World Family Day: Treat Yourself to Unique Moments with a Custom Photo Puzzle

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Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles: Why a Custom Photo Puzzle Is a Great Idea for Your Family Party

There is Mother's Day and Father's Day. But what about a day to celebrate all family members? Well, there's a day for that too, and it's World Family Day!

It's celebrated on May 15 every year. This is a great opportunity to celebrate not only your family, but all the families in the world!

What's World Family Day?

This day celebrates the importance of the family, people, society, and cultures around the world. Its purpose is to raise awareness about issues related to families all over the globe.

On this day we need to stop and reflect about all struggling families, and perhaps think of an effective way to help them. However, you should also take a moment to think about your family and be grateful for all that's good about it.

There are no traditions to follow, so everyone can celebrate this day as they wish. What matters is celebrating your family, recognising the meaning it has for you and your role within it.

Usually, during World Family Day, or in the days immediately before, awareness-raising events, broadcasts and media reports are held concerning the family and the relevance of this institution in the social and economic dynamics of each nation.

We should remember that we are talking about the most important and the oldest of all social institutions. Family, in other words, plays a crucial role in the life of everyone.

Why Is This Day Important?

The family supports individuals during growth, in the most delicate years of life, until they become adults. And while not all families are the same, and there are no perfect families, there is at least one reason why anyone should be grateful to have one.

Moreover, we should bear in mind that the family is not only made up of blood ties. Many consider family a group of people that are no relatives, but that make them feel understood, protected and loved, nonetheless.

There is no definition for the people you love and there is no single definition of family. What characterises a family is love, mutual respect and constant support.

How to Celebrate Family Day

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We have seen the meaning of World Family Day and why it's important to celebrate it. But how can we celebrate this day? What's the best way to spend it?

Obviously, no activity is right or wrong. Everyone can choose what to do with their loved ones.

What matters most is spending time with your family, perhaps reading a book and looking at old photo albums.

You can organise picnics or trips, or you can visit relatives who are no longer there, to keep their memory alive.

It's important to show closeness to your loved ones. You can make a visit to your family, if they are not too far away, or make a phone call or a video call all together.

If you love to show affection and gratitude with original and delicious gifts, you can find different ideas on our website.

A nice way to spend this day and celebrate with your family is to organise a game all together: an idea could be to create a custom photo puzzle.

Original personalised jigsaw puzzles are good options as well. Different from usual, they can be three-dimensional, made of wood or colouring paper. Some have rotating pieces, too. The options to create personalised puzzles for the family are multiple. They satisfy all tastes and will surely surprise young and old ones!

What Are Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Personalised puzzles are entertainment items that can be given to anyone. They are often appreciated by both adults and children.

As they allow you to choose the subject you prefer as well as to devise a specific drawing or message, you will likely surprise whoever the gift is meant for.

The difference between a common puzzle and a custom photo puzzle lies in the uniqueness of the latter. Personalised puzzles are tailored to one person, who will receive an authentic and original surprise. A perfect idea for families!

HiGift Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

On the HiGift website, you can see a wide range of personalised puzzles and choose the template you like most, according to shape, material and colours. Not only that. You can choose the size of the pieces of the puzzle, too. Small, medium or large are the options.

In the specific area of the website there are several ideas and custom models from which to get inspired. You can contact the staff directly as well, by email, telephone or chat.

Information about the quantities available in stock, printing options, prices and the precise dimensions of the available personalised jigsaw puzzles can all be found on the relevant page of the item of interest.

Besides, you can make custom quotes and graphic drafts yourself. In this way, you'll have an idea of the final product, before proceeding with the purchase. This helps you avoid any mistakes and make sure that your custom photo puzzle conforms to the one you have imagined.

Moreover, on HiGift you can receive a sample before ordering your personalised jigsaw puzzles. The cost for this will be shown in the price summary.

Plus, the higher the amount of custom jigsaw puzzles ordered, the lower the overall cost will get. A great advantage, considering that personalised puzzles are very cheap in any case.

To order custom jigsaw puzzles just register on the site or log in and choose the preferred puzzle. Once you've opened the product tab, click on the red button to calculate the quote.

Then you have to specify the quantity you want to buy and – if you wish – the colour and type of printing. Now just follow all steps until you get the final quote. Finally, you have to confirm the order to proceed with the purchase.

The staff will make a free print draft, to show how the finished custom photo puzzle will turn out. Once approved, production will begin, and your personalised jigsaw puzzles will be delivered in 15-20 business days.

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