Personalised Photo Notebooks: An Ideal Gift for Adults and Kids

personalised photo notebooks

Create Personalised Notebooks with Your Favourite Photos!

Everybody loves art. Each of us has a favourite painting and now you can always take it with you, in a very simple way. Personalised notebooks define a style and stimulate the mind with colours and writings. They make these rather ordinary but always useful gifts magical and unique.

But notebook covers can welcome way more than the art of the greatest painters. They can be printed with your own drawings and photos as well! Making a gift unique has become really fun and is always appreciated.

What Are the Advantages of Giving Personalised Photo Notebooks?

A simple and effective gift is often kept and used. In this way, it keeps alive the memory of those who made the gift, especially for kids!

This kind of personalised notebooks are taken everywhere and at any time. They're a great idea to impress your girlfriend if you customise them with the photo of the two of you. Nature lovers will love a notebook with the image of animals, plants and landscapes on the cover.

The same applies to any area. Art, sports, and music lovers can all receive an ad hoc personalised notebook with the photo that best represents their tastes and passions.

And, as it's easy to guess, they're excellent promotional products as well. Companies can give them to employees and customers. They'll just need to bet on the launch product, on an image representative of the brand 's mission or on a shot that portrays the whole team to make significant corporate gifts.

Strengthen Friendships by Showing How Much You Know About Your Dear Ones

We all have our own preferences, regardless of our age. It can be the favourite cartoon or band, and anything that passionate us.

Customising a notebook with the right photo won't only be appreciated by those who receive it because it's in line with their tastes. Instead, it'll be able to strengthen the relationship that binds you both, too.

It'll make your friend or grandchild, wife or daughter understand that you listen to them and take their preferences to heart. A simple but very effective way to show affection and attention towards Your Loved Ones.

Are You a Passionate or a Professional Photographer? Your Shots Will Be in the Spotlight

personalised notebooks

We all take pictures during the day. Some find it more interesting than others, some develop a real passion. Your shots can become the protagonists if they're printed on your personalised notebooks. For instance:

  • Imagine a wedding. What better way to remember it than with a photograph? You can take it forever with you by simply having it printed on a notebook cover. Then you can give your personalised photo notebooks to all your guests to make the event unforgettable!
  • Children don't always love family pictures. However, when they grow up, they want to see them. Photo notebooks are a great way to bring the family always with you. They also give you the possibility to write a text next to each image, so as to make the moment even more detailed.
  • Do you love taking pictures of your pet? Your kid will have a notebook that will amaze classmates.

    In short, anyone can create photo notebooks and make it a unique and very personal object. They can be used as a joke for bachelor parties as well. You'll just need to pick some fun photos - perhaps of moments spent together - and you'll have an amazing party.

    HiGift – Our Offer

    HiGift is a company specialised in the online supply of promotional products and customisable objects. Our prices are competitive, and our goal is to offer a quality personalisation service, both for corporate gifts and gift ideas.

    Companies and individuals can count on original products and prints made with the best techniques.

    Besides notebooks we have thousands of other products such as bags, pens, USB flash drives and many other categories of corporate gifts. This variety will allow you to have a wide choice of products, all of which are highly customisable.

    Personalisation is an entirely online process. This means that you won't have to go to the store, but you can upload your file directly to the site and follow the steps of printing. In all this, you'll also be able to view a graphic draft of the end product.

    What Types of Notebooks Can You Find on the Website?

    Personalised notebooks are a significant and cheap gift idea. On HiGift the choice is very wide and includes objects of all kinds, able to satisfy adults and children, a loved one and a customer, a group of friends and the work team.

    We've selected two options that stand out for being the most particular ones. They present innovative and technological features from which everyone can benefit. Those who'll receive them as gifts can only cherish the combination of utility and originality.

    Personalised Eco Notebooks with a Classic Design

    Are you intrigued by a traditional look but careful about sustainability?

    Our cork notebooks are a gift with a negligible environmental impact. They're a safe choice to satisfy environmentalists and spread awareness among those who don't care about choosing eco-friendly products. Besides, personalised eco notebooks can teach our children the importance of picking the right materials.

    Engraving and printing are the techniques available to customise your cork notebooks. Printing, in particular, is possible up to four colours. Whatever the method you select, you'll have a personal and impactful gift. You can engrave and print both the front and the back of your notebooks.

    Notebooks with Chargers

    A detail that will save your friends, especially those who tend to leave things at home or who aren't so careful about charging their phone when they have the opportunity for it. These custom notebooks allow to charge your phones wherever you are!

    Their cover is made of polyester and has a USB-C type connection. You can customise them with a colour on the front. With this promotional product or gift idea, you'll be forever in the hearts of those who receive it.

    Are Personalised Notebooks Good Birthday Presents?

    Imagine that you're still going to school and that it's your birthday or that of a friend of yours. Children and teens usually hate school products as gifts, but you can turn this trend around in an original and fun way.

    A personalised notebook can arouse joy and help them to understand in the blink of an eye what subject it's dedicated to. Preparing the rucksack will be very easy and there will be almost no room for mistakes!

    What Impact Do Personalised Notebooks Have on Everyday Life?

    Our nowadays society is full of objects that look just the same. Factories create millions of products which are identical to each other and meant to be distributed in the various supermarkets and stores.

    A European study has found that we prefer spending money on personalised gifts. This indicates that we're tired of the usual objects and prefer customised ones.

    The best way to leave your mark is to prove to those who'll receive your present that you know their tastes and preferences. A notebook with a writing – which can be the scout motto or the name of the favourite band – will turn a simple notebook into a memory that will last over the years.

    HiGift is based on memory. While it allows you to customise your gifts, it also gives you the possibility to leave your own mark.

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