It's World Water Day – Help the Planet with our Personalised Water Bottles

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Buying personalised water bottles is a great way to protect the Earth.

Every year on March 22, it’s World Water Day. This occurrence is almost concurrent with the beginning of spring and its celebration was first introduced in 1992. This international day was established by the United Nations during the Rio Conference. It reminds us of how much we need water for our life and that we should protect it. This day aims to raise awareness among consumers so that everyone may use this good in a responsible way.

By now, everyone is called to make eco-friendly choices every moment. And this day may be the right chance to do something for the planet. For instance, buying personalised water bottles. You can customise them to your liking with the logo of the company or a slogan. You can even choose between several kinds of printing techniques, such as digital processes, laser engraving or screen printing.

Buying a drinkware that can replace plastic bottles is an ethical choice in all respects. We have to dispose of an enormous amount of single-use objects. Moreover, all of them cause severe damage to the ecosystem. Besides their environmental value, however, branded water bottles can be used as promotional products as well. In this role, they’ll give you quite some benefits.

In this article we'll see in detail how to find the personalised water bottles that best suit your needs. We’ll also give you a couple of hints on the reasons which make them way better than classic bottles.

The Right Bottle: How to Choose the Best Material

The water bottle is comfortable and can be used on several occasions. In spring and in summer it's a vital accessory for excursions and long walks. However, it's a precious item for students and workers at all times of the year, too. More and more people prefer it to the classic plastic bottles.

We can't deny that drink bottles have spread because of fashion. At the same time, however, they really help the environment, because they allow to reduce the amount of plastic that’s consumed on a daily basis.

Custom water bottles can be made of different materials. In this sense, they can be divided into three groups. A simple look will suffice to find the one that best meets your needs!

For instance, you can order personalised steel water bottles and benefit from the incredible resistance of this material, especially to impacts. Besides, as it's stainless, it can contain waters and all other types of drinks. Last but not least, it's an astonishing thermal insulator.

Thanks to the combination of these properties, steel drink bottles preserve the taste, quality and freshness of the beverage inside of them.

Personalised metal water bottles can be made of copper as well. This material responds greatly to those who aim at a pleasant and peculiar aesthetic impact. Moreover, it stands out for its antibacterial properties.

Finally, the last category is that of by Tritan bottles. The peculiarity of this type of plastic is that it's free of bisphenols. Thanks to this, it doesn't absorb odours and flavours. With standard plastic bottles, the particles deposit on the edge after a few uses, which makes it impossible to use them again.

Tritan, besides, is notably durable and doesn’t weigh much at the same time. In terms of price, it's cheap and affordable if you want to order large quantities of personalised corporate gifts.

Are Water Bottles Safe? Here's How to Make Sure You Buy a Reliable Model

Besides the material, there are many other factors to consider when choosing the best personalised water bottles for you. One of these is the type of closure. It must be airtight so that the container doesn't leak liquid while it's stored in the bag. And speaking of bags… it might be a great idea to give away your drink bottles inside custom sustainable backpacks or a selection of printed eco-friendly bags. In this way you'll offer a 100% sustainable corporate gift!

Back to the drink bottles, if you're looking for a convenient option you may go for models with a screw cap. They're very functional because they have a silicon ring which acts as a gasket and makes them perfectly airtight.

It's important to check this accessory on a periodical basis, so as to prevent possible wear.

Many models are equipped with a strap. This allows you to keep the cap attached to the body of the bottle, so as not to lose it. However, the screw closure may be unpractical if you can't use both hands or if you want to give the personalised drink bottle to a child.

In particular in this case, we suggest you to take into consideration open-close water bottles. This option is much appreciated by athletes as well, as it's very easy to use. In this group you can then find several types of opening, such as the bayonet, the snap or the mechanical opening.

No matter how much they differ from one another, these types of branded water bottles can generally be opened using only one hand. In some cases they have an internal straw as well, which is particularly suitable for children.

Another important remark is that the diameter of the opening should be large enough to make it easy to clean. In spout models, the spout can be removed to facilitate the washing of the water bottles.

Weight too is crucial and depends on both the material and the capacity of the drink bottle. To define the best option for you, you have to keep in mind the use that you imagine for your corporate gifts. This includes how long the recipients will carry them on their shoulder, what kind of activity they'll use it for, and the beverage it has to contain. The temperature at which the drink should be maintained is relevant, too.

At the same time, the shape of your personalised water bottles should be as comfortable as possible, but it shouldn’t neglect the looks. Both your own tastes and those of the recipient are meaningful. As for customisation, you may have your branded water bottles dyed a bright colour if you want to create a cheerful product. The same effect may be reached by choosing a fun shape. Finally, you can enrich your corporate gifts with the prints and decorations you prefer.

Why Are Personalised Water Bottles Better than Classic Plastic Bottles? A Glimpse at the Advantages of these Promotional Products

branded water bottles

As we mentioned earlier, World Water Day is the perfect occasion to make a choice for the good of the environment and of yourself.

By using branded water bottles, you’ll of course avoid making use of disposable bottles. This has as a consequence the reduction of the energy required to produce, transport and dispose of the plastic waste. Besides, as less people will use these single-use accessories, the number of plastic bottles thrown away every day will be strikingly lower, too.

Will the consumer benefit from these items as well? You may be wondering whether the drink bottle truly is the best way to store water.

Some people fill the single-use bottles with the tap water once they're empty. This too is a way to reduce plastic waste and to spend less.

However, bottles made of PET plastic are designed to be used only once. Then they should be thrown away. The reason for this lies in their physical and chemical properties, which can be significantly altered if used over time.

More precisely, it may be hard to screw the cap, as the plastic of which it’s made may easily deform. Besides, this material can retain bacteria when it comes into contact with food, which may cause bad smells and isn't the best option from a hygienic point of view.

Due to this contamination, it's better not to reuse disposable bottles. This is especially true if you're used to drink tap water. The solution is, of course, to choose custom water bottles instead, as they avoid all these risks.

Last Tips: How to Clean Your Water Bottle in the Best Way

However beneficial for the planet, making use of personalised water bottles in itself may not be enough to ensure the consumer maximum safety for the health. In order to achieve this, a regular cleaning of the drinkware is necessary. Besides, the correct procedure must be followed as well. How can you clean your custom water bottles in the best way? To answer this question, you should mind what material your personalised drink bottles are made of.

Let's dive deeper into it. Personalised steel water bottles, for instance, are very advantageous because they're durable and convenient. However, they need to be cleaned, otherwise the water won't taste very well after a few uses. Luckily, the procedure is very easy. It takes just a dishwashing detergent and a brush so as to reach even the bottom of the drink bottle.

Custom water bottles made of copper, too, require constant washing, even though they're the least exposed to the attacks of bacteria. Plastic containers, on the other hand, need in general more care.

Their cleaning is however very easy and it'll be enough to keep bad smells away. Just pour some hot water into the bottle and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Then shake, close and let stand overnight.

Now all you have to do is to rinse it under fresh water and your personalised plastic water bottles will be as good as new. Some models can be washed in the dishwasher as well. However, it's always better to check on this possibility before.

In general, it's better to wash your custom water bottles as soon as possible if you put other beverage than water in them – such as juices.

Conclusion: Why Personalised Water Bottles are Good for the Environment, the Consumer and Companies

In conclusion, we can say that personalised drink bottles are an excellent idea if you want to always have fresh water with you wherever you go. The choice of the model is essential, and it should respond to your needs. Fortunately, there's a wide variety of custom water bottles for this.

For some people purchasing a drink bottle may be a fashion choice. Others may have the safety of the environment at heart and choose these eco-friendly products to contribute to it. In any case, our planet will benefit enormously from these accessories, as there will be much less plastic.

And we shouldn't forget that such a decision can be fun as well. The many customisation possibilities available will allow you to craft creative objects. The choice of colours, shapes and decorations that can be applied is potentially endless. In this way, you can get a completely personal drink bottle, or create branded water bottles to use as corporate gifts that represent your company and express your support for the environmental cause.

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