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personalised umbrellas

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and practical object to shelter from the rain? The best choice is to buy branded eco umbrellas! Keep on reading to find out the best types of this always useful corporate gift.

Branded Umbrellas Made of Natural Materials

The first type of promotional eco umbrellas includes models made with natural materials. We have cork, wood and bamboo, which allow you to get the most natural effect possible. These materials guarantee the promotional product a good longevity, too.

printed paper bags

Branded eco-friendly bags can play a crucial role in promoting your company. They’ll make it look professional and give voice to your vision.

They are of common use and always come in handy. Plus, they are durable and generally seen as elegant. As people are more and more sensitive to the environmental question, paper bags, too, are increasingly spreading. Of course, the ban on plastic bags has affected this trend as well. We had to find sustainable alternatives to disposable items, and eco tote bags were just the perfect replacement.

Giving away branded eco-friendly bags to employees and customers is now a necessity. It grants your company good advertising. Besides, it conveys the image of a green brand.

Personalised Keyrings: A Green Choice that Will Help the Environment

Can personalised keyrings be a green corporate gift? The answer is yes and now we'll find out why.
The word "green" has by now become of common use. It's at the centre of many conversations, quotes, and newspaper articles.

Using eco-friendly products can be seen as a fashion, as green choices are at the peak of their success. Sponsoring and offering sustainable products is certainly a great marketing strategy, which responds to the needs and trends of the moment. However, this doesn't mean devaluing the importance of promotional eco-friendly products.

You're looking for a corporate gift for your company, but you've had enough of plastic? You wish a green alternative, but you don't know who to turn to?

In this article we’re going to explore the world of branded eco pens. They give you the chance to make a useful and welcome gift and protect the environment at the same time.

Branded Eco Pens: Are They Green for Real?

Most of the pens that we find on the market are made of plastic. This means that, when they can't be used anymore, we throw them into the oceans. So, why should a company still invest in pens to promote itself?

Unlike what you might think, personalised water bottles are not only a premium corporate gift for companies. Instead, they also count as a perfect gift for children who attend kindergartens, schools or other activities.

You can make them unique and original by printing writings, logos and initials. With this accessory, you will concretely help the environment and avoid the repeated waste of plastic.

Convenient and easy to carry, drink bottles simplify everyday life and can be used in any season of the year.

The latest data collected and analysed by Infomineo leave no doubt. The trend towards energy saving and sustainability is constantly growing. That's why companies are investing more and more in promotional eco-friendly products.

Businesses that offer goods and/or services in different sectors aim at maximum sustainability. This aspect affects not only recruitment, but the way in which they advertise, too.

Moreover, the public's attention to respect for the environment is now a constant. For this reason, businesses plan marketing campaigns by using sustainable corporate gifts.

Climate change is an issue on the agenda. The urgency of taking countermeasures to limit the impact on the environment is more evident than ever.

More and more people are turning to eco-friendly accessories to help safeguard our planet. For this reason, if you're a company, adopting green corporate gifts will be a winning move. On the one hand, you'll offer the public ecological accessories; on the other, you'll show attention and commitment to this theme.

In this article we'll find out the most popular eco-friendly corporate gifts.

Ecological awareness has grown tremendously over the years. We’ve progressively moved from using superfluous and disposable goods to a more sustainable vision, following the examples of countries which have completely revised their interaction with consumer goods for a long time.

Personalised water bottles are one of the most representative green accessories, because they’re the perfect substitute for the water bottle you take out of the machine and the paper glasses you get from the dispenser.

Nowadays a growing group of consumers are rediscovering products made in a traditional way and eco friendly materials which have by their nature a reduced environmental impact.

For this reason, attention to jute bags has increased considerably. This material – as we'll explore later – brings countless advantages. But where does the use of jute originate?

How did jute bags come about?

Jute is one of the oldest textile fibres used. Its origins lie in the hot humid climates of India, where it was needed for the creation of particularly resistant ropes and for the packaging of ship canvases.

Notepads: an effective choice to promote your Company

Promotional products are a wide range of objects, given away by Companies to promote their brand and acquire new customers: these can be of various types, from a simple pen, to shopping bags, up to personalized notepads.

Given their practicality and flexibility of use, the latter are confirmed as an excellent promotional tool, as well as a perfect corporate gift; but how can a simple notebook be transformed into an advertising medium capable of changing the image of a company?

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