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  1. ALICE - document folder
    ALICE - document folder


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  2. BECRUX - car air freshener
    BECRUX - car air freshener


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  3. BUSTAN - hand cleansing spray
    BUSTAN - hand cleansing spray


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  4. CARLET - Car organizer
    CARLET - Car organizer


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  5. personalized TNT cloth for car CLEANY GK570
    CLEANY - TNT cloth for car


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  6. CUSTOM - tissues
    CUSTOM - tissues


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  7. KEYGUM - usb flash drive
    KEYGUM - usb flash drive


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  8. LEDGER - touch ballpoint pen
    LEDGER - touch ballpoint pen


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  9. MINT - umbrella
    MINT - umbrella


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  10. PANAN XL - umbrella
    PANAN XL - umbrella


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  11. POLDER - mobile holder
    POLDER - mobile holder


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  12. RIDEKAL - car mobile set
    RIDEKAL - car mobile set


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  13. SAMY - keyring
    SAMY - keyring


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  14. SCRAPARK - parking card
    SCRAPARK - parking card


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  15. SKYWAY - keyring
    SKYWAY - keyring


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  16. TAIPEI - mini flashlight
    TAIPEI - mini flashlight


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  17. WHEEL - keyring with tape measure
    WHEEL - keyring with tape measure


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  18. WLING - business card holder
    WLING - business card holder


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18 Items

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Car dealerships - FREQUENT QUESTIONS

What are the advantages of customizing and giving away car dealership promotional items?

Promotional items are a fundamental step for sponsoring and promoting any business.
All companies would like to see their logo recognized by everyone.
That’s why many companies have created an e-commerce with their logo, selling on every possible and imaginable gifts. Custom promotional items implement a strong corporate identity and a consolidated image.
In some companies, there is a specific team that deals with promotional items starting by which and how and when to use them.
Seeing attentive staff in customized clothing, seeing personalized work tools and also receiving gifts, even if symbolic, communicates a lot in terms of image and attention to customers.
Independently if you are a small car dealership or a big name known in the car industries, taking care and customize some promotional items is an excellent marketing strategy to work on.
Preparing an ad hoc gifts for every type of cluster of your targets makes you more attractive to your customers.

Which techniques are used to customize promotional products for car dealerships?

Car promotional items can be created with your logo both in black and white and in colored print. To customize the chosen accessories, with your logo you can choose between different printing techniques:
- Transfer
- Seriography
- digital printing
- Pad printing
- UV Led
- Sublimation
- Embroidery
In each product sheet of the accessories for car dealerships available on our website you will find our advice about the most relevant print, based on the material and size of the items requested. We advise you to choose promotion items according to your field business and coherently with your mission, vision, values and goals.

What are the most interesting promotional products for car dealership and how to select them?

First of all, you need to know which promotional item you would giveaway or use inside your business place.
promotional items represent your business: the material, color, shape, even the packaging represents your corporate values. That’s why it becomes vital for your marketing.
Before each event or special occasion you should prepare a structured marketing plan to decide:
- what do you want to communicate, what message do you want to leave and which item could be unique for the specific situation and obviously the budget to devote for.
There is a big choice concerning car promotional items.
Generally, the most used and requested car accessories are:
- Custom key rings;
- Custom car accessories;
- Custom document holders;
- Custom hi-tec car accessories; and more others.
To take a look of our entire promotional items concerning car accessories, visit our car dealership-section.

How to order customized items for car dealerships on HiGift?

Buying custom items has never been easier:
- If you are not already our customer, register your account on our website
- Log in to your account
- Choose the item you prefer by indicating the color, quantity and printing technique and send us the order.
And now it's up to us!
Our staff will proceed to create a free print draft to show you the rendering of the articles made with your logo.
At this stage it is essential to evaluate with attention the rendering, to understand if your marketing team agree with results.
After your approval, we will proceed with production.
You will receive your personalized items in estimated average of 15-17 days.
And what if you have an innovative item that you cannot find on our website?
No problem at all.
Contact us and we will handle it.
For more information on how to place orders, visit our Help - How to order section.

Promotional item for car dealerships - HiGift

Find here the promotional items of the concessionaires category and customize the corporate gifts with the printing of your logo.
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