Personalised Socks: Made of Cotton and Customised with Logo, Ideal for Your Football Team

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Print Your Personalised Socks Made of Cotton

Personalised socks are very appealing fashion accessories. In recent years, they have varied a lot because they are increasingly in vogue. You find those coloured in a classic way as well as those with patterns. The choice is really wide.

But what's better than being able to make a pair of socks exactly your size and to decorate them just as you want? Whether it's a writing, a heart, a logo or a football crest, everything is possible now.

Using Socks as A Sponsor for Your Team

If you are in an official or amateur team, you will have thought at least once about creating a personalised t-shirt or a custom exercise band to give visibility to your team.

But few people think of customising something that everyone wears. Something practical, functional and that offers maximum visibility during races or even a workout session. Something like socks.

Personalised socks are not only beautiful accessories to wear. They can also sponsor your team when you wear them, not only when you are together, but when you are cycling or running on your own, too.

What could be better than doing your favourite sport and getting publicised in the meantime?

A Special and Unusual Corporate Gift

Chocolates, pens and sometimes even personalised bookmarks are usually distributed at fairs and events. But if you want to leave your mark or if you have already given away popular corporate gifts such as printed t-shirts or personalised caps, there is an accessory for you. We are talking about personalised socks.

They are not only an item that no one expects. Above all, they are useful! How many times do we get promotional products at fairs and leave them in some corner on our desk until we throw them away?

A pair of socks, on the other hand, can be used often and for a long time, especially if it’s of good quality. These features are necessary for your promotional product to be appreciated and last over time.

They are qualities that make a difference, too, especially when combined with an eye-catching personalisation. Socks are good for everyday life as well as for special occasions. Whenever they are worn they recall the brand whose logo or motto is printed on their surface.

Personalised Socks of All Shapes, Sizes and Fabrics Perfect for Football Teams

Before buying personalised socks for your football team, you need to understand which colour, shape or model you want. Let's start with the material. There are socks of all kinds: made of cotton, wool, terry, silk and nylon.

If you want to choose something of quality, but that’s not too expensive, you should go for classic cotton. This fabric is very permeable, feels delicate on the skin, is hypoallergenic and does not irritate.

It’s well known and appreciated for its breathability. This means that cotton does not irritate the skin and reduces sweating. Personalised socks made of cotton can be worn during the summer, too.

Not to mention sportswear. While you are jogging, for instance, the absorbent action of cotton reduces excess sweat and shows the full value of the product.

Another advantage is the longevity of this fabric. Cotton is very resistant after several usages without needing a particular treatment.
The best choice for a good pair of socks depends, however, on what you have to do with it.

The most famous socks are technical, classic, sports, bed and snow socks. Sports socks are the most popular – they’re the ones we wear almost every day.

But technical socks, too, deserve a mention. These models are very important especially in running, where they are fundamental together with a good pair of shoes. Nothing, however, prevents them from being used in other sports, where they will always be super-performant and comfortable.

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Why Are Technical Socks So Important?

Socks can be imagined a bit like gloves for the feet. So, they must fit perfectly. Technical socks allow it thanks to the anatomical footbed that wraps around the foot keeping it stable.

Above all, attention must be paid to another fact: technical socks are seamless. The absence of seams on the socks is a feature that only they have, and which is essential for those who practice sport.

The seams provoke the biggest micro-injury at the foot level, namely blisters, abrasions or partridge eyes.

Another aspect to emphasise is that they are soft. This quality gives the maximum comfort during long jogging or sports sessions– beside a nice feeling when wearing them. When practicing these activities, you can’t afford a feeling discomfort in your foot.

The last benefit of technical socks is that they have holes on the entire surface. They ensure the foot a correct temperature. They prevent cold and do not let the feet get too warm. When this happens, it may give you the impression that the foot slides into the shoe.

So, choosing the right personalised socks isn't so obvious anymore. Which one is better? Sports socks or technical socks? It obviously depends on how they will be used.

If you have to customise a pair of socks for a trekking team, you should choose technical socks, as this sport requires it.

However, if you want to give the socks as a birthday gift or as a promotional gift for your company, things change. In this case, you'd better go for a pair of sports socks, preferably made of cotton mixed with an elastic component.

What You Need to Create Unique Personalised Socks

We have been trying to figure out what fabric, shape and type your ideal socks should be. But there is one thing missing: style. Style is the extra touch of class that will make your birthday present or corporate gift something unique that will make it expressive.

First of all, the colour. From Valentino red to shocking pink, every shade has its own meaning in fashion. There are many theories of colour. The most quoted one divides them into three types: warm, cold and neutral.

The former are more welcoming, the second more professional, the latter match with any outfit and can be perfect if the recipients have different tastes from one another.

You can then choose the colour according to the effect you want to achieve. Red or orange if you want to communicate proximity, dark blue or green if you want to give your team a serious look, white or black if you want to stay on a classic style.

After the colour, you can think of a writing or a logo. The logo can be that of your company or of your favourite team or brand. Once you have chosen the background, it will be relatively easy to place it on your personalised socks.

On the other hand, if you'd rather have a writing, you must think carefully about what to write. Firstly, because a writing on a sock can’t be too big, but not too small, either. It would otherwise risk being too invasive or unreadable.

Length should be considered as well. Ideally, find a phrase or word between four and ten characters. This will be easy to understand and have a good impact.

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