Personalised Thermal Bottles: The Corporate Gift You Should Include in the Employee Welcome Kit

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Why Use Personalised Thermal Bottles?

For years, our environmental condition has been reaching its limit and has been risky. A huge amount of CO2 is released into the air every day. This causes irreversible damage that could eventually lead to the extinction of our planet. For this reason, personalised thermal bottles play a crucial role in our daily life.

Recently, the situation seems to have evolved and apparently we've become more aware of what surrounds us. It's wrong to think that there's only one way out and that this consists in large businesses or the state taking countermeasures.

True change starts from and depends on us. With small daily actions, we can make a difference.

Huge amounts of plastic are consumed every day. A large part of it often ends up on the street or in the sea, causing major problems for the environment.

Plastic has an exorbitant disposal time, so any waste left around remains for a long time where it was left. In this way, it creates problems for fishes, which could ingest it by mistaking them for algae or other food.

A practical solution to the problem of plastic pollution, which each of us can put into practice in our own small way, is to reduce its consumption by eliminating all unnecessary plastic products.

To get an idea of how much plastic is consumed every day, you can think that a family of 4 people consumes on average at least two bottles within twenty-four hours. Now try to multiply this quantity for all families.

Fortunately, as we said, many people are beginning to become aware of the environmental issue and to give more weight to the subject. They take it to heart and, in doing so, they lead companies to orient their offer towards eco-friendly solutions.

One way to reduce waste is the use of personalised thermal bottles. Using them instead of plastic bottles to carry water when you're away from home not only reduces plastic consumption, but it's also more convenient in several ways.

For instance, water bottles aren’t meant to be thrown away. How often do you look around yourself to find a bin and see none? And how many bins are destined to plastic only? Very few, indeed. Having a personalised thermal bottle with you is then a great way to prevent plastic from continuing to pollute our planet.

Thermal Bottles: How Useful They Are

personalised thermal bottles

Water bottles are increasingly popular and more and more used. People appreciate them for their practicality, but above all for their helpfulness.

Water bottles reduce the negative environmental impact not only because they limit the consumption of plastic, but because they can be reused, too. That is, by purchasing a personalised water bottle, you won't have to stop to buy a bottle every time you have to go out. You'll just have to fill it at home or at the drinking fountains in your city.

Personalised water bottles, however, are useful in another way, too. They allow us to keep the cold temperature of the water throughout the day. Likewise, they can be used for hot drinks, such as tea, to preserve their heat.

If personalised, thermal bottles can also become a powerful marketing tool for companies. They can be customised with the brand name and increase its notoriety. However, they can be created based on the needs and preferences of the customer as well.

So, we've said that thermos can reduce plastic consumption for two reasons. First, because they’re a full substitute of plastic, as they replace disposable plastic bottles outstandingly. Secondly, because they can be reused several times and make it unnecessary to buy a new bottle every time.

But, as we've mentioned, thermal bottles have other advantages beside that of helping the environment. Among them:

  • They're comfortable.
  • They're perfect at any time of the year.
  • They're resistant.
  • They're 100% recyclable.
  • They allow you to save money.
  • They can be personalised.

Types Of Water Bottles

On the website, you'll find PET bottles among the others. They're lightweight and as resistant as those made in steel, to name one. In this case, too, they allow you to consume less plastic because they can be reused.

But the highlight of our site is the reusable stainless steel bottles, which are 100% recyclable.

There are many types. Some have a PUSH cap or a cork cap which breaks the monochrome of the body of the water bottle. Then, there are models with a lace on the upper end, in the centre of the cap, with which you can easily carry them around by just holding them with two fingers.

Personalised metal water bottles are among the most popular types. They're a perfect corporate gift for the employee welcome kit, or they can be given away during a fair or event. Their peculiarity lies in combining highest quality with an elegant design which is suitable for everyone. Employees can keep them on their desk during working hours, to hydrate themselves during the day in the office.

This is a trait that all water bottles have in common. It's shared by plastic and aluminium water bottles, as well as by thermal and eco-friendly models, which are made with recycled materials. They all lend themselves perfectly to being taken everywhere. If you wish a green idea with a distinct appearance, you can go for branded glass water bottles.

Simple yet elegant, they're a high-quality green alternative that will give the workplace a fresh and modern look. Imagine them on your employees' desks, with your logo imprinted on them. They'll attract the attention of any visitor and will be able to spread your name outside the company as well.

Beside water bottles, you can find many other corporate gifts that you can offer your employees or customers on our site. You may be interested in caps, keyrings, T-shirts, or pens – just to give a couple of examples.

Now all you have to do is place your order!

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