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St. Patrick's Day decorations

St. Patrick's Day is the Irish holiday par excellence. The city turns green and brims with themed personalised items. At the beginning, it was a commemoration of the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, while today it's one of the most appreciated and celebrated national holidays all over the world.

Every year, on March 17th, Ireland turns green. From city parades to food and clothes, all is painted with this colour. And this has by now become a symbol of both Ireland and this day – together with the shamrock.

However, the celebrations are not limited only to this island. St. Patrick is the patron of Boston in the US as well. Besides, in Canada, the city of Montreal celebrates this day in homage to the many Irish people who live there – interestingly, the flag of the city itself depicts a shamrock!

personalised sports items

Marketing and Personalised Corporate Gifts – Why Are They Useful to Enhance Your Company

One of the crucial aspects to take into account when organizing a sporting event is the choice of custom sports accessories to give away. People who take part in a sport-related event or party will be excited to get back home with a souvenir of their experience.

The most common sports item in this case is a personalised t-shirt. Together with tank tops, they’re among the most loved promotional products in all sectors. They belong to the most popular custom sports items as well. However, the choice is much wider. Sportswear includes various accessories, such as items used during workouts.

Personalised Coasters: Better Homemade or Professionally Customised?

Christmas is coming and you are thinking of displaying some wonderful personalised coasters on your table? The result will no doubt surprise friends and family visiting you for lunch or dinner. But how to create these cute, little accessories?

You'll probably be tempted by the idea of creating them yourself. However exciting, creating custom objects at home can face you with several challenges. Beside experience, you need the right equipment, especially if you aim for a quality result.

Colours, glue and materials of different types will have to be placed on your table to craft creative and functional coasters.

In this article, we'll talk about the best winter accessories to warm you up during your parties and outdoor events.

The beautiful season is now at its end and winter can be a great time for events and celebrations.

If you're planning to attend an event – such as a wedding – from September onwards, you must think about what to wear or bring with you in case of bad weather or low temperatures.

The Importance of Giving Away A Promotional Christmas Product to Your Customers

Well before Christmas has come, every business should get ready to face this time of the year in the best and most profitable way for their activity. To make the most of it, one idea is to craft promotional Christmas products to offer to customers.

The holiday season can revive the economy and the year-end results of a commercial activity, especially in the historical period we are living in.

However, it's not enough to think about Sunday opening or decorating the premises. Choosing a small personalised Christmas product to give to your customers, for instance, can be a real winning weapon.

Print Your Personalised Socks Made of Cotton

Personalised socks are very appealing fashion accessories. In recent years, they have varied a lot because they are increasingly in vogue. You find those coloured in a classic way as well as those with patterns. The choice is really wide.

But what's better than being able to make a pair of socks exactly your size and to decorate them just as you want? Whether it's a writing, a heart, a logo or a football crest, everything is possible now.

When it comes to Christmas accessories, the choice is very wide. For a company it is essential to understand which are the best. They are those that allow you to make a good impression with the recipient. Above all, they can be customised completely.

Let's see which are the top 5 promotional Christmas products to give customers during the holidays and what benefits you can get from such a gift.

The sense of belonging is very important. Feeling part of a group makes us feel accepted, develops our self-esteem and makes us better in interpersonal relationships. It's easy to see how this is essential for children.

All the activities that have to do with this audience – including schools and oratories – have a decisive role in the formation of their personality. In order to succeed in their task of accompanying and welcoming future adults, they can rely on personalised accessories that strengthen relationships with the entire group.

Personalised caps are among them. The reason they are the best gifts to give to children is that they influence the way they look, as well as being useful. They can use them at any time – even outside of group activities – to add a touch of style to their outfit and express their connection with your reality.

Choosing custom coasters for your wedding is an original idea that'll make you stand out from the crowd.

Customising accessories gives a unique touch to the event. You can choose any item and turn it into a nice idea to decorate the location with.

Coasters are one option. They're always useful and necessary on a well-dressed table. Let's find out how to make them unique and original with a few, but important tricks.

Personalised silicone wristbands are great corporate gifts to distribute during an event. Besides being attractive and useful for participants, they help control access to events and gyms.

The importance of promotional products for corporate identity and customer loyalty

A successful brand is recognisable and can be easily distinguished from others by its identity. Applying your logo to an item and distribute it to the public is a great strategy. However, not all products lead to the desired result.

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