Personalised Notepads with Logo: The Ideal Office Items for Companies and Professional Studios

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Personalised Corporate Gifts: An Effective Marketing Solution for Your Business

Many companies nowadays choose corporate gifts such as personalised notebooks, custom notepads, t-shirts and keyrings. They use them to advertise and spread their brand or even to increase the popularity of their products.

A bag with your logo in plain sight is a “passive” sponsor. Anyone who carries around a promotional product with a company logo or name are advertising for free.

For this reason, an increasing number of large companies periodically decide to create attractive and quality corporate gifts. They give them away to the audience, many times during promotional events that are specifically planned for this.

If the product is aesthetically pleasing and made of good materials, people will be happy to use it and the company will gain free visibility.

A logo can be imprinted on many different objects. However, not all products are good for any company.

Think, for instance, of a law firm that prints its name on a beach bag. It wouldn't seem very appropriate nor in line with the image of the business. So, it would probably get an opposite effect than the one it aimed at. This could also lead to pushing away any potential customers.

Personalised Notepads: Are They Outdated or Still Valid for Business Marketing?

Our time is dominated by digital development. People usually walk with one or more electronic devices. It can be a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

It seems like technology has replaced diaries, notepads or paper notebooks to take notes or mark daily tasks.

Exactly. It seems. But this isn't exactly the case and a study carried out in 2021 by the University of Tokyo has shown it. This research has collected some interesting data on the habits of taking notes.

First of all, it had found that many people still use diaries, notebooks and personalised notepads to note their tasks or to write down their thoughts.

But what drives so many people to keep on using the pen and the paper? The answer is: a sort of "poetics". The act of writing somehow adds value to what is written. On the contrary, taking notes with a digital device rather distances you from what you're writing.

Besides, the same research has shown that writing with a pen on a piece of paper helps the brain to remember information. It has been found that the movement required for writing makes it easier for the mind to memorise data.

In light of all this, personalised notepads with your company logo, whether they’re classic or modern, are a good investment to get publicity. Using them as promotional products is a way to give customers and employees a useful item that's still of great interest today.

How to Choose the Best Type of Diary or Notebook Based on Several Factors

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If you want to buy custom notebooks, notepads or diaries with the logo or another type of graphics, you'll have to carefully consider a number of factors. Combining them, you'll get the most suitable result for your goal, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. The main options to be considered are:

  • Format
  • Pages paper type
  • Cover material
  • Whether or not to include a pen or pencil
  • Number of pages

The market offers several options for each of these points. It's up to you to find the right combination for the result you aim for.

Generally, the most popular formats are A5 and A6. They correspond to 14x21 cm and 10x14.5 cm respectively. The small size allows you to carry your notebook or notepad very easily inside a pocket or bag.

You can also go for even smaller or larger formats.

There are several options with respect to the paper type which is used for the pages. For instance, you can choose recycled material or kraft paper. This latter, in particular, is more resistant than the standard.

The cover of the notebook can be made of plastic, cardboard, faux leather, polyester. There are various other options as well. You can even find some made of cork or of a mix of different materials.

If you want to give away a complete corporate gift, you can consider personalised notebooks or notepads with a pen or pencil. This idea is highly appreciated and comfortable. It ensures a high level of practicality and avoids that your writing accessories are lost.

You can complete your custom notepads yourself by adding a pen or pencil. In this case, you’ll be able to choose the model you prefer.

The number of pages of your notepad is important as well. The most common small notepads have around 50 pages. Diaries, on the other hand, have up to 150 pages. However, even in this case there are no set rules. So, you can choose to create your personalised promotional products based on what you prefer.

There are other options to take into account, too. For instance, by choosing an elastic band notebook, you can keep your diary closed. In this way, you’ll avoid accidental loss of sheets, receipts and any other small piece of paper that you put between the pages.

Another idea is to go for models which are equipped with memo sticks. Some have small compartments in which you can insert stationery or your smartphone.

Then you have memo sets, which are perfect for offices. However, they’re good items for the house, too, as they can always be at hand and ready to use to write down notes at any time.

How to Print Your Logo: Which Options to Choose Based on the Quality and Budget

First of all, you should keep one thing in mind. The size of the print area on the cover of a diary or notebook varies depending on the model you choose. Usually, the space for customisation is smaller than the total area.

Below are the 3 main printing methods and their features:

  • Pad printing
  • Screen printing
  • Full-colour led UV printing

Pad printing allows colour prints. It uses a silicone pad that releases ink when it's applied under pressure on a surface. It's one of the cheapest techniques, but still ensures good results. However, in the long run the printing may lose definition.

Screen printing allows significantly more resistant prints in two or more colours. The cost is average and the quality good. It can be carried out at different temperatures to ensure longer-lasting results.

The four-colour UV Led printing uses four colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Through the mix of these tones, about 70% of the colours visible to the human eye can be reproduced on paper. The end result is of high quality and lasts over time.

In general, on HiGift you can commission the production of a stock of personalised notepads with a rather limited budget. All of this getting quality results that your customers will no doubt appreciate.

Personalised diaries are often distributed to the company staff. They help create a more homogeneous and focused corporate image. Plus, they contribute to spread a greater sense of belonging among workers.

If your notepads are meant for the office work, you can customise them in order to meet the needs of the employee that will use them. For instance, you can ask for the pages to be divided into sections if this will help your employees sort the data better. In other words, your goal should be to make their work easier.

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