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  1. GALLERY 6 - pencil set
    GALLERY 6 - pencil set


    starting from 0,20
  2. FARM - wooden pencil, frog
    FARM - wooden pencil, frog


    starting from 0,31
  3. SKINGA - colouring pen case
    SKINGA - colouring pen case


    starting from 0,42
  4. MIGAL - coloured pencil set
    MIGAL - coloured pencil set


    starting from 0,67
  5. PIMBUR - pencil
    PIMBUR - pencil


    starting from 0,06
  6. NICKY - ballpoint pen
    NICKY - ballpoint pen


    starting from 0,53
  7. ZETA - puzzle
    ZETA - puzzle


    starting from 0,33
  8. FLEXI - flexible pencil
    FLEXI - flexible pencil


    starting from 0,12
  9. FLEXOR - ruler
    FLEXOR - ruler


    starting from 0,33
  10. TUNE - 6 pc crayon set
    TUNE - 6 pc crayon set


    starting from 0,15
  11. GARTEN - 6 pc pencil set
    GARTEN - 6 pc pencil set


    starting from 0,14
  12. YUMBI - colouring kite
    YUMBI - colouring kite


    starting from 1,27
  13. DRAGON - colour pencil set
    DRAGON - colour pencil set


    starting from 0,69
  14. LOLA - set of 12 crayons
    LOLA - set of 12 crayons


    starting from 0,28
  15. LIDDY - set of 6 crayons
    LIDDY - set of 6 crayons


    starting from 0,12
  16. LEA - set of 12 pencils
    LEA - set of 12 pencils


    starting from 0,23
  17. KITTY - set of 6 pencils
    KITTY - set of 6 pencils


    starting from 0,11
  18. MUGMARK - permanent ceramic marker
    MUGMARK - permanent ceramic marker


    starting from 0,99
  19. MIKO - pencil
    MIKO - pencil


    starting from 0,43
  20. BONI - felt pen set
    BONI - felt pen set


    starting from 0,51
  21. BOLTEX - mandala colouring set
    BOLTEX - mandala colouring set


    starting from 0,54
  22. RUDEX - colouring book
    RUDEX - colouring book


    starting from 0,97
  23. MOSBY - colouring shopping bag
    MOSBY - colouring shopping bag


    starting from 0,48
  24. DUMBO - drawing set
    DUMBO - drawing set


    starting from 0,47
  25. ALADIN - pencil and crayon set
    ALADIN - pencil and crayon set


    starting from 0,57
  26. BACKYS - colouring drawstring bag
    BACKYS - colouring drawstring bag


    starting from 0,63
  27. personalized car sunshade Jumbo HG761172
    personalized car sunshade Jumbo HG761172


    starting from 0,63
  28. FIGGY - colouring set
    FIGGY - colouring set


    starting from 0,33
  29. TYNIE - set of 4 pencils
    TYNIE - set of 4 pencils


    starting from 0,09
  30. REMIX - chalk set
    REMIX - chalk set


    starting from 0,45
  31. VARNILS - colouring sticker set
    VARNILS - colouring sticker set


    starting from 0,43
  32. CRAXON 12 - custom 12 pc crayon set
    CRAXON 12 - custom 12 pc crayon set


    starting from 0,58
  33. CRAXON 6 - custom 6 pc crayon set
    CRAXON 6 - custom 6 pc crayon set


    starting from 0,43
  34. personalized webcam blocker CreaCam HG718784
    personalized webcam blocker CreaCam HG718784


    starting from 0,42
  35. LOONEY - wooden ruler
    LOONEY - wooden ruler


    starting from 0,18

Items 1-36 of 47

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Drawing & Coloring - FREQUENT QUESTIONS

Why should you buy and giveaway custom drawing & coloring toys?

Corporate gadgets are a fundamental step in promoting and sponsoring your brand.
Who wouldn't want a company known by their logo?
The goal of each brand, in fact, is to become top of mind for its target audience.
Customized toys and coloring books are a timeless items: fun and playful time to spend with friends too.
Personalized coloring gadgets are an appreciated items by children who are fantastic brand ambassadors. When they like something, they take it everywhere.
in fact, choosing corporate promotional gadgets is not only a good advertising move but it helps to boost your brand awareness.
Stretch your budget and look for a great marketing.

Which kind of custom drawing & coloring toys could be branded with logo?

HiGift offers a wide range of custom toys which varies in shapes and colors.
In our website it’s possible to personalize every item with your logo and your favorite messages.
We provide a great range of personalized yo yo, soap bubbles, puzzles, mandala books to be colored, wooden toys to be colored, etc.
In the appropriate section of our website you will find many ideas to customize your items as your prefer.
And if you are looking for a special design that you cannot find on our website?
No worries at all.
Just contact us and We are delighted to let you know! .

Which techniques are used to custom drawing & coloring toys?

There are different ways to custom printed your promotional gifts. You can choose between black and white print and colored print.
In order to customize your items with your logo you can choose between different printing techniques:
- Pad printing
- Digital printing
- Adhasive
In each product sheet of custom toys on our web site you will find our advice of the most relevant print, select choice of materials and sizes of the gadgets required.

How to order custom drawing & coloring toys through HiGift?

Purchasing promotional corporate gifts has never been easy before now, more than you can imagine:
- If you are not our client yet, you should create your own account on our web site
- Login your account
- Choose the items you prefer and flag the color, the quantity and the print technique you like the most
Our support team will proceed realizing you a free print draft to show you the rendering of the items with your logo. After your approval, we will proceed with production and you will receive your personalized items in 15-17 days. For any further informations or needs we advice you to visit our orders page: Help - how to order.

Custom Drawing & Coloring- HiGift

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