BUFFON - Thermos bottle 530 ml

Double wall stainless steel vacuum bottle with leak proof screw-on lid. Capacity up to 530ml. Supplied in a white box
Product size: ø67 x 255 mm | Box: 75 x 75 x 275 mm
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Double wall stainless steel vacuum bottle with leak proof screw-on lid. Capacity up to 530ml. Supplied in a white box


Stainless steel



ø67 x 255 mm | Box: 75 x 75 x 275 mm

530 ml

More details
Stainless steel, Food grade, Suitable for cold drinks, Suitable for hot drinks



Polybag, White box

Inner packing:

Outer packaging:

Net Weight:

Gross Weight:

Packaging dimensions:

1 pieces

25 pieces

9 Kg

9,5 Kg

48 x 33 x 28 cm

HS code:



All promotional products available on HiGift are 100% certified. You can find at your disposal the European certifications that guarantee compliance with specific directives, proof of product conformity according to the laws and regulations on safety and the environment: buying safe products is everyone's choice and responsibility, an enormous added value for our customers.


Food Safety, BPA Free


You can personalise the item BUFFON in the positions that we list below.

  • Cup
    • UV led technology in full color, in a print area of 15 x 100 mm.
    • Rotary Engraving, in a print area of 217 x 96 mm.
  • Bottle lid
    • Engraving, in a print area of 20 x 20 mm.

Your brand on unique corporate gift: personalised Thermos bottle 530 mL with your logo.

Custom thermos bottle 530 ml becomes an extra tool to convey your brand or message. The importance of printing your own logo on personalized Thermos bottle 530 mL will allow you to create an effective and impactful product. The opportunities to show off your custom thermos bottle 530 ml are many: in your shop for the purchases of your customers, give the product at the fair as a gadget for visitors or print on your graphics and become a real promotional product for your e-commerce. Furthermore, during the organization of an event you will need a series of promotional items: among these the personalized thermos bottle 530 ml is one of the most requested products to leave to the participants as a souvenir. Customize with the logo, date and colors of the event and use the gadget for a sample kit to give to everyone!

What kind of printing is possible?

You can personalise the item BUFFON with uv led technology, in rotary engraving or in engraving.

UV LED printing is a full-colour, digital labelling process utilising UV-cured inks. Logos are directly printed on the product's surface in high-resolution, resulting in instant photo quality imprints.

Rotary engraving utilises lasers to mark the surface of cylindrical products. With the help of a special rotary device the engraved product is rotated during the printing process, allowing a large imprint wrapping the item. Rotary engraving is applicable to metal, wooden, bamboo, glass and certain ceramic products.

Engraving utilises lasers to mark a product's surface. The surface of the product practically burns in the process to develop the logo. Even small logos can be printed very accurately. Engraving is applicable to metal, wooden, glass and certain plastic products.

You can find more information on all printing techniques, click here.

Can I see a preview of BUFFON with my logo before it goes to print?

On HiGift there are two ways to see thermos bottle 530 ml with your logo before purchasing. By clicking on try your logo in this product sheet you can create your graphic test to have a preview of how your personalized product will be. After the order, however, you will receive our professional graphic draft on which you can ask for changes until you are satisfied and you will give us the ok to go into production. If, on the other hand, you want to touch the product firsthand before buying a large quantity, you can order a sample; on many of our items you can have your logo printed even if it is a single piece, so you can evaluate the final sample and no longer have any doubts about the massive order to be placed. If you need further information, additional photographs or details not present in this product sheet, please contact us.

Which is the delivery time for thermos bottle 530 ml BUFFON?

The delivery time for the customized products is variable from 15 to 20 days, depending on the type of item and the customization that is going to be carried out. While if you buy the product without printing, you will have it in 5 days at latest. The count of days for the personalized product starts from your confirmation of our professional graphic draft that we will send you after 24 hours from the order. The delivery dates are visible in green both in this product sheet, in the cart and at checkout. For shipping we rely on the major international couriers. If you need specific information about the delivery of thermos bottle 530 ml please contact us and we will provide you with all the details you need.

How will items arrive packed?

thermos bottle 530 ml has a size of ø67 x 255 mm | Box: 75 x 75 x 275 mm and a weight of 360 g. The goods are packaged in cartons of a size equal to 480 x 330 x 280 cm, with a weight of 9,5 Kg, containing 25 pieces each.

More ideas?

If you want to give a gift but are still unsure of your choice, look for promotional items similar to BUFFON (Thermos bottle 530 mL) on HiGift in the categories personalised thermal bottles, personalised metal water bottles or personalised water bottles & sport bottles. Here you will surely find many promotional products that could be right for you!

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