starting from 0,17
  2. ASTANA - reflective sticker, hand
    ASTANA - reflective sticker, hand


    starting from 0,08
  3. CANDID - reflective keyring
    CANDID - reflective keyring


    starting from 0,17
  4. CARRYLIGHT - visibility bag
    CARRYLIGHT - visibility bag


    starting from 0,83
  5. CUBBY - Fluorescent keyring
    CUBBY - Fluorescent keyring


    starting from 0,15
  6. FLORIAN - Reflective band
    FLORIAN - Reflective band


    starting from 0,47
  7. ILLUSION - Bag cover
    ILLUSION - Bag cover


    starting from 1,41
  8. KOREFLEC - reflective keyring
    KOREFLEC - reflective keyring


    starting from 0,16
  9. LABYR - Safety light
    LABYR - Safety light


    starting from 1,41
  10. LEMAP - reflective drawstring bag
    LEMAP - reflective drawstring bag


    starting from 0,63
  11. LIGHTYEAR - reflective drawstring bag
    LIGHTYEAR - reflective drawstring bag


    starting from 1,59
  12. LUMEN - reflective band
    LUMEN - reflective band


    starting from 0,16
  13. MIKE - Reflective vest for children
    MIKE - Reflective vest for children


    starting from 1,22
  14. MOLLEMA - Safety light
    MOLLEMA - Safety light


    starting from 0,92
  15. NIBALI - Safety light
    NIBALI - Safety light


    starting from 0,60
  16. PICTON - reflective arm strap
    PICTON - reflective arm strap


    starting from 0,63
  17. PIT LANE - mini reflective vest keyring
    PIT LANE - mini reflective vest keyring


    starting from 0,14
  18. RAFAEL - Fluorescent slap band
    RAFAEL - Fluorescent slap band


    starting from 0,18
  19. RANDID - reflective sticker
    RANDID - reflective sticker


    starting from 0,08
  20. RED-LIGHT - flashing light
    RED-LIGHT - flashing light


    starting from 0,41
  21. REFLECTIVE - reflective band
    REFLECTIVE - reflective band


    starting from 0,14
  22. REFLEX - reflective multi-purpose scarf
    REFLEX - reflective multi-purpose scarf


    starting from 1,11
  23. ROGER - Pouch
    ROGER - Pouch


    starting from 0,23
  24. SAFEBEAR - prism keyring
    SAFEBEAR - prism keyring


    starting from 0,23

Items 1-24 of 33

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Custom Safety signs - FREQUENT QUESTIONS

Why should you buy and giveaway custom safety products and safety signs?

The occupational safety and the traffic safety are very important and fundamental issues for every company.
Each company has to deal with these two issues and not only for a regulatory factor but also for a social responsibility and belonging to a community.
Safety items such as first aid kits, flashing lights for bikes, high visibility road signs, fire retardant blankets, etc. they are highly appreciated tools because in addition to being useful, they represent an awareness of collective problems and shed light on the factor of worrying and taking care of your employees or customers.
In addition to being gifts, they are also work tools, such as for mercies, ambulances, public assistance but also for medical studies. Personalizing them expresses belonging and professionalism.
Spread your mission, vision and values through your promotional items and choose it carefully to express your brand.

Which kind of promotional safety signs could be branded with logo?

HiGift offers a wide range of corporate gifts to be customized according to the shape, material and color required.
We advise you to choose the company gifts, always taking care of your core business and your line marketing strategy, considering the different possibilities of customization: from the classic types to more fun and blithe models.
In addition to being customizable in its shape, all custom printed safety products are also customizable in material and color.
In our dedicated section of our web site you will find many ideas suitable for your logo.
And If you are looking for a much sought-after that you cannot find on our website..
No problem at all.
Let’s Contact us and we will find the items you searching for.

Which techniques are used to custom safety signs?

There are different ways to custom printed your promotional gifts. You can choose between black and white print and colored print.
In order to customize your items with your logo you can choose between different printing techniques:
- Engraving
- Seriography
- Pad printing
In each product sheet of safety signs on our web site you will find our advice of the most relevant print, select choice of materials and sizes of the item required.

How to order custom safety signs through HiGift?

Purchasing promotional corporate gifts has never been easy before now, more than you can imagine:
- If you are not our client yet, you should create your own account on our web site
- Login your account
- Choose the items you prefer and flag the color, the quantity and the print technique you like the most
Our support team will proceed realizing you a free print draft to show you the rendering of the items with your logo. After your approval, we will proceed with production and you will receive your personalized safety signs in 15-17 days. For any further informations or needs we advice you to visit our orders page: Help - how to order.

Custom Safety signs - HiGift

Find here the promotional items of the safety signs. Customize your safety signs with your logo.
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