Looking for a Gift for Grandparents' Day? Find Out Our Custom Mugs with Photo or Phrase

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Custom mugs make a perfect gift for your grandparents' day. They can be personalised with grandma's or grandpa's name, a family photo, or a special message. 

These mugs will be used daily by grandparents. Every time they have a cup of coffee in their custom mug, they will remember their loved ones. Besides, custom mugs and cups are a decorative object for the home. Each custom mug is an original and meaningful gift to celebrate the importance that grandparents have in the family

Grandparents' Day: When Is It? 

Grandparents' Day is an annual celebration in many countries. This day is dedicated to grandparents and cherishes their importance in the family and society. 

The date varies depending on the country. However, it usually falls around late September or early October. In the UK, National Grandparents' Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in October. So, this year it falls on October 1st

This is the perfect moment for grandchildren to show their grandma and grandpa affection and gratitude for everything they have done in life. In many schools, children prepare gifts and shows for their grandparents, and in many families they gather to celebrate together. 

Grandparents' Day is an opportunity to think about the importance of seniority and how grandparents can continue to contribute to society as well. Many governments and organisations use this day to promote active aging and intergenerational solidarity

Overall, this day is an occasion to celebrate the love and wisdom of grandparents, and to thank them for all they have done for their families and community. 

Create Your Own Unique Style with Custom Mugs and Custom Cups on HiGift 

All custom mugs and personalised cups on the HiGift website are a perfect gift idea to celebrate grandparents on their special day. 

Imagine how they'll be surprised by receiving a mug personalised with their name or a photo of their grandchildren. It's a gift they'll cherish forever and use every day! 

The custom mugs and personalised cups available on our website are made with high quality materials and printed with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a sharp and lasting result over time. 

Moreover, HiGift offers a wide choice in terms of design and styles. Your custom mug will surely suit the tastes of your grandfather or grandmother. You can choose from different colours, fonts and layouts to create the unique and custom mug or personalised cup that'll become the gift for your grandparents. 

Don't wait - amaze your grandparents with our HiGift custom mugs. They'll be happy to receive such a special gift designed especially for them. 

How to Choose the Perfect Photo or Phrase for Your Custom Mugs for Grandparents 

custom mugs with photo

In order to choose the perfect photo to apply on your custom mug or personalised cup, look for one that represents a happy and meaningful moment spent with your grandparents. 

It could be a snapshot of a holiday spent together, your first day of school, or your wedding. Print an image on the custom mug that makes you smile every time you look at it. No doubt it'll bring a smile on your grandparents' face as well! 

If, on the other hand, you want to choose a message, think of something that has an important meaning. This way you'll create custom mugs that can communicate all your affection. It could be a quote that reminds you of your grandparents, the phrase they repeat to you often or a short text written by you and addressed to them, to thank them or make them have fun. 

Again, the message to be printed on the personalised cups and custom mugs for grandparents will have to inspire you first. It'll most likely touch them in the same way too, especially if in plain sight on their custom mug. Click here and find out the best phrases for Grandparents' Day. 

In both cases, pay attention to the quality of the photo or message chosen. It should be crisp and legible once printed on the custom mug or cup. 

How to Order Your Custom Mugs for Grandparents' Day on the HiGift Website 

Ordering your custom mugs with photo or message for your grandparents' day on HiGift is quick and easy

First, go to www.higift.com and look for the "Custom mugs" section. Here you'll find mugs and cups of different shapes and sizes, all to be personalised with a photo or a message of your choice.

Choose your favourite mug and click on "Try Your Logo". 

On the next page, you can choose the photo or message to be printed on your custom mug or cup. Click the “upload your photo” button to choose an image from your computer or social media. Alternatively, you can write a phrase or sentence in the dedicated field.

Once you've chosen the print to apply – be it a photo, a message, an image or your grandparents' name – you can choose the position and size of the print on the custom mug. You can also choose whether to add a colourful frame or border to your photo. This small detail could make custom mugs for grandparents even more precious gifts. 

After checking that everything is as you wish, paying attention to every detail of your personalised mug, click on "add to cart" and proceed with your order of custom mugs with photo or message. 

In a few days your custom mug or personalised cup will be at your home. At this point, you'll only have to give it to your grandparents for their special day. 

You'll be able to choose from a variety of payment methods too, including credit card and PayPal. Delivery options are various as well. So, you can choose the best one to make sure the custom mug you ordered arrives in time for this special day for your grandparents. 

Choose HiGift to celebrate Grandparents Day in a unique and unforgettable way. Custom mugs and personalised cups are just one example of the personalised gifts which you'll find on our website. Find out other gift ideas such as personalised photo keyrings and our personalised picture frames

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