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    STICKER L ROUND - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER L SQUARE - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER L TRIANGLE - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER M ROUND - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER M SQUARE - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER M TRIANGLE - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER S ROUND  - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER S SQUARE - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER S TRIANGLE - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER SPECIAL - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER XL ROUND - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER XL SQUARE - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER XL TRIANGLE - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER XS ROUND  - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER XS SQUARE - adhesive paper label


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    STICKER XS TRIANGLE - adhesive paper label


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Il packaging del nostro prodotto è molto importante. Curarne l'aspetto, i colori, le forme e anche la brandizzazione è fondamentale.
Utilizzare le etichette adesive con il proprio logo per confezionare i prodotti non è solo una semplice azione di abbellimento del packaging,
ma una vera e propria azione di marketing programmata e studiata.
Personalizzare il proprio packaging è una scelta strategica per ogni azienda grande o piccola che sia.

Custom stickers and labels - FREQUENT QUESTIONS

The packaging of our product is very important. Taking care of its appearance, colors, shapes and even branding is essential.
Using adhesive labels with your logo to package products is not just a simple action of embellishing the packaging,
but a real marketing action planned and studied.
Customizing your packaging is a strategic choice for any company, large or small.
The big brands teach us this, with their attention to detail: branded boxes, customized ribbons, advertising labels and bags with colors and company logo.
Every detail becomes a tool to be remembered by the end user.
Custom adhesive labels are a flexible tool on which to print your logo and website.

Personalized stickers are an important advertising vehicle and are one of the flexible packaging tools because they can be affixed to many products and used with many perspectives:
labels for alcohol, labels for closing gift boxes, labels for cosmetics and much more. Adhesive forwarding labels can be roll, paper, plastic or even 3D.
They can also be used continuously for their own e-commerce shipping or for their own physical store.
The multipurpose that derives from the personalized adhesive labels certainly makes them one of the most interesting details for a good packaging strategy.
If you are interested in packaging check the section: boxes and packaging.

Adhesive labels exist in a thousand types and vary in shape, material, colors and personalization technique.
adhesive labels can be printed with different techniques, some of the most used:
- digital printing
- pad printing
- vinyl adhesive print
The prints are made with pantone colors, four-color graphics or a simple logo on a colored background or not.

Buying labels and stickers with your logo has never been easier:
- If you are not already our customer, register on our site
- Log in to your account
- Choose the item you prefer indicating color, quantity and printing technique and send us the order.
Through our platform I also took you to download your quote in pdf and create your own amateur graphic draft to see how your stickers / labels will be made.
After receiving your order, our team will proceed to make you a professional and free print draft to show you the final rendering of your personalized stickers with your logo.
After your approval, we will proceed with the production and you will receive your items in 20-25 days.
For more information on how to place orders visit the section: Help - How to order.

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