Why choose personalized notepads as promotional products?

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Notepads: an effective choice to promote your Company

Promotional products are a wide range of objects, given away by Companies to promote their brand and acquire new customers: these can be of various types, from a simple pen, to shopping bags, up to personalized notepads.

Given their practicality and flexibility of use, the latter are confirmed as an excellent promotional tool, as well as a perfect corporate gift; but how can a simple notebook be transformed into an advertising medium capable of changing the image of a company?

A marketing issue: the persuasive power of personalized notepads

Notepads, the same as notebooks, are tools that are practical in everyday life, when we have to take notes, mark a reminder, write down a telephone number, or simply write the list. of the expense; their practicality makes them almost indispensable objects, as well as an always welcome gift, especially if it is a personalized notepad.

Companies, which make use of expert advertisers and copywriters, decide to exploit the power of these items to attract new customers and promote their brand by giving them as a gift during fairs, meetings or other occasions.

The specialists in the promotion sector, in fact, are well aware of the persuasive power of images and words, and for this reason they opt for an object that, in addition to being useful in everyday life, allows them to print eye-catching logos, writings and sometimes even contact details: in short, the cover of the notepad is a clean slate on which to engrave what is needed to attract customers.

In addition to being a means of promotion, personalized notepads they are widely used by members of companies on occasions such as meetings, trade shows and conferences, where they also serve as a sign of distinction from other companies and a sign of recognition for customers; that a logo is recognizable on personalized items, therefore, is also important to ensure that this remains etched in the minds of potential new customers.

However, companies are not the only ones using these gimmicks; in fact, in recent years, even schools and universities have decided to opt for these marketing strategies in order to increase their subscribers and make their name known locally.

The school orientation days, for example, are a typical occasion in which visitors receive personalized notepads usually depicting enrolled students smiling happily and satisfied with their choice; this image, combined with a striking slogan may be enough to convince families to enroll their child in one institution rather than another.

These small apparently neutral objects, if used for promotional and advertising purposes, have a persuasive force that should not be underestimated: the key to obtaining the desired results lies in knowing how to exploit this force adequately.

Why choose personalized notepads in recycled paper

ecological notepads made of recycled material are the ideal product for all sectors that sell or promote products and services related to nature or renewable elements, but also for all those companies that want to combine their BRAND with the concept of respect for the environment. and zero impact.

HiGift offers different types of customized ecological notepads with: spiral bound with glue with hard and elastic cover.

You can choose personalized notepads in various materials, such as: paper, cardboard, wood, and we also have some models in cork.

The customized ecological blocks that we have in our catalog are of various kinds to allow you to choose according to your purchase budget.

The pages inside the personalized notepads can be completely blank with nothing, or lined or squared. Some models also come with a pen and for models that do not have it by default, it can be purchased separately.

The attention to detail and the visual impact of the notepads

printed notepads

Compared to other corporate gifts, notepads exploit a lot of visual impact and this allows graphic designers and the companies that print them to play with their aesthetic appearance and their size .

In fact, notepads have adapted to the trends of making the objects of our daily life ever smaller and more portable ; for this there are also pocket notepads , an ideal solution both for women, who always have many things to carry in their bags, and for men, who can slip them into their pockets and take them out quickly if necessary.

Behind the assembly of the notepads, as well as other corporate gifts for promotional purposes, there is a large studio, in which every detail is properly designed to perform a specific function, from images, to particular handwriting, from the format of the paper to the choice of colors.

Factors such as the binding, format, and weight of the paper play a fundamental role and affect the type of global image of the company: the use of thick paper, for example, can recall the idea of a solid and well structured ; just like the choice of spiral binding, which is one of the most expensive and trendy, can allude to the well-being and economic power of the company.

To promote your company or your institution, it will be necessary to take into account all these details and rely on professionals in the sector: higift.eu, where you will find further details about it and you can choose the most suitable personalized notepads to represent yours. company or your educational institution.

Why choose personalized notepads?

Notepads are an ever green , an object that never goes out of fashion and never loses its usefulness; even if we live in the age of tablets and technology, it is undeniable that we still feel the need to take notes on paper, especially when it comes to quick and impromptu annotations, and we do not have a PDA or PC with us.

As practical as it is, even the smartphone often does not meet these needs: whether it is a matter of habit, or of attachment to tradition, seeing our notes on a sheet of paper has a totally different impact from seeing them on a screen.

The same students often claim to be able to memorize better when they take notes on a notepad than when they do it directly on the PC; therefore, receiving a free notepad, for a student visiting on an orientation day, will always be a welcome gift.

But if you still have doubts, here are a number of valid reasons to choose personalized notepads as promotional products:

        • They are practical and useful objects
        • They take advantage of the visual impact
        • If well done, they give a good image of the company
        • They make customers feel valued
        • They are a sign of recognition for employees
        • They build relationships with new customers
        • They consolidate the relationship with long-standing customers
        • They attract new customers or new subscribers

Any company, school or company that counts on customers or new members knows that these must be pampered and rewarded: use corporate gifts such as notepads to reward long-term customers or to welcome new students to a degree course it is an excellent way to establish or consolidate the relationship between institution-student or company-client, a normally asymmetrical relationship in which students and customers find themselves in a subordinate position with respect to their superiors.

Receiving an item as a gift, even a small detail like a notebook, can make them feel appreciated and restore some balance between the parts.

Personalized notepads are an excellent corporate gift for employees as well: in addition to being widely used in the workplace, they can be a sign of recognition and uniqueness, as well as an indirect promotion strategy for visitors.

Not just sheets of paper: a must have with a thousand resources

Every self-respecting company must be aware of all the aspects examined above when choosing which promotional products to use to promote its image; as we have seen, notepads are an effective, practical and customizable solution according to your needs, which is why they are still an ever green that never tires.

However, it is important that every company find the best way to personalize notepads in order to highlight their strengths and give a positive image of themselves: making sure that a simple item reflects the ideals of a company is not easy, but thanks to these simple notebooks and the graphic and persuasive possibilities they contain, it is possible to find a compromise between aesthetics and practicality.

Have you ever thought of giving your notepads with another corporate gift? If so, personalised pens are what you're looking for!

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