Personalised magnets with photos, designs or writing: an ideal gift for baptisms and first communions

custom magnets with different forms

Personalised gifts: a cheap and winning idea for your favours

The choice of favours to give to the guests of an event is a very important factor in organising a successful ceremony: personalised magnets, cutting boards, pens... the choice is wide. Let's find out more.

Whether we are talking about a baptism or a wedding, but also about a communion or an anniversary party, we find ourselves having to choose from thousands of options that, instead of clarifying ideas, contribute to confusing them.

The choice of the right wedding favour can depend on numerous factors; for example, some people choose according to the usefulness of the object, others decide based on a purely aesthetic reason.

There are also objects that meet multiple needs at the same time and that represent a welcome gift on every occasion.

Let's talk, for example, about personalised magnets, which are useful at home, beautiful to look at and help to recall pleasant memories related to festive situations and important celebrations.

They are objects that last over time and that carry with them positive emotions and vibrations; just look at them to return in a moment with the memory of joyful moments lived in the company of people we love, such as weddings, baptisms, communions and many other occasions.

Magnets are very common in Italian homes and help to give colour to environments; they are the number one souvenir that is generally purchased during trips and holidays and very often end up decorating the refrigerator in the kitchen. 

In some cases they are artistic creations that are the result of complex craftsmanship and can become rare and sought-after collectibles. There are also numerous games for children that use magnets to entertain and amuse the little ones.

Over the years we have witnessed an exponential spread of magnets personalized with photos and writings, frequently made for promotional and advertising purposes and used to promote the brand of a company or a specific product.

These objects are increasingly also chosen as favours, especially on the occasion of baptisms and communions, since they represent a pleasant and economical solution that is well suited to the cheerful spirit of a party that has a child as its protagonist.

Personalised magnets with photos and writing: a winning choice and suitable for all occasions

Try to answer this question: what is a favour for?
It is an object given during a celebration and is intended to leave a tangible memory to the participants, allowing those who own it to recall the pleasant sensations linked to a particular moment in life.

The word "bonboniere" has French origins and comes from the word "bonbonnière" which literally means bon-bon container. The term indicates a box (which was often made using precious and precious materials) containing small sweets that were given to the bride and groom just after the wedding, as a wish for good luck.

Calamite con forme personalizzabili

Over time, this custom has spread from France to other countries, gradually changing its form and nowadays it has come to turn tradition upside down; in fact, at the end of a ceremony or in general of a special event, it is nowadays used to distribute favors to guests, both as a gesture of affection and as a memory of the party spent together.

The tradition of giving favors is now deeply rooted in Italian culture, so much so that there are even professional courses that teach everything you need to know to become professionals in this sector.

Those who decide to embark on this professional career will often find themselves working closely with other key figures working in the world of event organisation, such as the wedding planner or florist.

Even in the world of wedding favors there are trends and fashions that are constantly evolving and personalised magnets are always a welcome solution for the guests who receive them; a small gift that allows you to be customised in shape, in the type of coating, but above all in aesthetics.

Custom magnets are also given away at international celebrity weddings; not everyone knows that a fridge magnet was present along with other goodies in the kit that in 2018 was distributed to guests at Harry and Meghan's royal wedding and immediately became a cult object, sought after and bought at a golden weight in the online market by collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

The best advantage of choosing a personalised magnet as a favour is the freedom of being able to print anything on its external surface, with virtually infinite choice; images, texts or both can be printed at will, with a result that lasts over time.

Both in the case of a baptism and a first communion, you can opt for a photo of the birthday boy or girl, perhaps accompanied by a short phrase carefully chosen and that refers to the spirit of the celebration.

If you are short of ideas in this regard, a quick search on the net is enough to find sites that suggest effective phrases suitable for any type of occasion.

In any case, it is not mandatory to print a photo of the parties, but you can choose any image considered important and appropriate to the situation; the style is totally customizable, both for those who love a classic approach and for those who want to express their creativity through original combinations of shapes and colors; the limit is imagination!

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