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  1. BRADFOR - power bank
    BRADFOR - power bank


    starting from 20,47
  2. QUIZET - power bank
    QUIZET - power bank


    starting from 11,08
  3. KAPRIN - power bank
    KAPRIN - power bank


    starting from 7,11
  4. BACKERS - power bank
    BACKERS - power bank


    starting from 13,40
  5. TELSTAN - power bank
    TELSTAN - power bank


    starting from 3,42
  6. HEBERNAL - USB power bank
    HEBERNAL - USB power bank


    starting from 3,22
  7. VENTOX - USB power bank
    VENTOX - USB power bank


    starting from 3,37
  8. SOLIUS - touch ballpoint with pen power bank
    SOLIUS - touch ballpoint with pen power bank


    starting from 5,61
  9. ATAZZI - USB charger and power bank set
    ATAZZI - USB charger and power bank set


    starting from 15,14
  10. WILKES - USB power bank
    WILKES - USB power bank


    starting from 6,93
  11. CUFTON - USB power bank
    CUFTON - USB power bank


    starting from 4,96
  12. NIBBLER - USB power bank
    NIBBLER - USB power bank


    starting from 3,84
  13. HARUBAX - USB power bank
    HARUBAX - USB power bank


    starting from 4,60
  14. LENARD - USB power bank
    LENARD - USB power bank


    starting from 7,01
  15. NACORAP - USB charger and power bank set
    NACORAP - USB charger and power bank set


    starting from 5,95
  16. TRADAK - USB power bank
    TRADAK - USB power bank


    starting from 3,11
  17. VENTUR - USB power bank
    VENTUR - USB power bank


    starting from 2,71
  18. ROBLEX - USB power bank
    ROBLEX - USB power bank


    starting from 4,05
  19. KEOX - USB power bank
    KEOX - USB power bank


    starting from 2,00
  20. YOUTER - USB power bank
    YOUTER - USB power bank


    starting from 1,72
  21. OSNEL - USB power bank
    OSNEL - USB power bank


    starting from 6,49
  22. THAZER - USB power bank
    THAZER - USB power bank


    starting from 2,44
  23. KHATIM - USB power bank
    KHATIM - USB power bank


    starting from 3,03
  24. KANLEP - USB power bank
    KANLEP - USB power bank


    starting from 2,14
  25. RUDDER - power bank
    RUDDER - power bank


    starting from 8,13
  26. MOLIK - power bank earphones
    MOLIK - power bank earphones


    starting from 22,87
  27. WODING - power bank
    WODING - power bank


    starting from 7,32
  28. KUSTOL - power bank
    KUSTOL - power bank


    starting from 6,47
  29. VENDREL - power bank
    VENDREL - power bank


    starting from 8,20
  30. TIKUR - power bank
    TIKUR - power bank


    starting from 8,85
  31. KENDRIX - power bank
    KENDRIX - power bank


    starting from 9,56
  32. BOXLEM - USB power bank
    BOXLEM - USB power bank


    starting from 10,88
  33. SIMMON - power bank
    SIMMON - power bank


    starting from 5,44
  34. ELECTRIZE - USB power bank
    ELECTRIZE - USB power bank


    starting from 2,31
  35. WOOSTER - power bank
    WOOSTER - power bank


    starting from 9,94
  36. BOOSTER - power bank
    BOOSTER - power bank


    starting from 7,29

Items 1-36 of 41

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Why should you buy and give away custom power banks?

Each of us, every day, spends an average of 6 hours browsing the internet: looking for information, using maps, sending emails, scrolling the feed on social media, taking and editing photos etc. Often this search is done through our smartphone, which leads us to have the battery discharged at the worst moments ever.
On the fence about having powerbank chargers as your promo item?
Promotional items like branded power banks are the most appreciated corporate gadgets by customers, employees and clients from every age.
Custom power banks are comfortable and easy to carry around, as they can be chosen in different size, material and even color. In addition, every time they are used, they make a remarkable advertising tour of your logo, the image of your company and your ideas.

Which kind of power banks could be personalised?

Our platform offers a wide range of personalised power banks: by color and function.
In our dedicated section you will find customized power banks in a lot of types: small, medium and large sizes, and with different mAh capacity (unit indicating for the battery life), where you could score your logo or your image, or the name of your project or your favorite slogans.
There is big variety for every taste and need:
- Aluminium power banks;
- plastic case power banks
- Eco- friendly power banks.
And what if you have an idea that you don't find on our website?
No problem at all. Contact us and we will find the best power bank for you.

which techniques are used to personalize power banks

To custom power banks usually are used the following techniques:
- Digital Printing;
- Laser;
- Pad printing.
The chosen techniques are depending on the quality and the surface of power banks, reason why in each product sheet of the power banks available on our site you will find our most relevant print advice, based on the material and size of the gadget required.

How to order customized power banks through HiGift?

Sending orders has never been easy before now, more than you can imagine:
- If you are not our client yet, you should create your own account on our web site
- Login your account
- Choose the items you prefer and flag the color, the quantity and the print technique you like the most
Our support team will proceed realizing you a free print draft to show you the rendering of the items with your logo. After your approval, we will proceed with production and you will receive your personalized power banks in 15-17 days. For any further informations or needs we advice you to visit our orders page: Help - how to order.

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