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  1. COLDERY - bamboo ballpoint pen
    COLDERY - bamboo ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,54
  2. BAMBERY - bamboo ballpoint pen
    BAMBERY - bamboo ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,56
  3. COLOTHIC - bamboo ballpoint pen
    COLOTHIC - bamboo ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,22
  4. PAPYRUS - recycled paper ballpoint pen
    PAPYRUS - recycled paper ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,12
  5. STRISTRAW - straw set
    STRISTRAW - straw set


    starting from 0,18
  6. BAMSTRAW - straw set
    BAMSTRAW - straw set


    starting from 0,18
  7. BOPOR - trolley coin keyring
    BOPOR - trolley coin keyring


    starting from 0,51
  8. BOCIN - dog waste bag dispenser
    BOCIN - dog waste bag dispenser


    starting from 0,51
  9. TORI - ballpoint pen
    TORI - ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,09
  10. FARUS - beach bag
    FARUS - beach bag


    starting from 2,54
  11. NATURA - ballpoint pen
    NATURA - ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,25
  12. FLUBBER - shopping bag
    FLUBBER - shopping bag


    starting from 0,88
  13. RECYCLE - shopping bag
    RECYCLE - shopping bag


    starting from 1,14
  14. BASS - drawstring bag
    BASS - drawstring bag


    starting from 0,84
  15. RESTUN - foldable shopping bag
    RESTUN - foldable shopping bag


    starting from 1,30
  16. DOLKEN - sport bottle
    DOLKEN - sport bottle


    starting from 2,17
  17. WIPPER - ballpoint pen
    WIPPER - ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,09
  18. ZUBAR - notebook
    ZUBAR - notebook


    starting from 1,12
  19. SALCEN - ballpoint pen
    SALCEN - ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,17
  20. KAISO - shopping bag
    KAISO - shopping bag


    starting from 1,16
  21. FRILEND - shopping bag
    FRILEND - shopping bag


    starting from 0,62
  22. ROSDY - ballpoint pen
    ROSDY - ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,10
  23. FERTOL - ballpoint pen
    FERTOL - ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,19
  24. FILAX - ballpoint pen
    FILAX - ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,12
  25. PRODOX - ballpoint pen
    PRODOX - ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,13
  26. TOKKEN - thermo mug
    TOKKEN - thermo mug


    starting from 1,12
  27. MALL - paper bag
    MALL - paper bag


    starting from 0,45
  28. MARKET - paper bag
    MARKET - paper bag


    starting from 0,20
  29. SLOGGY - keyring
    SLOGGY - keyring


    starting from 0,53
  30. BAMBOARD - bamboo clipboard
    BAMBOARD - bamboo clipboard


    starting from 2,30
  31. ORBIS - keyring
    ORBIS - keyring


    starting from 0,62
  32. WOOSTER - power bank
    WOOSTER - power bank


    starting from 9,94
  33. RUBUS 30 - ruler
    RUBUS 30 - ruler


    starting from 0,37
  34. BLOOK - mobile holder
    BLOOK - mobile holder


    starting from 1,04
  35. BAMBOOST - power bank
    BAMBOOST - power bank


    starting from 8,15
  36. ZUKE - notebook
    ZUKE - notebook


    starting from 1,14

Items 1-36 of 83

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What are the advantages and why promoting eco-friendly items?

Andy Warhol, one of the most known pop art international artist, speaks about the environment saying:
<<I think having the land and not ruining it is the most beautiful form of art that you could wish for.>> Environmental social responsibility is a duty for all human beings on the planet. In recent years, attention to the environmental issue has become increasingly present in the media and social arena. On one side, is due to the worsening of the natural ecosystems that our planet is facing, on the other hand, it’s thanks to people who are more attentive and looking for more ecological choices into their lives.
Today's consumers are rationally aware of the sustainability problems, reason why they try to create new sustainable habits. In fact, in recent years, the attention to the green economy has increased dramatically and the social corporate responsibility in the ecology field confirms it.
The need to take care of our environment, in fact, creates new needs that would be satisfied. That's why the ecology theme is a very typical issue for companies that want to communicate their ecological footprint. The attention cannot be placed only on their final product, but also in the company life choices: how company waste is recycled, what methods are put in place to save energy, how they reduce the plastic usage and many others. Everything becomes an ecological choice to be pondered.

Why giving away Eco-Friendly Promotional Products to your customers?

Promotional items are a fundamental step for sponsoring and promoting any business.
All companies would like to see their logo recognized by everyone. That’s why many companies have created an e-commerce with their logo, selling on every possible and imaginable gadget. Custom gadgets implement a strong corporate identity and a consolidated image.
In some companies, there is a specific team that deals with promotional items starting by which and how and when to use them.
No one company can deal with market without conscious environmental choices and no one can avoid using personalized gadgets as an effective means of advertising, then choosing green or eco-sustainable gadgets becomes a current and a future choice.
Ecological gadgets are more appreciated and more in demand because they communicate an awareness and a position took in front of the ecosystem in which we live.
They can be used to announce a new project or for work tools at a fair or an event.
Eco-friendly personalized gadgets can also be used to convey social and cultural messages. Think about the ecological shopping bags or the paper shopping bags that have become a symbol of a choice that counteracts the excessive consumption of plastic, which damages our environment.

What are the most interesting eco-friendly giveaways and how to select them?

First of all, you need to know which promotional item you would giveaway in each specific event.
Corporate gadgets represent your business: the material, color, shape, even the packaging represents your corporate values. That’s why it becomes vital for your marketing.
Before each event you should prepare a structured marketing plan to decide:
- what do you want to communicate, what message do you want to leave and which item could be unique for the specific occasion and obviously the budget to devote for.
There is a big choice concerning the ecological products. Almost every product can be realized in an ecological version.
Generally, the most interesting eco-friendly giveaways are:
- Custom eco-friendly bags:
- Custom eco-friendly pens;
- Custom water bottles;
- Ecological office tools;
- Eco-friendly key rings;
- Wooden Usb. - Custom toothbrushes and more others.
To take a look of our entire ecological products, visit our eco-section .

How to order eco-friendly giveaways on HiGift?

After the study and the design phase, there is the promotional items order and production phase.
This step is so important because you can touch by your hand if design phase matches with the real production.
Buying custom items has never been easier:
- If you are not already our customer, register your account on our website
- Log in to your account
- Choose the item you prefer by indicating the color, quantity and printing technique and send us the order.
And now it's up to us!
Our staff will proceed to create a free print draft to show you the rendering of the articles made with your logo.
At this stage it is essential to evaluate with attention the rendering, to understand if your marketing team agree with results.
After your approval, we will proceed with production.
You will receive your personalized gadgets in estimated average of 15-17 days.
And what if you have an innovative item that you cannot find on our website? No problem at all.
Contact us and we will handle it.
For more information on how to place orders, visit our Help - How to order section.

Custom Eco-Friendly - HiGift

Find here the promotional gadget of the eco-friendly category and customize the corporate gadgets with the printing of your logo.
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