Your students are going to be back to school soon: give them personalised bookmarks!

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The return to school is always exciting for students, parents and teachers. Giving children and teenagers their personalised bookmarks could greatly improve the way they will start their new school year. 

As the beginning of classes approaches, it is important to think about how to make this moment special for your students. An original and useful idea is to give them personalised bookmarks. 

Custom bookmarks are a unique and original gift idea that your students will surely like. All bookmarks can be printed with the students' names or with a picture of your choice. Besides, bookmarks are useful gifts to help students keep track of the pages of the book they are reading or using during the lesson. In this way, they won't lose the thread. 

Custom bookmarks can be used as a tool to promote your school as well. You can create your own personalised bookmarks by printing the school logo or some motivational messages for students. In this way, students will be able to proudly show their printed bookmarks to friends and family, promoting your school as a natural consequence. 

Kids' back to school: how to make it more cheerful with your personalised bookmarks

It's in particular for kids that the back-to-school moment can be exciting, but quite challenging as well. After months of fun, getting back into the school routine can be a difficult change to accept.

Of course, everything can be easier if you make this moment more cheerful and lively, and that's exactly what personalised bookmarks help us with. With their cute look, any bookmark can welcome students back to school, especially if printed with bright colours or fun prints. 

Many children may feel sad because with the beginning of the school year, they will have to leave summer vacation behind and resume school lessons and commitments. Also, for some, getting up early in the morning and following a routine can be stressful.

Custom bookmarks can encourage these students to make the best of their school experience. Kids can slowly become attached to their brand new custom bookmarks, which can be printed with the logo or a motivational or witty phrase. If they are stimulated to use their new study accessories, they can turn school days into a fun experience. 

Other children, on the other hand, may be excited about going back to school to see their friends and start a new school year. School, after all, can be an opportunity to make new acquaintances and learn new and interesting things. For these students, personalised bookmarks are small but meaningful extras that will make the whole school year special

We all face the return from vacation, both at school and at work, and we often get overwhelmed by the idea of the routine, the commitments, the stress to which both the study and the work activity subject us. But it's important to know that getting back from vacation can give us a chance to start with new strength and motivation.

The right accessories help us with this, and custom bookmarks are the perfect solution for schools. All personalised bookmarks will show students that they can still have fun even at school. 

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Among the possibilities to make the back-to-school moment easier, parents and teachers can make personalised gifts which are useful for studying. Custom bookmarks are perfect because, besides being useful for school, they can be printed in a fun way, so as to make the return to school less stressful and actually more motivating. 

What are you waiting for? If you're a teacher or if you run a school, give your students cute little personalised bookmarks to put in their books! Printed with your logo or a representative image of your school, they can also be great gifts to promote it. Keep on reading to find out how! 

Top Tips for Promoting a School with Custom Bookmarks

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Personalised bookmarks are an easy and convenient way to promote a school. Here are some tips to make the most of these personalised gifts: 

  • Choose an eye-catching design. The design of your personalised bookmarks should represent your school visually, so make sure it's attractive and catches the attention of all. 
  • Add important information. Along with the name and image of the school, your custom bookmarks may be printed with information such as address, phone number, and website. 
  • Give away your printed bookmarks. You can offer your personalised bookmarks as a free gift to students as well as to teachers, parents, and members of local communities. Giving away custom bookmarks with your logo will help promote your school because it'll make it known to everyone. 
  • Use printed bookmarks during events. After making your custom bookmarks, distribute them during school events, book fairs and open days. 
  • Give away your personalised bookmarks in public places. Distributed in libraries, bookstores and community centres, custom bookmarks will act as perfect promotional products and reach a wider audience. 

If you follow these tips, personalised bookmarks can become an effective marketing tool to promote a school and spread the word about it. And if you want to find other custom gifts to help with your promotion, you'll be amazed by promotional pins as gifts for events!  

Tips for Building a Positive Teacher-Student Relationship: How to Motivate with Custom Bookmarks 

The teacher-student relationship is critical to ensuring that the learning environment is positive and productive. While giving the class personalised bookmarks is an excellent strategy to start the school year at best, each teacher must do their best to make students feel comfortable even during classes on the other hand.

If, besides giving students printed bookmarks, you want to give your best throughout the year, here are some tips to improve your relationship with students: 

  • Listen to your students: Actively listen to what your students have to say and show them that you are interested in their opinions and thoughts. 
  • Be positive: the teacher leads by example. So, conveying positivity and optimism is very important. Keep a positive attitude towards them and encourage them to succeed. 
  • Be fair: treat all your students the same and strive for everyone to have the same opportunities to succeed in teaching activities. 
  • Communicate effectively: Make sure that your communication with the class is clear and concise, so that you students understand what is being asked of them. 
  • Be helpful: Try to help your students when they need it and encourage them to ask for help. 
  • Be creative: Use creative and fun teaching methods to keep the class interested. 
  • Listen carefully: Be a good listener when your students need to speak. 

One of the advantages of making custom printed bookmarks is that you can often print a sentence on them, as well as the school logo or funny drawings. You can take advantage of this possibility to encourage students to express their opinions, to not be overwhelmed by failure, to find creative and unique ways to approach school life, and to try to achieve their goals. So, personalised bookmarks can be an opportunity to constantly remind students of their value and potential. 

Conclusion: the advantages of making personalised bookmarks for your school

In conclusion, custom printed bookmarks represent a unique and lasting gift that your students can always keep with them, remembering the school and the teachers.

If printed with meaningful phrases, bookmarks can become reminders, able to relieve students in their hard times and give them new energy. Personalised bookmarks can then even become a friend, if they carry a positive and encouraging message. Your students won't easily forget about them, just as they will long remember the school from which they received those unique custom bookmarks. 

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