Baby Cooks in the Kitchen? Give Them Personalised Aprons

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What's one of the fondest childhood memories which a lot of us share?

It's those afternoons, maybe a little grey and rainy, when mom or grandma taught us how to prepare cakes, biscuits or bread.

A healthy and smart pastime, which stimulates imagination and creativity, but not only. Cooking helps children to improve their manual ability and to recognise the different consistencies. It also strengthens the synchrony of movements between the hand and the eye as well as the bond between mother and child.

But there is a problem: stains. The stains all over the kitchen, the stains on the chubby little hands and even in the hair, the stains on the clothes.

One way to protect the clothing of your baby chefs from stains which are difficult if not impossible to clean is to make them wear an apron designed just for them.

It may be that your kids are unwilling to wear aprons. The main reason for this is that they don't like the way they look.

To make them a little more attractive, you can customise them with different styles and colours, so as to make them more playful and fascinating for your children. In this way, they'll be happy to use them as they will meet their tastes and create a pleasant game atmosphere. Last but not least, personalised aprons will make your kids feel like little cooks or wannabe pastry chefs!

How to Create Personalised Aprons: Cooking with Colours Is More Fun!

The possibilities to decorate an apron are many, starting from the background colour. You can choose a neutral shade, so you can be as creative as you wish with the print on the front. Alternatively, you can do for a colourful material, which will look as playful as you want without any additional image.

You can write the kid's name, which can be useful if they attend cooking classes, so as not to confuse it with that of the other participants.

Choosing the Decoration of Your Personalised Aprons: There Is Something for Everyone!

The choice of the decoration to be applied on the front of personalised aprons is so wide that you will surely find what's right for you. The variety of patterns and images can really satisfy everyone's wishes.
We've tried to divide them into three macro-categories:

  • Superheroes
  • Photos or images
  • Phrases and/or names

These are all elements that can capture kids' attention and turn personalised aprons into their favourite accessory. If you embellish them with pictures that depict the children or the characters they like, your custom aprons will be small works of art that they'll wear very willingly. The same applies to writings, such as dedications, or the name, which will make the apron an exclusive accessory.

Models of Aprons for Budding Chefs: Protect Your Clothes with Creativity

custom aprons

Cooking is 100% one of those activities that children love so much and that often get them dirty. On the other hand, you cannot expect them to spend the afternoon in the kitchen and come out as clean as when they got inside. Plus, cooking as we have seen, has a thousand positive effects on children and, for this reason, it shouldn't be denied but rather encouraged. So, the apron can be a true ally.

There are two models of kitchen aprons for children and adults: aprons without a bib and aprons with a bib.

The latter is certainly the most widespread type because it gives your clothes higher protection. Moreover, most of the personalised aprons with a bib have a pocket, too, which can be very useful. You can put the tools that you need for the preparation so as to always have them at hand. This little trick will make the difference while you are in the kitchen or when you serve the dishes at the table.

Besides, personalised aprons can be useful outside the kitchen as well. Just think of all the times your children get dirty while playing. Colouring, painting, gardening or DIY are all activities that can stain you kids' clothes, but which are nonetheless extremely important for their development. Try to imagine your child with a personalised apron to wear on all these occasions: aren't you breathing a sigh of relief?

Moreover, while playing outside the kitchen, the bib with pocket can contain markers, crayons, brushes, spatulas and any small tool with that your children are using.
 As for the size, personalised aprons are available in a unique size, but they can often be adjusted through the straps.

What Material Are Children's Kitchen Personalised Aprons Made Of?

Personalised aprons must be comfortable and welcoming. Plus, they need to be resistant because they will be washed several times. Most are made of cotton, polycotton or polyester. Cotton offers maximum comfort, while polyester is very durable and hard to crease.

Polycotton is even stronger than both materials. Since your personalised aprons are for children, you'd better choose fabrics which are natural, so that they do not cause allergies, and waterproof, so that the stains do not soak the fabric and dirty the one below too.

Generally, kids handle no fire or oily substances. So, they need less protection than adults. For this reason, lighter and thinner fabrics than those used for classic chef or bar aprons will be just fine.

On the other hand, choosing personalised aprons of PVC allows you to quickly wash any stains and make them dry quickly. This way the little chef can get back to cooking and playing in no time!

The Importance of Cooking Since a Young Age: Growing Up with Taste

As you can read on the website, cooking together with parents, grandparents, or even with friends is a great habit and a smart and fun pastime. Children who cook generally spend less time watching TV or using electronic devices.

Making dishes with the people we love is a real nourishment for our emotional well-being.

Seeing children happy to tinker with kitchen utensils and the wonder in their eyes as they peer into the oven at a cake that leavens or a tasty pizza is one of the greatest pleasures. Even more so if there are personalised aprons with them to protect their clothes!

Keep in mind, as we have mentioned at the beginning, that besides being useful, personalised aprons can really return the image of a little chef. Think about how happy they will be to see the amazement on the faces of friends and relatives who came to your house, when they'll put their first cake or pie on the table. It will be an unforgettable emotion, for them as well as for you!

So, personalised aprons are also important to increase the self-esteem of your kids. With this special accessory on, they'll feel professional and put all their effort into the delicious dish they will prepare.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your little chefs some colourful and personalised aprons on HiGift and see what tasty dish they'll make with some flour and a rolling pin!

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