Corporate gift ideas

personalised favours for birthdays

Birthday accessories are a winning idea to have a special birthday party, especially if they're personalised favours.

Thanks to a small, customised gift, you can create an indelible memory in your guests. By choosing it carefully, you can take unforgettable photos and entertain your kids.

Make an event unique to celebrate it at its best: the importance of personalised favours

Giving your guests personalised favours as souvenirs is a great idea. However, they shouldn't be too expensive, as you'll order a large quantity. Some birthday accessories may be used during the event, which can be a fun way to make your party unique.

personalised towels

Personalised towels are a growing fashion. They're a special gift idea, which won't fail to surprise. Everyone appreciates them, but they're quite suitable for a particular audience: kindergarten children.

The little ones love being in the spotlight and having items that represent them. It can be a custom lunch box with their favourite superhero or personalized pencils with a cartoon character they love. Personalised products will make them feel unique and pampered. For this reason, towels with names are a perfect idea.

Surely you know the feeling. A friend's birthday is coming up and you start looking for a gift. After thinking it through, you come up with what seems to you the perfect idea. Then comes the day and your friend unpacks the gifts. He's happy with the item received, but in all honesty, he tells you he already has got one like it.

Your disappointment is high, and you're afraid to repeat the same mistake the next time. Looking for the right gift will turn into a nightmare. But there's a way to avoid this inconvenience: customise the chosen accessories.

With this move you'll create unique items. The objects you can customise are endless, but in this article we'll focus on one in particular: personalised makeup bags.

Why should you give personalised puzzles with name and photos as a gift?

Making original gifts to friends, acquaintances and family becomes more difficult every time. Whether it's birthdays, graduations or other parties, finding the right idea for every occasion can prove to be a real challenge.

Some items are always useful, but very common and given away too often. How many times have you opted for bags and wallets or scarves and gloves?

However, you may find personalised puzzles with name and photos interesting.

Moments in the kitchen are magical, but they can become unique with embroidered personalised aprons. They give a touch of class to those who wear them and turn them into the star of the kitchen. You’ll notice them not only for their culinary skill, but for their unmistakable look, too.

Personalised items for cooking

Customising kitchenware is fun, especially if you pay the right attention to the process. By taking care of the details, you’ll transform a simple accessory such as aprons into a high-quality object with a great communicative impact.

Personalised gifts are a safe bet. They make those who receive them feel special because they convey care and attention. They're effective as promotional products for companies as well. A good example is personalised glasses with name. They’re perfect both as gift ideas and advertising articles.

They’re useful and everyday accessories, ideal to make your mom, dad, best friend, colleague, or study partner a surprise.

They can be customised in a variety of ways and are very versatile. Besides, they're perfect for activities such as bars, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, bistros and trattorias. To make them unique, all you have to do is find eye-catching and stylish graphics.

Why are custom jewellery so trendy?

For some years now, personalised bracelets have been one of the most popular trends. Even celebrities can’t resist their charm and wear them always.

Custom jewels are original, unique and of great impact. Comfortable and nice, they’re suitable for everyday and special occasions alike. Above all, they’re essential accessories to complete any look.

This makes them perfect both as gift ideas and as a souvenir, as they could capture an important moment of your life. In any case, they’ll have a special meaning that’ll always be with the one who wears them.

Personalised paper bags: a nice and original gift

How many times have you given a gift wrapped in an anonymous paper, perhaps even without a proper packaging? Fortunately, there's a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for you: personalised paper bags.

It's an original idea suitable for all situations. For instance, you can use them to distribute Jordan almonds on the occasion of the birth of a new family member.

How can you make unique and good quality personalised paper bags?

What does it take to make a good, personalised paper bag? Various factors affect the final result.

Professional promotional corkscrews are a gift idea that will win the heart of those who receive them.

True wine lovers know it: having a professional corkscrew is a dream. So, they'll be very happy to receive one as a gift, especially if it's a branded bottle opener.

Given this premise, it can be a good gift idea for wine shops and cellars, as those who are looking for a good bottle of wine for friends, relatives or acquaintances are more likely to visit such venues.

In this article, you can find information about professional promotional corkscrews, delving into their communicative impact and the possibilities to personalise them. They'll prove to be a great idea that can't be missed, a perfect gift for wine connoisseurs and lovers!

Not only on the occasion of the wedding it is usual to give gifts to guests, but also in the case of the reception of the Sacraments. Why do not remember these moments with a particular wedding favor such as promotional puzzles?

The gift must be the memory that will remain of our Ceremony, and the testimony of our gratitude to the guests who attended.

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