Promotional Touch Screen Gloves: How Custom Gloves Have Become the Must-Have Accessory for IT-Lovers

promotional touch screen gloves

Promotional Touch Screen Gloves – The Custom Gloves That Can Protect You from the Cold and Make You Experience Technology

Custom gloves are useful accessories to keep your hands warm, and we can’t do without them in winter. But they become a real gem when they include the touch screen function. Besides sheltering from the cold, promotional touch screen gloves allow you to easily use all mobile devices with a touch screen.

This is possible thanks to the inductive fabric they are made of. We generally find it on the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. It grants access to all the screen functions without any difficulty.

Now it's the time to chat, browse the internet or use your apps without taking your gloves off.

Promotional touch screen gloves are made with special acrylic materials which make them soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. Besides, they ensure the maximum degree of protection against lower temperatures and wind.

Among the custom gloves on HiGift, your find touch screen versions, too. These can go in the washing machine without losing their functionality. They're made with high quality seams that make the product resistant to both atmospheric and mechanical stresses. As a result, your promotional touch screen gloves will have a long life.

You can choose the model that best suits your needs depending on the features and purpose of use. You may be looking for custom gloves for children, men or women, as well as models suitable for outdoor sports activities.

Some types have a longer cuff, which protects you in the best possible way form the cold and humidity of winter.

These are the ideal corporate gifts for all those who wouldn't part from their smartphone for too long.

This item is useful and precious, since it responds to two crucial needs. The need to face the winter cold on the one hand and the need to stay connected all the time on the other.

We can't help but admit that technology now represents a very important part of our lives. Suffice it to think that the use of social networks and chats is increasingly frequent even at work. The communication via smartphone has by now become the main way to get in touch with the employees for most working realities.

Not surprisingly, there's an ever-increasing demand for this type of product. For this reason, custom gloves with the touch screen function are a great gift idea for relatives and friends.

If you don't know what to give to the people you love, they can prove to be a safe choice. Since mobile devices are now used by everyone, they will hardly prove wrong.

Custom Gloves with the Touch Screen Function: Everything You Need to Know About Them, from How they Work to the Way to Employ Them

custom gloves

Promotional touch screen gloves aren’t only a simple piece of clothing. In fact, they can be seen as a sort of evolution or adaptation of the textile industry to social changes and the new needs of consumers.

To understand how they work you need to know the mechanism of touch screens. We're able to interact with modern devices thanks to the electrical conductivity of our fingers. If this fails, our hands will no longer have any effect on the screen.

This is what happens when you use gloves made of insulating textile fibres, such as wool or other synthetic fabrics. These materials hinder the contact of the fingers with the screen. As a consequence, they make us unable to use the technological mechanism of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Promotional touch screen gloves, on the other hand, are made with a very special synthetic material on the thumb, the index and the middle finger. These parts are covered with special silver fibres that encourage electrical conduction. By doing so, they perfectly simulate the way our fingertips interact with the screen. In this way they allow us to use our technological devices at any time of the day, without suffering from the winter cold.

It may seem like an extra we can easily do without. However, it will suffice to stop for a moment and look around to understand how important it is use our touch screen even outdoors.

Not least because they're increasingly being applied in different contexts. Just think of public transport self-service ticket machines or of the touch screen tables that are used to make reservations in some places.

At this rate, it'll be increasingly common to find them in cities around the world with ever new functions. That's why promotional touch screen gloves are likely to become more and more popular in the future. They'll hardly prove to be a simple trend destined to fade. Thanks to their usefulness, custom gloves with the touch screen function are great gifts for a friend, but above all promotional products of great impact. It'll be very easy to amaze your employees with such a tech object in step with the times!

How to Choose the Best Model of Promotional Touch Screen Gloves: A Couple of Tips

Although it's a fairly recent type of product, many different models of promotional touch screen gloves are already available on the market. They mainly differ for design and functionality.

Before the purchase we suggest you make sure that you're clear about your needs and expectations, in order to identify the best model for you.

Among the types of the most coveted custom gloves with the touch screen function we find sports models, which are specific for outdoor sports activities. They can be used for camping and hiking or for skiing, trail running or climbing.

They're often made of polyester microfibre because of its tensile strength.

In general, these custom gloves are able to keep your hands perfectly warm and ensure a firm grip on the surfaces. Needless to say, this quality is essential when performing exercises and movements.

This type of promotional touch screen gloves is designed so as to ensure an optimised experience while you're doing sport – or even just when you're on the bike. Precisely for this reason the touch screen function is often limited to the essentials. That is to say, the electroconductive fabric is used exclusively for the thumb and forefinger.

Their palm is often reinforced, so as to ensure a firmer and safer grip. Custom sports gloves are ideal corporate gifts for a sports shop or a mountain hotel in winter.

Eco-friendly touch screen gloves, on the other hand, are made with recycled fleece. This material is very comfortable and can warm your hands perfectly. It’s breathable and gives an excellent feeling of comfort and well-being.

The common gloves rather focus on the aesthetic performance instead. They're designed to enhance your outfit. Their shape is generally classic and quite refined. This means that they look sober and elegant, but at the same time simple and not excessively chic. In this way they can adapt perfectly to any style of clothing.

These promotional touch screen gloves are then the best choice for any company that wants to impress its employees or its customers with special corporate gifts.

Depending on the target you want to distribute your promotional products to, or the person that will receive this high tech gift, you can choose the most suitable type of custom gloves with touch screen function. Just go to our page, find the model that best meets your needs and customise it with your logo or the name of your loved one!

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