International Workers' Day and the Importance of Corporate Gifts: When and How to Use Them

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International Workers' Day is the perfect time to take care of your team. The best way to thank employees for their work is to offer personalised corporate gifts with the company logo.

Besides creating cooperation within the brand, these objects can have a promotional function, because they can fall under the gaze of people outside the activity.

The Key Role of Corporate Gifts

Companies usually customise items to use them as promotional products to give to customers, during an advertising campaign, for the launch of a product or for a corporate anniversary.

They are essential for every company. The business sector is more and more competitive, and standing out seems to be the only way to retain customers.

Offering personalised corporate gifts is an “offline” marketing move and it exerts a remarkable charm in our digital era.

However, creating and distributing personalised items makes a difference not only outside, but also within the brand. Given to employees at a corporate event or at the end of the year – for instance –, custom items leave a tangible and lasting mark.

Branded products with the name of the business strengthen the identity of the company and the spirit of belonging of each employee. However, they are marketing tools with enormous potential as well. Your employees will be able to use them during the working day or in their free time at home.

It is precisely in the latter case that personalised corporate gifts manage to spread the image of the company to other people. Besides, those who visit your employee's home and are impressed by your product will admire the care you show towards your team.

The most important thing is the customisation of the corporate gifts. In this way, you can give life to unique objects which represent your reality even to those who casually look at them.

Corporate Gifts: Which to Choose to Spread Your Logo

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If your personalised corporate gifts are meant for your employees, they must first of all serve them. Only in this way can they feel taken into consideration and part of the team.

However, your customised gifts should be able to best represent the image of the brand as well. Asking yourself which item will succeed in this is then the first step in choosing the branded products to give to your employees.

Here you find a few, basic criteria to take into account if you want to create truly unique personalised corporate gifts which are effective from a marketing point of view as well.

The first one is creativity. While it is important for the object to be useful in everyday life, it must be innovative enough to catch the eye of those who look at it, too.

After that, consistency plays a key role. One of the great strengths of personalised items is being able to send a clear message. The corporate gift should then recall the brand's mission. If the items are meant for your employees, they can be customised with a thank you phrase or – depending on the products – with characterising elements that increase cohesion within the group.

Finally, quality and usefulness will contribute decisively to the success of your corporate gifts. Preferring useful and well-made items will ensure your brand a frequent and long-lasting advertising, as well as make your employee feel special.

In general, the rules for making great personalised items are the same whether they are meant to be promotional products for your clientele or customised gifts for your team. In any case, the purpose is to raise a positive feeling and to associate it with your company.

How Personalised Corporate Gifts Can Become Promotional Products and Spread Your Logo

Creating branded products to give to employees is a way to thank them for their contribution to the success of the company. For this reason, it is very important for the work activity. But how do these items become promotional products and spread your logo to potential customers? Here are some examples:

  1. Personalised corporate gifts say something about the company. They express the brand's philosophy, making it recognisable at a glance.
  2. Customised gifts maximize brand visibility. They will allow not only your employees, but also those who come into contact with them to notice your logo. Think of personalised tote bags, which are unparalleled when it comes to circulating the company name.
  3. Personalised items increase sales. Several studies show how promotional products help the audience remember a brand and entice them to prefer it to others less known. Commonly used objects have an exceptional effect from this point of view. Personalised pens, for instance, are used every day and often by more people. In this way, they are able to attract new potential customers who, impressed by your product, will likely turn to you.
  4. They are convenient and offer a great image return. In most cases, personalised gifts are cheap and have a very high advertising potential.
  5. Personalised corporate gifts reduce distances with the team by consolidating relationships. They create a link between employees and between them and the employer. Personalised mugs and cups, for instance, show care towards your workers, making them feel more involved in the business activity.
  6. Corporate gifts convey the value of a company. In the eyes of people outside the brand, an employer who gives the team personalised gifts is worthy of esteem and admiration. As a consequence, your company will appear as professional and reliable.
  7. The effect on the consumer lasts long. Unlike a corporate party, personalised items stay with your employees for a long time, constantly reminding them of your interest. Moreover, if they are given to friends and relatives who find your gifts particularly fascinating, they will become promotional products in all respects. Considering that people remember a brand even several years after using its corporate gift, advertising is guaranteed.
  8. Customised gifts are always pleasing to those who receive them. Personalised USB sticks, pens, diaries, and calendars can find a place in every home without disturbing – but, indeed, improving – the daily life of the employee. Of course, family and friends will be interested in a brand that offers the best to its team!


Summing up: corporate gifts represent an unmissable opportunity to strengthen relationships within the team and to make excellent advertising to the brand. They are useful and attractive, if customised properly. Helpful in everyday life, they can remind employees that they are part of the company and attract the attention of those close to them. They create relationships and bring new potential customers to the business.

This is an opportunity which is worth seizing. Choose the most suitable products and think of a coherent, but at the same time creative customisation. Take your time to select and create the personalised corporate gifts that will boost your employees' lives. By doing so, you will also arouse the admiration and curiosity of those who have the chance to take in hand your customised items or to look at them.

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