HiGift among the best E-Commerce in Italy

HiGift best ecommerce of Italy

It is a podium for HiGift that ranks third in the "promotional items" category and fifth in the "photo printing and promotional items" sector among the best e-commerce in Italy 2024/2025. An important recognition that attests to the appreciation at the highest levels of the platform by experts and consumers. 

This is a ranking just published in the newspaper La Repubblica that also shows in detail the background of the study carried out by ITQF (German Institute of Quality and Finance) on e-commerce. Under the magnifying glass, over 8,000 Italian-language online stores based in Italy, belonging to 11 macro-categories and 63 product sectors ranging from fashion to sport, passing precisely from the personalized product sector that directly involved HiGift.

HiGift tra i migliori ecommerce

A careful selection has brought to the forefront only 700 e-commerce that have won the seal of quality as the best e-commerce in Italy thanks to obtaining a score above the average of their sector. The criteria for assigning the scores were as many as 15, including design, functionality, product presentation, services offered, conditions of purchase and delivery. One of the first exclusion criteria was unique visitors, who should not be less than 10,000 per month for each site.

The first assessment was made by experts whose tests had a weight of 50% on the final scores. Customer satisfaction, collected through an online survey from consumers who said they bought on that particular website in the last 12 months, was given the other 50%.

The German Institute for Quality and Finance reports that e-commerce remains at the heart of the transformation of retail markets, supported by the ever-widening diffusion of innovative payment solutions. Last year, there was a 13% increase in online purchases in Italy, with sales estimated at around 54 billion euros.

A constantly growing market with proven interest for consumers that HiGift aims to satisfy in the future with constant improvements in user experience, product innovation and innovative customer services.

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