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Climate change is an issue on the agenda. The urgency of taking countermeasures to limit the impact on the environment is more evident than ever.

More and more people are turning to eco-friendly accessories to help safeguard our planet. For this reason, if you're a company, adopting green corporate gifts will be a winning move. On the one hand, you'll offer the public ecological accessories; on the other, you'll show attention and commitment to this theme.

In this article we'll find out the most popular eco-friendly corporate gifts.


The first idea we suggest is personalised notepads.

They're ideal for those who love taking notes and can be used in any circumstance. You can write down an appointment, personal notes about events or thoughts. They're useful as a memo, in case you need to remember an information or a task.

Notepads are great to retain your employees, who can use them in the workplace.

Vegetable bristles brush

Everyone has their own routine and cares about some gestures. A common ritual is to brush the hair. It removes the knots after sleeping and give you smooth hair and a tidy look.

Vegetable bristles brush are one of the eco-friendly gifts you should take into account. Besides helping the environment, this accessory has benefits on the hair.

Plastic brushes can be aggressive on the cuticle and break it. On the contrary, bristles made of natural materials detangle the hair without ruining its structure.

For this reason, eco-friendly brushes are perfect for frizzy hair as well. They're a corporate gift to please everyone.

Bamboo power banks

How many times have you picked up your phone while you were out of the house, and found out it was dead? Maybe right when you had an important call.

Needs of this type make power banks one of the most popular accessories at the moment.

Besides being useful and sometimes necessary, this item has small dimensions, which makes it practical to use. You can store it in bags or backpacks, large and small ones, and it won’t take up too much space.

If you want digital and eco-friendly product, you can opt for this or other eco-friendly gadgets.

Glass lunch boxes

Working hours and distant offices make it hard for workers to go home at the lunch break. They may go to the restaurant or the bar, but it could be inconvenient in the long run.

For this reason, many prefer to bring their lunch from home. In this way, they can take all the time they have to relax and enjoy their meal. It's no coincidence that lunchboxes are very popular, since they allow you to store and carry food.

In this case, too, there are green alternatives, such as glass lunch boxes. Giving one to your employees is a great idea, because you'll show care and attention to their needs.

Making your team feel considered and welcomed is crucial for the success of the company. A happy worker will participate with more interest and engagement in the productivity of the brand.

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Cotton bags

Cotton bags belong to the most popular eco-friendly corporate gifts. They're versatile and can be used to go to work, to go shopping, to take a walk or to store items.

Besides being simple and comfortable, they’re highly customisable. The presence of the company logo is essential if you want to promote it.

By distributing personalised cotton bags to customers or employees, you'll benefit from free advertising, because whoever wears them will spread your brand.

Thermal bottles

Along with the interest for the environment, the focus on physical health is growing, too. It's now well known that maintaining the right level of hydration is important. An accessory that helps us to fight pollution and to safeguard our health is the perfect match. It’s the case of water bottles.

There are several types, and all are valid alternatives to disposable bottles. However, thermal bottles have a special feature which makes them ideal corporate gifts. They maintain the temperature of hot and cold drinks.

Again, you can give them to your employees or distribute them to customers. In the former case, they’ll create a sense of belonging. In the latter, they’ll spread the name of the company. Either way, you can count on their usefulness.

At work, in the gym or during mountain trips, thermal bottles are always effective. Moreover, as they’re suitable for both summer and winter, they'll be used very often.

Conference folders

If you're looking for corporate gifts for your employees, office supplies are always a winning idea. In particular, conference folders can be very useful for keeping the sheets in order and carrying them without losing them.

Splitting documents is a fundamental step to working well and being productive. Avoiding confusion avoids wasting time.

Some models may contain pens and other stationery, too.

Document folders are made with eco-friendly materials. They’re perfect corporate gifts to sensitise employees to the use of green alternatives.

Dog waste bag dispensers

Attention to the environment is visible in the cities. No one should throw waste and dog owners are supposed to leave the streets cleaned.

Bio bags are the appropriate tools, but people often forget them home. So, they use handkerchiefs or other items which are unsuitable from a hygienic point of view.

A practical and convenient way to have the bags always with you is to store them in a dispenser which you can bind to the leash.

If your company participates in a fair for dogs, this corporate gift can be the perfect idea to give to guests.

Wooden chopping boards and knives

Among the most popular accessories are eco-friendly kitchen products. All the items are useful, but if you're looking for something necessary, chopping boards are the best choice.

They're made of wood, ecological and hygienic. You can use them with any type of ingredient, to prepare appetizers or other dishes and to cut food accurately. Lovers of detail can't do without them.

You can combine chopping boards with a set of knives, which are practical and easy to use and will improve the experience of those who receive them.     

Cork keyrings

Finally, among the most popular eco-friendly corporate gifts, we find cork keyrings.

They're always useful and, for this reason, very successful. Everyone owns one, but it's not always eco-friendly. Giving away eco keychains is always a winning move. On the one hand, you can count on their usefulness. On the other, you'll sensitise your employees to a sustainable lifestyle and communicate to customers your commitment to the environment.

Cork is a natural material and it's widely used, not only to produce bottle stoppers. Knowing the ecological alternatives is very important. This makes cork keyrings excellent corporate gifts.

All items in this list are eco-friendly, but you need to customise them if you want to convey your attention to this topic and advertise your company.

Paying attention to the prints and colours, and to choosing a visible logo and a legible slogan is crucial for the success of your promotional products.

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