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Sustainable corporate gifts are an industry in constant expansion. More and more brands use promotional eco-friendly products for their advertising purposes.

The effect of these objects, however, reaches far beyond marketing. On the contrary, they are of great help for the environment as well. They can be reused many times, they are practical, comfortable and, above all, functional.

Eco-friendly products have been around for several years. However, they have taken more and more space as the answer to the growing attention to the planet health. Green options are increasingly appreciated. For this reason, they promote companies in an excellent way.

If you haven't yet included one of the many sustainable corporate gifts in your promotional campaign, you can take advantage of World Earth Day to contribute to its well-being. And, at the same time, of course, to the success of your company.

Printed Cotton Bags: Simple Bags to Help the Environment

Personalised cotton bags are innovative from many points of view. They are simple everyday objects. But being common does not mean being less. On the contrary, these promotional products hold some truly unique peculiarities. They are reusable, practical, appealing and bring lots of benefits to the marketing.

Yes, marketing. Printed cotton bags promote brands greatly, since they are used very often. They are worn everywhere, in streets as well as in shops, and make your logo stand out from the crowd.

Shopping bags made of cotton are very popular promotional products at fairs and conferences. After being given to participants, they become a powerful means of offline communication. Moreover, they create a sort of emotional bond with the customer. Whether it's conscious or not, it helps you reach at least two goals. On the one hand, to advertise your company. On the other, to make customers trust you.

The qualities that have made cotton shopping bags so successful are undoubtedly their being innovative and practical.

As well as their eco-friendly nature. Thanks to cotton, these bags are breathable and lightweight. The combination of both factors is the reason why this type of shopping bag is so practical. These qualities are a plus in many situations, when you go to the grocery store as well as for a walk in the city centre. Printed cotton bags allow various types of printing and are available in various colours. In this way, you can go for always different and innovative marketing solutions.

Being a 100 % organic material, cotton fully respects the environment. Organic cotton, in particular, is obtained in accordance with precise standards, which are hold in high regard in the market.

The main difference between traditional and organic cotton is that the latter is cultivated and processed following very strict organic agricultural regulations. In particular, natural processes are preferred and chemical substances are excluded. These latter can be harmful for health in the long run.

Click here to find out some interesting facts about organic cotton.

But how do we know that these standards are met? Certifications are there for this. For organic cotton, two are the most common. The first is the GOTS – “Global organic textile standard” certification. The second is the BCI – “Better cotton initiative”.

Being customisable is the key to the success of promotional products. Shopping bags are no exception, and the variety of personalisation they allow makes them outstanding corporate gifts. Printed cotton bags may be of various colours and customised in several ways. Prints can be for aesthetic or commercial purposes. The range of models available is very wide. Imagination will be your only limit.

There are bags with short or long handles, as well as various kinds of closure (zip or buttons, to name two). You find also models with no closure, if that’s the type you prefer. Finally, the size varies as well.

Find out all our customisable tote bags now! The shopping bags with your logo will be innovative and functional marketing tools. And, besides all this, they will still be simple.

Eco-Friendly Custom Notebooks: Take Notes on How to Live Green

promotional eco-friendly products

Notebooks are eco-friendly. When customised, they combine marketing with practicality and utility. It’s not a chance that eco-friendly notebooks are more and more chosen as promotional products.

They are useful for taking notes, writing daily tasks and details or drawing.

But what are the distinctive features of an eco notebook? The first point is that they are mainly produced with recycled paper. The quantity depends on the company, but it’s always pretty high. The result is a traditional and at the same time new object.

The paper used in these notebooks is made from agro-industrial waste.

Eco-friendly custom notebooks can be excellent advertising tools for many reasons. They convey a message of hope for the future, as they raise awareness. By giving them away, the company shows itself as sensitive to the environmental theme. At the same time, it manages to spread its logo or slogan thanks to a successful offline marketing tool. Lastly, personalised eco notebooks create an emotional bond with customers, being a help for their daily activities, for job or leisure.

Click here to find out our models of eco-friendly custom notebooks.

Personalised eco notebooks can be of various colours. The materials they are made of generally leave space for lots of creativity. You can apply all the decorations that you like beside your logo.

Personalised Eco-Friendly Bottles: How to Drink Consciously

Personalised water bottles are mostly widespread among young people. However, more and more people begin to use them.

Their main features are being practical, comfortable and durable. Thanks to these qualities, they are able to meet every need. One aspect that makes eco-friendly water bottles unique, however, is how much they can be reused.

It's what makes them a sustainable choice. Not so long ago, we used to buy several plastic bottles for single use. Then, we simply threw them away. And plastic – as we all know – is not really biodegradable.

Luckily, drink bottles have significantly reduced it.

Custom eco-friendly water bottles can be of many materials. Polycarbonate plastic, aluminium, steel and glass are some of the options.

The choice of material can take time, due to the different properties and costs. The huge variety, however, allows everyone to choose the bottle that suits them at best.

For instance, polycarbonate plastic is completely different from classic plastic. If it’s damaged, the latter can put harmful substances into water.

Plus, heat may change its form. The eco plastic bottle, on the other hand, does not bring these risks, but is as lightweight as classic plastic.

This feature is highly cherished when it comes to corporate gifts. And personalised aluminium water bottles present is as well. Apart from the low weight, however, they are very different from plastic models. Aluminium looks more serious – although it, too, is available in several colours.

Water bottles in stainless steel stand out for their resistance and durability. Besides, they are known to be safe for health. They are often the best choice for minimal environmental impact and excellent functionality.

The steel bottle is totally recyclable and does not change the smell and taste of the drinks it contains at all. Plus, it’s heat resistant and suitable for dishwashing.

Personalised glass bottles, too, are 100% safe and eco-friendly. One of their strengths is the elegant appearance. Not by chance they are perfect corporate gifts to communicate to customers how important they are.

All these types of eco-friendly water bottles are very comfortable. However, another factor determines how easy they are to handle: the neck diameter. This should be large enough to enable proper cleaning of the inside. At the same time, however, it can't be excessively large. It would lose its practicality.

Thermal insulation is crucial as well. Good insulation keeps drinks as warm or cold as they are.

Printed tote bags, eco-friendly custom notebooks, and personalised water bottles are just a few of the sustainable corporate gifts you can use for your marketing strategy. And today is the right time to give your company a green look. What about celebrating World Earth Day with one of our promotional products designed for the environment?

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