Print your personalised t-shirts with embroidery: it’s always a useful workwear

custom t-shirts embroidery

The application of embroidery is certainly the oldest technique for the decoration of personalised t-shirts. It’s a widespread and time-tested method, which allows you to embellish your garments with unique, personal, and time-resistant graphics.

Widely used in the field of professional clothing as well, the art of embroidery has a number of both aesthetic and communicative advantages, lending itself very well to the creation of work clothes.

There are many companies that still distribute personalised clothing to their staff to be used in the workplace, with their own brand or company logo printed on it.

Employees who wear clothes specially made for their work develop a greater sense of belonging to the company. In addition, clothes can become an effective promotional means if they’re personalised with the embroidery technique.

The logo print makes the company as well as the employee easily identifiable, encouraging contact with the potential customer and the dissemination of the company logo at the same time.

For this reason, many activities adopt the classic uniform or even the so-called "staff" t-shirt, so that customers can quickly and easily identify who to address in case of need.

Custom embroidery is generally very suitable and appreciated for all clothing, regardless of the fact particular style and quality requirements of their field of use.

Advantages and disadvantages of custom embroidery

To obtain the embroidery effect on the garment, you need to convert the company logo or custom design in a series of embroidery stitches, which will subsequently be made by a digital embroidery machine.

With this tool you’ll be able to reproduce the stitches on the fabric quickly and extremely precisely, creating the perfect embroidery.

The technique of personalised embroidery lends itself to the decoration of several types of fabric, especially the very bulky and thick ones, for which other printing techniques wouldn’t be so suitable.

The advantages of personalising your work clothes with embroidery are considerable, as the result will be aesthetically and qualitatively superior and will also be resistant to frequent washing. In addition, it’s applicable on very light-coloured or very dark fabrics alike.

On the other hand, custom embroidery is more expensive than other printing techniques, especially when applied to medium to large sized garments.

Finally, it doesn’t allow you to reproduce very fine details or a wide range of colours. For this reason, it isn’t suitable for company logos with subtle details and rich in nuances, while it’s perfect for simple images or writing.

The personalised T-shirt with your company logo fulfils two different purposes: you can give it to your employees and use it in the professional field or distribute it as a corporate gift to customers and visitors during fairs and other types of events.

Personalised decorations made with embroidery are always of high quality. However, there’s a limit in the chromatic choice, as it strictly depends on the colours of the threads available.

How can you personalise your t-shirts?

personalised t-shirts embroidered

Remember that these corporate gifts won’t be worn exclusively by your employees; instead, they’ll be distributed to customers, too, who’ll unintentionally advertise your brand. As a consequence, they must be customised so that other people are intrigued and stimulated to know their origin at their sight.

The purpose of using personalised t-shirts as corporate gifts within your enterprise is to try to bring employees together and to create a real team. On the other hand, giving them away to customers will pursue a different goal. In this case, they’re useful to retain them and make them happy, so that they come back and maybe bring other potential buyers as well.

To do this, the t-shirt customisation must be well targeted and carried out only after careful reflection on all its components, from the colours to the model.

As for the chromatic choice, it’s important that it represents your company. For instance, if your logo has bright colours, it’ll be advisable to opt for a T-shirt that falls within the same palette and can match perfectly with the image you’ll insert.

However, choosing a colourful t-shirt with contrasting shades as the base for a monochrome logo would lead to an unfocused and aesthetically unpleasing end result.

Moreover, the model must be selected according to the work context. In this case, you have a wide range of possibilities to choose from, of which polo, sports t-shirts and simple t-shirts are just a few examples.

Thus, a sports brand will customise sports t-shirts, while a company whose activity takes place mainly in the office will have to look for “elegant” t-shirts, which are more suited to its context.

Simple t-shirts are always appreciated, as they can be worn in almost all contexts, both at work and for daily activities. For its versatility, it’s the most popular model and always a good choice.

Nowadays, distributing personalised corporate gifts can be an important marketing strategy, but you need to rely on experts in the field to be successful.

HiGift, for instance, offers you different models to customise at affordable prices, perfect to be distributed as corporate gifts to your customers and employees. Besides, many techniques are available to personalise your garment in a unique way, including embroidery. Thus, you can create fruitful products from many perspectives, as they’ll have several advantages. Embroidered t-shirts are in fact able to stimulate cohesion within the company team and extremely effective in spreading your logo and promoting your brand. Moreover, they last over time thanks to the very high quality with which they’re crafted.

In any case, you can check out the page dedicated to printing techniques to learn more details about their process, their pros and cons and what products they’re more suitable for. Consequently, you’ll be able to choose the method that best suits your needs and helps you achieve your business objectives.

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