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personalised photo notebooks

Create Personalised Notebooks with Your Favourite Photos!

Everybody loves art. Each of us has a favourite painting and now you can always take it with you, in a very simple way. Personalised notebooks define a style and stimulate the mind with colours and writings. They make these rather ordinary but always useful gifts magical and unique.

But notebook covers can welcome way more than the art of the greatest painters. They can be printed with your own drawings and photos as well! Making a gift unique has become really fun and is always appreciated.

printed games easter

Family Celebrations? Find Out the Best Printed Games to Play with Your Family at Easter

Celebrations such as Christmas and Easter are generally spent with the family. Often, we end up play board games with our relatives. They have the power to attract players of all ages.

In Italy, we say "Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi" (Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want), meaning that you should spend Christmas with your family and Easter with your friends. However, a lot of people seem to be spending Easter with their relatives, too.

This year, Easter will be on April 9. Some will spend the day in the park having a picnic, other will have a traditional lunch at home. But in any way, you can have fun with board games.

One of their strengths is that they involve both adults and children. Especially in recent years, more and more websites allow you to create your own version of printed games.

Deciding to get a tattoo is always a brave choice. To imprint on the skin a drawing, a phrase or a symbol that will remain forever requires certainties that not everyone can have at all times. However, there is a solution to decorate your body without having to worry about the future. It’s custom temporary tattoos.

Is a Tattoo Forever? Not Always

As the name itself says, a temporary tattoo lasts for a limited period of time. The colour doesn’t enter the skin. Instead, it’s only “attached” on the part of the body that you want to decorate.

Nowadays we can find keychains of all kinds, including personalised keyrings with photo that can be used as a gift for moms or dads.

Actually, the origin of these items dates back to the Victorian era, when extensive used was made of oval or heart-shaped pendants. They were a little, precious treasure, as they contained the picture of a loved one, generally a girl or a child.

We imagined them reading historical novels and saw them in costume dramas. They were priceless objects, not necessarily for their manufacture but rather for the emotions they aroused and the bond they sealed. Stories often present them as the key to the plot. They're small jewels that usually reveal the unexpected noble origin of a foundling and allow him to reunite with his lost family.

What's one of the fondest childhood memories which a lot of us share?

It's those afternoons, maybe a little grey and rainy, when mom or grandma taught us how to prepare cakes, biscuits or bread.

A healthy and smart pastime, which stimulates imagination and creativity, but not only. Cooking helps children to improve their manual ability and to recognise the different consistencies. It also strengthens the synchrony of movements between the hand and the eye as well as the bond between mother and child.

But there is a problem: stains. The stains all over the kitchen, the stains on the chubby little hands and even in the hair, the stains on the clothes.

One way to protect the clothing of your baby chefs from stains which are difficult if not impossible to clean is to make them wear an apron designed just for them.

Personalised Scented Candles

How many times have you tried to amaze your mom or friend with an original and not so expensive gift idea?

We have the answer for you! Here are the personalised candles that you can create yourself. If you visit HiGift, by going to the "vitality and wellness" section and then clicking on "candles", you'll find the answer to all your doubts. You can choose from several candle models to meet your every need.

Alternatively, you can just click in the search box at the top of the HiGift Homepage and type "candles". All the offers on our site will then appear on one page. Besides the single candles, you'll find Christmas candle kits as well. They're perfect as a gift for your mum, your aunt, your grandmother or a friend. Simply put, you'll find everything you need to make a Christmas gift with all the trimmings!

HiGift – Lots of Ideas for Every Occasion

When we're traveling with our children, there are always many things to put in the car or to pack, especially if they're still very young. Things don't change even if we have to stay away from home for a few days.

Besides, while they're sitting in the back of the car, there's quite a few chances that the water bottle they hold in their hands will fall on the seat or on the floor. Not to mention that their bottles or cans may contain some juice or any type of other drink, which may be hard to wash away.

Fortunately, there's a product that can prevent all this to happen and that will save your car – and spare you some time and effort. We're talking of the personalised cups with straw which you can find on HiGift.

Christmas and the end of the year are approaching, and you have no idea what to give the teachers who have patiently been with your children during these months?

You may have thought of necklaces, bracelets or earrings. However, you don't have the faintest idea of their tastes and you're afraid that piece of jewellery will be left in a drawer, soon forgotten.

Probably, however, there is a gift that you have not yet taken into consideration and that can be the right one. What about personalised tote bags? It's an original, cheap, sustainable and customised gift idea that can pleasantly amaze anyone.

When it's time to think of a nice gift for a teacher, you're likely to be undecided. What's the most appropriate accessory in this situation? Most of the times, you end up choosing obvious objects, which not only aren't original, but not even useful at all.

But don't lose all hope. We have a tip for you. There is an object that can meet all the needs of a teacher and surprise her: we're talking about personalised cosmetic bags. She’ll be excited to receive such an accessory, as it'll allow her to always be in tune with the times and fashionable.

Personalised Cosmetic Bags: The Ideal Gift for Teachers

Also known as a clutch bag, this small item is a symbol of elegance. However, there are sporty versions as well.

Winter is coming and custom mugs are a great gift idea for your loved ones. They'll make them enjoy some warm herbal tea or some nice hot chocolate.

Why Choose Custom Mugs

The choice of this type of items has many positive aspects. First, it can be appreciated by all those who receive it.

Secondly, it's particularly appropriate for a family. By giving custom mugs to your relatives, they'll all have the same object, but at the same time this will be different for each family member. Everyone will have a unique and personalised decoration which makes the mug exclusively their own.

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