Looking for a Valentine's gift? Create a photo mug or custom cups with name and writing and amaze your partner

personalised mugs valentine's gift

Why Should You Choose Personalised Mugs as Your Valentine's Gift?

Giving custom cups or a photo mug as a Valentine's gift is a perfect idea in many ways.

First of all, the couple can share a pair of personalised mugs if they live together as well as they still are in separate houses.

In the first case, it will be a lot of fun to use them in the morning during breakfast or in the evening for some herbal tea or hot chocolate before going to sleep. And what about a home cinema night? A photo mug or custom cups will make this moment even more magical.

Besides, if you create personalised mugs with your and your partner's names or initials, you will both have your own cup and can use them together. This is a good way to feel closer to each other. The mug becomes a small accessory for the household, and it gives a touch of intimacy even in the most common moments in daily life.

Finally, choosing to buy personalised mugs with a writing printed on them can be a great idea to express one's affection to the partner every day.

How to Create Your Custom Cups: Some Ideas

On the Internet, you can find a lot of ideas as to how to create your personalised mugs and turn them into your perfect Valentine's gift. The possibilities are many. You can personalise your cups in a simple and classic way, but you find some suggestions on how to make a creative and complex customisation as well.

In general, however, it is possible to group these ideas in three different categories. Let's begin with the simplest way to customise a mug. You can print a single phrase, a photo or a name and create your custom cup with little trouble.

Another option is to customise cups and mugs with a photo and a writing or a name. So you may have, for instance, a photo mug with your partner's name, which will make the gift even more personal. Following the same pattern, you can also create personalised mugs by printing names and phrases on them.

Finally, some custom cups are the fruit of a mix of creativity. These show a collage of photos or a combination of pictures, names and phrases. You can even print a whole text on your custom cups. The most common idea is that of applying the lyrics of a song, but any significant text goes well.

How to Turn Your Personalised Mugs into Eye-Catching Valentine's Gifts

If you want to give you partner a custom cup as a Valentine's gift, you'll need some information to make sure that they'll like the final result.

First of all, you need to know their tastes. We're talking, for instance, about preferences as for the colours and fonts for the writing. The print will make your personalised mugs look unique. The more this will appeal to those who receive it, the more your gift will be appreciated and win your partner’s heart.

If you want to customise your mug with phrases, you will need to know any song lyrics that your sweetheart is fond of. Or you can go for a quote that represents them or which they particularly like. Based on all this information, you can give free rein to your imagination and proceed with the creation of your personalised mugs.

How to Customise Your Mugs

custom cups with photo

The customisation phase includes several steps.
First of all you need to choose the type of cup you wish to customise. There are teacups, coffee cups, or larger mugs among the others.

Before selecting the model you prefer, you will have to consider how you think your mug or cup will be used. Personalised mugs and custom cups can be useful every day for sipping a hot drink, but they make attractive ornaments and pen holders, too.

Your partner's habits will guide you in your choice. Are they more of a tea or a coffee guy? Do they love sipping some tea or coffee during their day or enjoying some herbal tea before going to sleep? Maybe they're no tea or coffee lovers, but they have a passion for pens and pencils or for decorating their house with a refined and personal touch.

Based on these considerations, you can choose the perfect custom cups or personalised mugs. From coffee cups to classic teacups, HiGift's selection includes many models. There is no shortage of original types, such as thermal mugs. Moreover, mugs in general will look great as pen holders on the desk thanks to their size.

Choosing the model means choosing the material as well. Among others, you'll find custom cups made of glass, ceramic, and aluminium. The options available are different and they all guarantee maximum quality.

Now it's time to move on to customising the items you selected. At this stage you can choose the positioning, the font and the colour of the name or writing, which image to apply and how big it should be. You can also create your own collage, if this is the type of customisation you want. This step is of outmost relevance. It makes the object unique and personal and for this reason it should be given greatest attention.

Why Should You Buy Personalised Mugs Online as Valentine's Gift

Personalised mugs, like other Valentine's gifts, are available in both physical and online stores. The latter option, however, offers you a much wider range of products and options, especially when it comes to customisation.

On our HiGift website, in particular, you will find a huge variety of products, which are all customisable with different printing techniques. Besides cups and mugs, you can find for example personalised keyrings. Some allow you to add a photo, other are heart-shaped. No matter the type, these objects are perfect as Valentine's gifts even in their simplest version. All you have to do to turn them into unique accessories is to engrave your partner's name or initials on them.

Why Choose HiGift

The reasons for choosing HiGift are not limited to the extensive catalogue available. The variety of customisations offered is very important too, because it gives you the opportunity to create the Valentine's gift that best suits your wishes.

One of the great advantages of customising an item on HiGift is that you can preview a simulation of the finished product. This feature is very important, because it allows you to determine to what extent the end result matches the one you had in mind. By changing the position, font, size and colour of the writing or image, you can achieve the perfect gift and be 100% satisfied with your creation.

In short, you can customise your cups to your liking. Besides the great flexibility offered with the customisation, through the site you can request a quote as well. Thanks to this service you can get a picture as reliable as possible before your purchase.

Cost and Shipping

One of the advantages of buying personalised mugs and custom cups is their low cost. The starting price, i.e. the price of the neutral product, is quite negligible. Customisation, for sure, comes at a price, and the more complex it is, the more you will spend. In any case, the final price will never be too high but always affordable instead.

We ensure the manufacture and shipment of the products in fifteen/twenty working days. Moreover, from the moment of shipment, you'll receive a code with which you can track your package.

In conclusion, buying personalised mugs or custom cups as Valentine's gifts is a great idea to give something unique and heartfelt to your partner. The result will be a special accessory that will express your affection, because creating a custom object requires commitment and the desire to amaze.

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