Respect the environment, choose custom biodegradable balloons!

colorful biodegradable balloons

At your party, respect the environment, choose our custom biodegradable balloons!

Biodegradable balloons that make everyone happy but above all the environment

Who hasn't had a balloon? There is no person in the world who has not had a party without these nice objects.

It is one of the most loved promotional products, capable of decorating a party or a stand at the fair with low effort. At a very low cost, custom balloons are easily available.

Balloons and eco-sustainability

Plastic consumption is growing, especially during parties and events that require an expensive use of napkins, plates, glasses, disposable plastic cutlery, not to mention festoons and balloons to decorate the room or the location chosen for the party.

In 2022, single-use plastic for food, by law, is gradually falling into disuse but for festoons there is still no ordinance. Are there eco-sustainable, less polluting and more eco-friendly balloons on the market? Well, yes, now let's see this environmentally friendly product together.

Recyclable biodegradable balloons

Today there are numerous stores on the market that sell custom biodegradable balloons. A biodegradable balloon, unlike the plastic one, is composed of only totally natural latex.

What does that mean? It means that a balloon will have the same biodegradability and decomposition time as an oak leaf that is around two years old.

Another positive note of this product is the material of which it is composed: for the extraction of the latex it is not necessary to cut down the tree as a simple incision is enough to make the latex flow in a bowl.

Latex is a substance prone to yellow that, in contact with air, dries out and becomes rubbery. The raw material, once collected, is treated and coloured using natural substances.

Once ready, the balloon molds are immersed in the latex, once baked in the oven for about 20 minutes, the balloon is ejected with a jet of air or water. Now the balloon is ready to be customized.


This product will not cause the felling of trees and forests. Biodegradable balloons are also accompanied by certification that certifies their nature and eco-sustainability. They can be disposed of in organic waste and then recycled.

Remember that it is good not to disperse the product in the environment because they can have a harmful impact on the environment and animals.

Balloons and helium

 Custom biodegradable balloons can be filled with helium so that they remain suspended in the air or be released into the sky for a more scenic effect.

However, it is advisable to reduce the release of the balloons because when they explode, the various pieces settle on the ground and risk being ingested by the animals.

There are several techniques to have a scenic effect that satisfies the applicant's desire for spectacularity, without causing damage to the environment and ecosystem of the area.natural ballons

Not only balloons but also biodegradable rods

In addition to the balloon, an ecological rod has also been thought of, capable of covering the same function as that of plastic. The pressed recycled paper rods are ecological and compostable, that is, they can be discarded in organic.

Personalization of balloons

The balloons can be purchased in different sizes, generally small, medium and large, and in different colours, perfect to suit everyone's tastes, including children. But how is it possible to customize a balloon?

On HiGift, in addition to colour and shape, you can select the silkscreen print of an inscription, an image or a logo on the balloon. The printing area obviously varies depending on the size of the balloon.

Why buy and customize biodegradable balloons

Whether you are a private individual organizing a party or a company that needs gifts to give at the fair, buying biodegradable balloons is a gesture of love and deep respect for the environment and the animals that populate our planet.

Perfect to be given as gifts at fairs or at parties for children, the environmental impact of these balloons will be almost zero thanks to the totally natural and 100% biodegradable material they are made of.

Balloon cost

The cost of a balloon is very low, we are talking about a maximum of 0.12 cents per balloon for simple balloons up to a maximum of 0.48 cents for those customised through a silkscreen print of your logo.

Latex balloons are the best solution on the market for quality-price but above all for eco-sustainability, as the soil absorbs them easily and they decompose at the same time as an oak leaf.

All the balloons are customizable and very elastic, so as to allow easy handling of the product in order to create artistic and fun compositions to decorate your parties and events.

Balloons have made children happy for generations, the latex one is designed not to pollute and to remain the simplest and most fun object, able to enliven even the simplest party. There is no party without a strictly biodegradable balloon!


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