Personalised Wallets for Men: The Ideal Gift for Father's Day

personalised wallets Father's Day

Personalised Wallets Can Be the Ideal Gift for Father's Day

Father's Day is approaching, and more and more people are looking for the perfect gift. Choosing our personalised wallets could be a great idea. They're a classic and always fashionable products, still in high demand and highly customisable.

Flexible in material, shape and size, they're perfect for any need, personality and taste, besides being affordable for all budgets.

To amaze people who care about you, simply adapt and personalise one of the many existing models with a logo, an image, a writing or something representative for you. In this way you can be close to your father every day and convey your affection to him every time he uses his personalised wallet.

On the HiGift catalogue you can find the ideal model to customise, with a wide choice ranging from handbags to cases, up to envelope models. The materials are various as well, from leather to microfibre, with different closures such as zip or key rings.

A Gift Suitable for Every Situation and With A Certain Result

Personalised wallets can also be perfect as corporate gifts, personalised items or promotional products.
Thanks to the tools available on HiGift, you can even preview your personalisation and modify it as you wish.

To do this, simply click on the red button with the words "Try your logo" on the product sheet of each item. A page will be loaded that opens a graphic draft, where you can try various solutions until you find the perfect formula for your needs.

You can then save this graphic draft in your personal area, so that it's always available online. If, on the other hand, you want to always have it at hand offline, you can download it comfortably.

Besides, a professional print preview will be provided within 24 hours of order confirmation. In this way, you can always check the design and manufacture of your personalised product.

On the page dedicated to each customisable product, you can also find information about stock availability, printing variables, prices, dimensions, delivery times and other specifications. The platform then provides a direct connection with manufacturers, which can be contacted via chat, email or phone number.

Usually, however, the information offered on the site is clear and sufficient to create your own personalised product in total autonomy.

Quotes And Payments: Fast Communication and Reliable Prizes

custom wallets

Once you have created the perfect personalised wallet to impress your dad and celebrate his day, you can immediately have a quote on the gift you created. In this case too, the platform provides all the necessary tools so that the customer can obtain these data quickly and accurately, but above all in total autonomy.

To do this, you just need to click on the red button that will open the specially designed window. With a few clicks, answering a few questions such as item quantity, favourite colour, prints, colours of the logo or images inserted, you will get an accurate quote, which you can download.

The same applies if you buy multiple products of different types. It will be enough to access the cart to get the quote with the amount obtained from the sum of all the required items.

Customisation Templates and Techniques

The customisation of the logo or images inserted can be made in different ways. As for the colour, you can see your gift with black, white or colourful prints. On the site you can also choose the technique with which the required print will be applied on the wallet. You can decide between transfer, digital printing and screen printing.

For each product and each print, the product sheet recommends which technique is best and how to best apply your logo, considering the material and size of the gift required.

Transfer printing consists of transferring the chosen decorative motif onto the fabric from the paper. The process involves combining paper and fabric during the passage in the calender and is perfect for synthetic fibre objects.

With digital printing, on the other hand, the print is generated electronically, and the ink needed to print the logo is applied directly on the object, colouring its fibres.

Screen printing allows you to apply only one print colour at a time. For this reason, complex drawings are broken down into individual colours. A transparent film will then be made with the image to be printed on it.

How To Order Personalised Wallets on HiGift

To order a HiGift product you must register on the site. At this point, simply log in to the account you have created and choose the item you want. In this case, you will have to choose the desired wallet and customise it considering your father's tastes.

You will then need to specify all the details listed above and confirm the order. Within 24 hours you will receive a draft of a professional print made by the company's experts, which if confirmed will be the guide for the creation of the desired object.

This procedure is free and does not bind the production of your personalised items, so that you can still make changes. Following the approval, you will have to wait a period of about 15 or 17 days to receive the personalised gift at the address indicated. The products are, if requested, already shipped in gift boxes, ready to be delivered to your father.

All products are made following European quality certifications and in compliance with specific guidelines, proof of product conformity, and taking great care in making objects that respect the environment and are safe and resistant.

Come and find out all our models!

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