Personalised Keyrings with Photo: A Gift Idea for Mother's and Father's Day

personalised keyrings photo

Nowadays we can find keychains of all kinds, including personalised keyrings with photo that can be used as a gift for moms or dads.

Actually, the origin of these items dates back to the Victorian era, when extensive used was made of oval or heart-shaped pendants. They were a little, precious treasure, as they contained the picture of a loved one, generally a girl or a child.

We imagined them reading historical novels and saw them in costume dramas. They were priceless objects, not necessarily for their manufacture but rather for the emotions they aroused and the bond they sealed. Stories often present them as the key to the plot. They're small jewels that usually reveal the unexpected noble origin of a foundling and allow him to reunite with his lost family.

The image of a loved one is very important to us. We keep it as a talisman, and we let ourselves be joined and comforted by it in hard times. Think of the soldier who kisses the photo of the distant girlfriend, which he jealously keep in his wallet.

So, the habit of carrying the image of a loved one with ourselves is way older than the invention of photography.

Certainly this discovery has made it easier for this practice to spread and reach a large number of people. However, other new technologies developed in our age too have played their part in the diffusion of this custom. They opened uncountable possibilities for anyone who wants to have a souvenir of a dear person by their side at all time.

Custom Printing Services: Corporate Gifts and Beyond

Today, digital printing, together with various and lesser-known techniques, allows us to bring images everywhere with us. This is not only possible on personalised calendars, but on a variety of other objects as well. Take for instance mugs and t-shirts, which are highly customisable and so precious gift ideas and promotional products.

The possibilities to make an item special with personalisation are endless, and almost any type of object is suitable for it. However, today we want to talk about one in particular, which is not by chance one of the most coveted promotional products and gift ideas: the keychain.

The reason for its popularity are not hard to guess. How many times a day do we use keys? And how many times do they happen under our eyes?

Personalised keyrings include all the features of the perfect corporate gifts. They're always useful, sometimes prestigious but always affordable, and handy. With all these qualities, they promote an almost unique brand visibility.

And, if we think about it, these characteristics aren’t only enticing for an entrepreneur, an office or a business manager.

Professional Life and Private Life: Looking for the Perfect Gift

Customising an object may seem like an expensive choice, but it isn't necessarily so. Nor is it mandatory to buy personalised items in large quantities. At HiGift, for instance, we provide an accurate customisation service for single products as well.

And that's why personalised keyrings are a smart gift idea for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

After all, how many times do we see a mother or a father holding a photo of their kids on their phones? And what's the picture that stands on the night table or on the office desk?

Parents are happy by just looking at the pic of their children any time they wish or even by chance.

Whether they see their kids often or not, they try to keep these photos as close as possible to their eyes. They’re a great comfort at all times and always get a smile out of parents.

A Thousand Options, One Object Only: Why Customise Keyrings?

personalised photo keyrings

There are various current versions of the romantic Victorian jewel mentioned at the beginning. Besides the vintage items suitable for lovers of a retro style, many designers and jewellery manufacturers have tried to create new models of these pendants in order to make them more contemporary.

So, even today, it's not uncommon to come across a pendant or a brooch with photos. However, these are often precious objects suitable for particular occasions. Plus, they’re not as versatile and useful as keyrings are.

It’s worth remembering that a jewel must be matched. Personalised keyrings, on the other hand, will always be in your pocket or bag. In this way, they can be taken everywhere and in every moment, without worrying about how they’ll look with the outfit of the day.

This doesn't mean, however, that keyrings are of poor quality. On the contrary, there are models for any type of taste and need. Some are of great value for their workmanship and the materials of which they're made. Others are perfectly affordable and still very good.

In short, a keychain can be many things. There are models for all tastes and needs and – like all useful gifts – they're always appreciated by those who receive them.

How Can You Create and Buy Personalised Promotional Products and Gift Ideas Online?

The first step towards creating a personalised gift is to choose an image. Keep in mind that it’ll be the focus of your gift. So take your time to select the proper one with the greatest care, keeping an eye to quality as well.

Then click on the object you wish to customise on the web page – you can just click on this link to go to our Home Page.

There you'll see items with more functions too. You may be attracted by USB sticks keychains, by the more classic bottle opener keyrings or the always useful trolley coins.

Now select the object you're interested in and check its material, shape and size. These elements will influence the personalisation that you can apply, so they're relevant for the use that you want to make of your custom keychain.

Once you've made your choice, you can go on to customise it. An intuitive software will guide you step by step in the choice of colours, backgrounds, writings – if you want – and, finally, in the placement of the image.

Here you can get a first idea of how the small project will look like in the end.

Once saved, it'll be reviewed by the company's consultants and technicians. They'll check if it's possible to make it, then send you a new draft which will be even closer to the final result. In doing so, they'll correct any design errors, if necessary.

Customisation Online: What to Keep in Mind

Personalised promotional products and gift ideas are a booming industry. For this reason, the choice of professionals in this field is vast and can be discouraging. But all it takes is the right information, a little common sense, and a dash of instinct to make sure you're in good hands.

At HiGift we try to be as transparent as possible with our customers. The price list for the standard product is clearly visible. Then, a quote will be generated automatically based on the requested customisation.

The same goes for shipping times. Customisation takes a while. It's usually 15 to 20 working days until the personalised product is delivered. You have to take them into account during your purchase, especially if you need your custom gift for a special event.

Choose Personalised Keyrings to Hit the Mark

So, why should you opt for a personalised keyring with photo as a gift idea for Mother's Day or Father's Day?

First of all because, as we've seen, nothing is more precious than the portrait of loved ones.

Secondly, it's an object that's with us every day. Think of how many times we get in and out of our home, car, and office. For each of these occasions – and even more – a keychain can help us find the set of keys that we need in the blink of an eye.

Besides, if you’re thinking of giving personalised keyrings, you can choose from a variety of materials and designs. It'll be quite easy to meet the tastes and needs of the recipient with just a little exploration!

Finally, a fast and inexpensive service such as digital printing will allow you to create a touching and meaningful gift.

This step will make your personalised keyrings unique, and the photo will turn them into a special gift with which to convey all your affection. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our page and start with the creation of your personalised photo keyrings!

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