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Wireless chargers

If you are a hi-tech oriented company, you cannot avoid the personalised wireless chargers as a promotional item, to be gifted to your customers during the lauch of your new product or maybe at the annual convention. Chic and useful. Just place your smartphone on the wireless charger and you're done.

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Why should you buy and giveaway custom wireless chargers?

Everyday, we use smartphone very frequently and that’s why sometimes, actually at the worst time, we run out of battery. The easy way to have always charge on our mobile is having a power bank. But, if you don’t like to have cables through your hands, the best solution ever can be a wireless charger. A very casual and hi-tech solution.
These technological accessories use electromagnetic induction to transmit energy charge to the batteries of tablets and smartphones. The novelty of the process is that it no longer requires connections or electrical cables to have connections with your phone. Just place your smartphone on the wireless charger and you're done.
If you are a company that focuses on technological development and perceives science’s advancement this is the promotional item perfect for your marketing and communication strategy.
Aesthetically beautiful and customizable through many objects with multiple functions, the wireless charger is an ally of young students, office workers, entrepreneurs always around and who having many devices does not want the hassles with wires scattered everywhere.
Check and click here. to visit our entire collection of wireless chargers.

Which kind of wireless chargers could be customized?

HiGift offers a wide range of wireless charger items to be customized according to the shape, material and color required.
We advise you to choose your company gadget, always thinking about your marketing line strategy and your core bussiness, considering the different possibilities of customization:
from the most standard battery charger models to the most extravagant and refined models. Wireless charger can be customized as per material, shape, color and capacity.
In our dedicated section of our web site you will find many ideas in plastic, metal, but also in bamboo with PU coating and something in leather.
Obviously, all custom chargers are available from 5 to 15 watts and with maximum output from 1000 to 3400 mAh.
What if you are looking for a particular model that you cannot find on our website? No problem at all.
Let’s contact us and we will find the way to find the promotional item right for you.

which techniques are used to imprint custom wireless charger?

You can choose to print your logo on your custom wireless charger in black and white version or in colored print.
In order to customize your wireless chargers with your logo you can choose between different printing techniques:
  - Digital printing
  - Seriography
- Laser Illuminated and laser engraving
In each product sheet on our web site you will find our advice of the most relevant print, based on the material and size of the gadgets required.

How to order promotional corporate gifts through HiGift?

Purchasing promotional corporate gifts has never been easy before now, more than you can imagine:
- If you are not our client yet, you should create your own account on our web site
- Login your account
- Choose the items you prefer and flag the color, the quantity and the print technique you like the most
Our support team will proceed realizing you a free print draft to show you the rendering of the items with your logo. After your approval, we will proceed with production and you will receive your personalized items in 15-17 days. For any further informations or needs we advice you to visit our orders page: Help - how to order.