Custom Pens with Logo: A Cheap Corporate Gift, Useful in Every Company

custom pens with logo

If you want to advertise your company in a smart way, there's nothing better than personalised pens. Using them as promotional products is a simple but effective strategy to make yourself known.

Businesses and brands often purchase custom pens with logo as corporate gifts. There are several reasons for this. Among these, it's worth noting that they're at once cheap and impactful.

You can use various items to make your brand visible. However, the fact that they can imply significant costs is not to be underestimated. The same goes for seasonality. Some corporate gifts, however long-lasting and successful, are suitable for specific periods only. Pens, on the contrary, are useful at all times of the year.

Moreover, everyone needs a pen to write and sometimes having one at hand can be exactly what you need. Think of when you have to sign a document when you're outside your office or take notes while you're away from home.

As it’s always useful for those who receive it, the pen gets the top positions in the list of the best-selling promotional products ever. It's small and solid and, as it’s used for a long time, it increases the exposure of your name or brand.

Why Choose Personalised Pens?

Statistics have been carried out on the effectiveness of custom pens as corporate gifts used for marketing purposes. The results confirmed that a personalised pen is well accepted and used by almost all those who have received it as a gift.

We can say that pens always have a value because they are practical, useful and allow you to use them in time. All for a few cents a unit.

Together with posters and sponsorships on the web, providing corporate gifts is one of the first steps a company takes to make people remember and appreciate it.

It's important that those who work for the company have their own personalised pens as well. They'll use them during their tasks and can offer them to customers as a gift.

If customised pens with logo are a great gift for anyone on the one hand, on the other they can be special promotional products to offer to the most loyal customers. In this case, they should be refined, sophisticated and classy, such as metal or touch screen pens. They express gratitude and make them feel part of your reality.

What Types of Personalised Pens Should You Use?

The choice of the pen template you want to customise deserves greatest care. Beside the logo and the writing, the shape, the colour and the material, too, send a message about your company.

There are several models of customisable pens. As for the material, you can choose plastic, metal, bamboo or wood.

Custom wood pens are a great starting point if you're going to emphasise that you’re committed to sustainability and attentive to the environment. You shouldn't underestimate branded bamboo pens either. This material is increasingly used in the making of eco-friendly products and can convey your interest in the environmental cause very effectively.

You can also find pens made of recycled paper. They’ve probably been inspired by personalised keyrings made with recycled cork, which had great success. These branded eco pens are perfect for those who want to choose the highest sustainable promotional products.

On the other hand, if you love progress and technology, you may find the most advanced pens interesting. They can be used with electronic devices and are in step with the times. We're talking about promotional touch screen pens, which are very useful for writing on digital sheets, i.e. tablets or other items with touch screens.

If you want to give a touch of class to your corporate gifts or highlight the professional quality of your company, you could consider personalised metal pens or promotional multi-ink pens. Resistant and elegant, they're always beautiful to see and give an image of elegance when they're used.

How To Customise Pens for Advertising

personalised pen with logo

Printing your commercial writing or logo depends on the type of material the pens are made with. For this reason, techniques may vary.

You have less expensive ones, such as pad printing, which transfers the image from a fabric directly onto the pen. On the other hand, higher-quality pens can be personalised by engraving.

The choice of the technique can depend on the type of drawing you want to apply, too.

If you want to print only a logo or a writing, pad or screen printing will do. If, on the other hand, you intend to create a complex figure that covers the majority of the pen's surface, we advise you to go for UV Led printing.

The price will depend on the quality of the processing of the logo or print. The complexity of the image and the colours you want to use will influence it as well.

How Much Do Custom Pens with Logo Cost?

One of the biggest advantages of using these corporate gifts for promotional purposes is their price. This varies a lot according to the quantity you order.

Take, for example, a classic plastic pen. One will cost 1 euro on average, but if you exceed 500 units the cost is reduced to around 10 cents per piece.

So, you can promote the brand and get into the homes of your customers even with a small budget.

Matching Your Personalised Pens to The Company Message

A company that deals with electronics will likely want to give an image of itself that differs from that sought by a farm. For this reason, slogans, images and colours to be applied on your corporate gifts must be in line with the values of each reality.

As already mentioned, there's a huge variety of customisable pens.

You can select rounded or thin models, decide whether you prefer a corporate gift made of recycled material or focus on the amount of colours to print on your custom pens.

Whatever model you choose, it's important that your promotional products are consistent with the message you want to convey. The greater the consistency between brand and object, the better the result in terms of image return.

The presence of different types of designs allows you to purchase many different collections of custom pens.

In this way you can structure communication within the company in a way that’s targeted and effective. For instance, the public relations office will send another message than the section that deals with suppliers. All this by simply using two different types of custom pens.  

When To Use Custom Pens with Logo

You're always surrounded by pens, but you never find one when you need it. How many times have you heard this sentence and how many times have you found yourself in this situation? This simple fact is one of the reasons why you never go wrong when you give away a pen.

The simple gesture of giving personalised corporate gifts away is positive for the company. It puts it in the best light in the eyes of the audience and creates cohesion among employees – if you choose to distribute the item to your team. With a pen, you can count on a useful promotional product that will hardly be left aside.

Personalised pens can be a great marketing choice for events. They can be transported in large quantities thanks to their size. In this way, they can spread the company logo and the message you want to convey to a very wide audience, reaching both loyal customers and new potential buyers.

Like many objects, pens can celebrate a significant occasion for the company. They'll become unique corporate gifts, which will remind those who own them of a moment related to the brand.

Finally, you could give a personalised pen as a gift after signing an important contract. A simple gesture, which the other party will certainly welcome.


Personalised pens with logo are timeless and extremely useful. They're highly practical and very cheap and can't but be appreciated and successful. A pleasant gift for smart marketing strategies, which will convey the image of a company attentive to the needs of its audience and committed to always give its best.

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