Personalised Items, Gifts, Promotional Products: The Best Way to Enhance Your Brand

personalised corporate gifts

Strengthening the identity of your brand is a crucial step to optimise marketing campaigns. They help to give a unified and coherent vision of your brand.

It does not matter whether you are a large or small company or a personal brand. In any case, it's essential that the company offers personalised items to strengthen its identity.

Each brand includes a specific mission, which is linked to the values and personal attitudes of the founder.

As these features are the basis upon which a brand is made, being aware of them is of crucial importance. However, it can be almost useless if you can't find a way to communicate them – and, as a consequence, your identity – to the audience.

Moreover, for the communication to be successful, it's necessary to find a method that's both quick and effective. All the better if the means that you use to convey your message and personality is immediate. This will make the connection much easier and direct. One example on how this can be achieved is through visual communication. It goes without saying that one of the best strategies to enhance your brand is the use of personalised items, gifts, and promotional products.

Customisable Items to Best Enhance Your Brand

We have identified the key features a corporate gift should have. The first requirement is that it must be appealing. Only an object which attracts the eye will fall into the top 5 of the customer's favourite items. As a result, it’s likely to be used often.

Secondly, it should not be too large so as not to be uncomfortable or cumbersome. Convenience of use is one of the main factors that determine how a gift becomes part of the life of the recipient. That is, whether it turns into an essential accessory or ends up being forgotten. The more comfortable it is, the more it will be appreciated. Moreover, this is especially true if the user finds an extra comfort in it that’s uncommon to other objects.

Colours and style must be chosen very carefully. It's essential that the overall design matches the tone of the corporate or personal voice. Applying your logo and brand name may not be enough to make people read it and grow curious about it. The personalised item should then have a well-defined and distinguishable image.

We have seen how it’s relevant that the object is practical to use. Now, it’s time to emphasise another quality of the greatest importance. We're talking about how much a corporate gift is actually useful.

If the item is helpful – or even necessary – in different occasions of daily life, it’s very likely to be with your customers or employees during their days. This means that it will be used very often. Depending on the case, it may be taken in the hand even on a daily basis and several times a day. This of course brings several advantages from the marketing perspective.

Ideas for Personalised Corporate Gifts

The possibilities of creating personalised items, gifts and promotional products are endless. The variety, however, must be exploited in the right way. That is to say that the different options available must be considered carefully. This is to ensure that you can make the most of your promotional product.

In making this choice, great importance must be attached to the sector in which you work. A classic and evergreen option is that of personalised keyrings, in which you can put photos and writings.

These promotional products are available in an eco-friendly version as well. By selecting them, you'll convey that you have the highest consideration for the environment.

Personalised items that come in handy in the office or at home are a very popular alternative. One of their most important benefits is that they are likely to be used every day. Think, for example, of custom mugs: how many times do you take one in your hand during the day?

In this case, too, the choice must be made according to your target audience, as well as your business. However, it may also be that your target is uneven. If this is the case, you'd better go for the classic models. You can never go wrong with them.

The same goes for other products. Personalised pens, which can be eco-friendly as well, are the ideal choice for students and employees. However, they're perfect for freelancers such as doctors, lawyers and accountants, too, as they have to write often.

Customisable Items: Which Ones to Choose for Your Brand?

personalised objects

Sports hats and caps are very popular among kids and sporty people. So, if your customers belong to this audience, they will be the best choice as they will no doubt be extremely successful.

Thinking about the type of clientele is a crucial step. This is the so-called target market and it guides you in the selection of your products. By taking it into account, you will be able to create custom products which are consistent with your core business. When you're planning a marketing strategy, you should identify the market sphere in which you're active as a first step. The way you decide to proceed will then be based on it.

Even if you don't want to employ complex or elaborate strategies, you can't skip this step. Will your corporate gifts go to private parties or companies? And – the most important question – what do your customers need?

Personalised Items which You Can Use

Besides the promotional products which you can offer as a gift or distribute during an event, there's a category of custom products that can be very functional for your brand.

This group includes all consumer items which you can employ within your business. Everyone takes a look at them, even though distractedly. Despite this, however, these objects manage to advertise your brand in a sober and not-too-evident way.

One example of these custom products are the personalised bracelets. These are often used to manage entries at parties and various events. In this way, they fall under the eyes of a large number of people and sometimes participants can keep them. The same goes for personalised water bottles, which are ideal for children. Then there are thermal bottles, too, which are perfect for a corporate welcome kit.

Within this category we then find a wide range of items such as brooches, T-shirts and company badges which can be worn by the staff.

Sector-Specific Custom Items

Some objects are specific to some activities. Custom aprons are a valuable example. They’re much appreciated, as they're suitable for adults and children alike. They're very versatile as well, since they can be a workwear for a restaurant and a kitchen accessory for the household.

Then we have personalised chopping boards, coasters for glasses, blankets and umbrellas. Without forgetting the whole world of stationery, which is full of customisation possibilities.

Personalised stickers with the company logo and the whole range of accessories for the staff are perfect, too. Think of the workwear: even if it consists of a simple sweatshirt with your logo printed or embroidered, it’s going to give great visibility to your brand.

In the end, if you pay attention to every detail and succeed in creating a coherent product, the result will no doubt be exceptional, effective and pleasant.

Beware, however, of gross mistakes which may spoil the outcome. For example, do not give away a custom item that doesn't have the company logo or name printed on it. At least one of these elements is present in every personalised item. The reason for this is very simple and intuitive: they allow consumers to identify your company.

Let's have a look at them more in detail. The logo manages to catch the eye immediately thanks to its excellent aesthetic performance. The name, on the other hand, can be ideal on small custom products that need just a simple writing.

On HiGift you can find all these customisable items and many more. Once you've chosen the one that’s right for you, all you have to do is make it, order it and then give it away to your audience or team!

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