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HiGift was born in 2013 and since then we work continuously to make our company more and more professional and to guarantee an excellent service to our customers.

We are specialized in the online supply of promotional gadgets. Our e-commerce is one of the most complete "promotion on web" realities in Italy and Europe. We provide our customers with the best product customization solutions in an easy and fast way and a vast product catalog. Each of our products can be customized, giving the user extreme freedom in customizing his order.

Over the years we have built an organization that allows us to offer a high quality service. Thanks to a very strong commercial position with our producers and suppliers, our customers naturally benefit from all the advantages we get through these conditions.
We work with punctuality and professionalism; Your orders will be delivered in accordance with your expectations, regardless of where they come from, leaving our warehouse or directly from China. For the transport of goods we use partnerships with the most reliable international carriers.

Our assortment is certified!
Our articles are in line with all the European Regulations on safety and the environment.

Product certification is increasingly important in the field of promotional items. While most suppliers have just started the product certification process, our legal department daily ensures that our items are tested to obtain the most appropriate certifications that we are subsequently able to provide.